To The Saker and The Carpenter, by Bamboo-Water


Your “discussion” from the heart deeply moves my heart and my soul; it reminds me of something which I have seen and known for a long time — it is the people of this world — it is The Sakers, The Carpenters of this world — which shine their “Lights” so strongly.  “Lights” which are long remembered after all of the dust, all of the ups and downs, all of the horrors and evils of this world — die out.

We see these “Lights” everyday, but we “ignore” them because we think these “Lights” are so few.  But they are not so few; they are everywhere:

— They are in the old woman who sees you in a parking lot, just a “stranger,” with a paper falling to the ground. And before you can reach for it she says, “Here, let me get that for you.” And she stoops and quickly fetches it and gently gives it back to you. And you, you feel this deep welling up of connection, of warmth, of deep love for this old women.  An old women who doesn’t even know you, who you will never see again, but for whom — you will “see” for the rest of your life.

— They are in the old man in far eastern Turkey, who has written a small book, which pulls at your interest.  He tells you a little of his life and his book.  And from that connection you buy the book. While you are sitting looking at the book, you see him, out of the corner of your eye, walking towards you.  He has a cup of warm chi — for you. Your first thought: what do I owe you.  But without talk between either of you — you know — this is not about owing.  This is about connection, this is about respect, this is about love. You don’t owe those things, you just just freely give those things — and bathe — in the deeply profound warmth of what is happening. And again, you will never see this old man again, but for you and probably for him— you will “see” each other for the rest of your lives.

 — They are in the middle-aged woman, in Bosnia, who you listen to telling her tale of life in Yugoslavia as it was being torn apart, as she was being torn apart, as she is still being torn apart — you could feel all of her tale — in her voice — in her eyes. And when she was through, telling her tale, she showed you her many linens that she had knit. They were beautiful, you wanted to buy a big one, but you only could afford a few small ones. Her grief was palpable, and as you paid her, she asked, “May I kiss you?”  Your only response was “Yes,” a thousand times “Yes,” if that will in even some small brief way alleviate some part of your suffering.  And once more, you will never see her again, but both of you–will “see” each other for the rest of your lives.

In all of my travels in the greater world, it does not matter what the name happens to be, for the landmass which I am standing on, it does not matter the religion, the dress, the status in life, nor the age, when a Saker, when a Carpenter comes into your life and shines their “Light” — it is often brief, but that “Light” lasts forever . . .

And it is that “Light” which makes up the majority of people in this world.

We have carried that “Light” forever — we always will.

Yet we have for thousands of years let that “Light” be blinded, out of our —




Your “discussion,” you Sakers of the world, you Carpenters of the world, comes from a deep person to person connection, from a lonely heart to a lonely heart, from a deep and lasting warmth to a deep and lasting warmth — which can never be put out, which just grows ever more deeply–as we “see” each other in that beautiful and lasting glow — for the rest of our lives.

This is part of the Power which Division and Fear don’t want us to know about.

But whether it is a parking lot, a book stall in eastern Turkey, or a tale in Bosnia, this connection, this kindness, this action from the heart, this deep and lasting warmth — is how all of our “Lights” are wired. We are not lone “Lights,” we are many “Lights.” And even if we were lone “Lights,” in a Dark Cave, we have just failed to really see how that one lone “Match” lights up the entire Dark Cave.

Your “discussion” Saker, your “discussion” Carpenter, reminds me, reminds me of the deep beauty in each of us.

I believe we are moving much more quickly than any of us realize, toward a world where many of these “discussions” will happen more and more — and we will sit down with each other, with a cup of chai, and speak of our differences, relish in our differences, learn from our differences, be proud of our differences, teach from our differences — and never let Division and Fear — dim our “Lights” again.

I will end with this poem from Mahmoud Darwish, for it shows how easily we have in the past let Division and Fear dim our “Lights,” but it equally shows how easy it is to stop letting Division and Fear control us and dim our “Lights”:


Thank you to all the Sakers in the world, thank you to all the Carpenters in the world for your beautiful “discussions,” for your beautiful “Lights.”

We are not alone; we are many. We are Waves of “Light” in a Sea of Loving Hearts . . .

Jai Gurudev,

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6 Responses to To The Saker and The Carpenter, by Bamboo-Water

  1. veraiconica says:

    Bamboo-Water! I want to thank you so much for your wise words and the beautiful song. There is a lot of love in the world, we just have to open our eyes and see.
    Namaste! Veraiconica

  2. Tracy says:

    Thank you Oh-wise Bamboo, just the right message at the right time. 🙂
    Yes indeed….I get it, I SEE YOU and your individuality is a wonder at each encounter.
    Yes your “light” leaves an indelible design imprinting into the fabric of my life journey.
    It’s a one of a kind fabric, but when stitched together with other unique prints in harmony
    Well the overall ONE quilted pattern is “stunning” — Take a look at our fabric >>

  3. Kieron says:

    Beautiful, Jai Gurudev. I hope the Saker sees it, for he has written much that was hurtful and divisive. It’s his right to an opinion, yes, but it’s an opinion based on not knowing much about those who are different. I hope his heart will soon soften toward me, as mine slowly has toward him. One of us must begin, somewhere. I chose to take the first step.

    • Jean says:

      Kieron, be gentle with these people. Their life experiences have usually taught them great fear . . . I can’t wait until we get to the place where we just laugh at the attitudes of the ‘olden days’ . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  4. vlad says:

    wonderful , that you ! Jai Guruden

  5. translimits says:

    Thank you, Bamboo-Waters…Touched by it all and reminded to live “By YOUR GRACE”..Thank you for the reminder. My soul this day needed that nourishment. Namaste.

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