That Didn’t Take Long: The First Lie about Moscow Meeting, by Pepe Escobar

Kerry claims the initiative came from Moscow

By Pepe Escobar
February 07, 2015
ICH” – “Russia Today
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Not much has filtered out of the Medusa Merkel/General Hollande/Vlad tense threesome in Moscow. And yet John Kerry, as usual, is already lying through his teeth about their trip to the Kremlin.

He said Putin had sent “a couple of ideas” to France and Germany, and Merkel/Hollande were responding. Nonsense: Merkel/Hollande – in desperation – went to Moscow to talk to Putin because Putin has the ONLY possible plan to stabilize Ukraine – and that has been the case for months now.

Otherwise, there WILL be war, which is exactly what Empire of Chaos masterminds in D.C. want.

Kerry lied the extra mile when he said the US wanted a diplomatic solution. BUT then came the usual talk of “reviewing all options”, including “the possibility of providing defensive systems to Ukraine”.

Do that – and the Russian response will be devastating.

No wonder the absolute majority of the EU – apart from crackpot Lithuanians – is opposed to weaponizing Kiev’s goons.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung – a very decent paper – last Sunday featured Russian military expert Yevgeny Buchinsky warning that if that happens, “Russia will have to intervene, and then, bluntly speaking, to take Kiev. Then NATO would be in a difficult situation. Then you would have to start World War III, which no one wants.”

That may be a bit Dr. Strangelovian and over the top – but the Süddeutsche Zeitung was on the money to stress Washington weaponizing Kiev’s goons would be interpreted by Russia as a declaration of war.

Medusa Merkel, on the record, is against it. But Chocolateshenko is, what else, hysterical: “I don’t have any doubt that the US and other partners will provide help with lethal weapons so that Ukraine will be able to defend itself.”

“If that happens, all hell will break loose. Russia will act. And the Empire of Chaos will spin it as “more aggression”. Escalation will be inevitable. And then all bets are off.

Predictably, Western corporate media is spinning this whole debacle is now due to FEAR OF THE DEVIL – as in Vlad. The fears apparently rampant in Brussels and assorted European capitals (among pol clowns, for sure; NOT in the streets)

The rhetoric is beyond ominous.

Carl Bildt, former Swedish foreign minister, said war “between Russia and the West” was now CONCEIVABLE.

General Hollande, on the record, talked about the risk of “total war”.

General Sir Richard Shirreff, top British banana, sorry, NATO “commander” until last March, said a “strong message” should be sent to Putin if MAINLAND EUROPE (!!!) was to avoid “total war”.

Fogh of War Rasmussen – the Return of the Living Dead! – said that Putin could expand “Soviet revisionism” to NATO and the EU. In the Baltics, he said Putin would go for a little exercise in “hybrid warfare”.

There will be more (minor) EU sanctions on Monday. The hardcore economic sanctions against Russian banks and companies lapse only in July. Italy and Greece may torpedo them for good when that happens.

Even EU bureaucrats admit – off the record – sanctions are ridiculous, sanctioning in fact the EU for least 15% of exports to Russia. The Brits, predictably – shades of the Great Game never vanish – lead the pro-sanction crowd.

Some idiot in the Grauniad passing as “Europe editor” (where do they find these people? Getting pissed in a pub after an Arsenal match ?) wrote that “Putin is increasingly seen as a reckless gambler who calls bluffs and takes risks, and is inscrutable, paranoid and unpredictable.” Looks like this was ghostwritten by a State Department hack.

And other rags go on the same road: the real nightmare for Europe is not Ukraine, bur Evil Vlad. NO ONE dares to criticize the Empire of Chaos.

And now back to…


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5 Responses to That Didn’t Take Long: The First Lie about Moscow Meeting, by Pepe Escobar

  1. Hildegard says:

    I’m surprised that the only mention at the Minsk Summit of the thousands of Russian troops in Ukraine was Porshenko’s puny pleas and waving around some “Russian passports” as proof of the invasion. It would seem they’d be talking of nothing else! According to this Nov. 2014 article there were 36 reported invasions of Ukraine by Russia so it would seem that Ukraine would be in ruins by now!

    How Many Times Has Russia Invaded Ukraine? Let’s Add Them Up

  2. Pingback: That Didn’t Take Long: The First Lie about Moscow Meeting, by Pepe Escobar | - Latest News

  3. Rebecca says:

    There is not a whisper that I have seen about this in any of the Australian media. No doubt will go into this with the US and UK. We always do. But it is interesting that nothing is being said here. I know a lot of quite aware people and I think they think I am crazy when I talk about the US pushing Russia into war. A real tin foil hatter!
    For some reason I was onto this a long time back. It was strange how it came about. But I realised, it seems out of the blue, that there would be a war with Russia. I told everyone I know and they thought I was mad. It least they have followed with the links I have sent them.
    I have always been very much the mystic artist!
    I certainly hope that everyone can see how truly insane this is including all the armed forces. We all must not consent to this.

  4. erdoshk says:

    I do not consent to or support war in Ukraine.

  5. paleohippy says:

    Even if Russia has to intervene in Ukraine, there will be no WW3 as we think of wars in the past. It will be mostly paperwork shuffling in the banking cartels and more paperwork for the police and military cadres who will be out arresting the psychopaths. Unless somebody is allowed to pop a nuke, we’ll all be fine. Maybe broke for awhile, but still code 4 and vertical.

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