Children describe Satanic murders they were forced to take part in (Video). . . lest we forget the terror and fear from whence they derive their energy ~J

Mon 9:57 am UTC, 2 Feb 2015
The Tap Blog
Thanks to E. 


Dear Home Secretary

Anybody who watches these privately taken videos is convinced.

(TAP – watch these two very brave children describing the awful things being done to them by their father and others.  If they were on Youtube, they’d go viral.  Someone should upload them)

This is to alert you to the fact that I have just added your email address to the petition that I published on

I did so as an individual rather than co-founder and web publisher of the Association of McKenzie Friends, for our Chair Mrs McKenzie had been asked by Mrs Justice Pauffley to give an undertaking, even on behalf of her colleagues, NOT to publish anything. Is ‘corporate gagging’ now a new permissible facet of the secrecy of family courts!?

Unfortunately, Mrs McKenzie has also lost complete faith in the Judge after she assisted the mother in court. She says: “Not having as yet ‘come to her decision’ = judged, she did not grant a level-playing-field between the parties regarding Contact in the interim, as if already ‘presuming’ one side to be ‘less innocent’ or ‘more guilty’ than the other. This was plainly wrong and has laid the judge open to accusations of bias.”

As the petition describes, it requests the return of the two children to their Russian mother who were taken into ‘care’ after they reported the crimes of their British father. However, in the attempt by Barnet and Metropolitan Police to cover up rather than investigate, and by LB Barnet to keep the children rather than return them, the latest unacceptable proposition was to increase the contact between the abusive father who sees his children already on a weekly basis, while the mother is only allowed every two weeks.

I trust that you know how Sir James Munby invited courts to take the realities of the internet into account, especially Social Media.


The attached Position Statement was our offer NOT to expose this scandal in exchange of returning the children. Instead, Mrs Justice Pauffley ignored the issues that have been outstanding since Judge Mayer transferred the case to her on 23 December:

  1. The justification for an Interim Care Order.
  2. The discussion of a Non-Molestation Order.
  3. The inequality of Contact.

Instead, the Judicial Review filed on 22 December 2014 is attempted to be stymied and two barristers have suggested that evidence should be destroyed! Furthermore, LB Barnet wants to write not only to all interested parties that include 3 MEPs but also the mother’s list of witnesses.

In the wake of your efforts to make a National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse happen, you will know how important it is for victims to be believed. Anybody who watches these privately taken videos is convinced. But the mother is supposed not to make use of them!

Can you maybe at least pretend to ensure that there is some proper procedure in any of the institutions mentioned?

Or maybe you can just ask the Executive Director of LB Barnet, Andrew Travers, to return the children with immediate effect?

With many thanks in advance,



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19 Responses to Children describe Satanic murders they were forced to take part in (Video). . . lest we forget the terror and fear from whence they derive their energy ~J

  1. Will Munny says:

    This is discussed regularly at:

    VT re: The Franklin Cover-up:…-overachiever/

    more on this:…us-government/

    The Franklin Cover-up in PDF form:…in-coverup.pdf

  2. erdoshk says:

    This is terrible act…. I do not consent to these evil, inhumane and criminal acts. David Icke has been exposing these acts for years and we must expose and stop this now.

  3. ElveTwelve says:

    A german broadcas from the ARD network about the same subject
    !!!!Warning very graphic content!!!! it’s a disease of epidemic proportions and the elite they are all in on it.

    Same stories about cutting up babies and this is the first national network in Germany

  4. ElveTwelve says:

    all 20 testemonies of the childeren in one video. Also list of names of staff members involved please share far and wide. Thank you Australia 4Truth. might be wise to download and save.

  5. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    Us commoners and ordinary folks can see all this and be horrified. But the elites have been programmed in this evil system since infancy and know no other way to think. It is hard to break up such a hard-core system. But WE MUST TRY. If we don’t try then it will just go on and on.
    One way to start is to take power away from all the elites and royalty. Another is to cancel all religion, it is brainwashing and damaging. This may also stop all war. We are born innocent and entitled to grow up in a loving and protected family unit. Our children are our leadership in waiting. Today, this leadership is so damaged that they cannot lead in any healthy or wise way.
    Our states are perfectly capable of being the core of the new leadership. We must dissolve the toxic swamp that is DC(London,Vatican) and give power to the states. We can redistrict to make the states more equal in size and elect reps to a council to lead each state. We gave power away in ignorance. But we can take it back in intelligence and wisdom.
    I am a hypnotherapist and have listened to senior citizens who have been abused by their parents,in-laws,etc and are now seeking some relief from the damage. So I have heard their stories. I tell them that it can stop with them if they have the courage to name names and tell their stories.

  6. ElveTwelve says:


    • ElveTwelve says:

      to the cabal;

      mene mene tekel urphasin!

      you are so very invoiced!
      payment is now due immediately.

      reminder of contract

      NOTICE OF CONTRACT (Item number 11), and the Effective Enforcement Dates located in Section 37 and 38…, (38.1 – 38.4)
      5.6) If such acts have and are occurring, then as stipulated in Section 59 and 59.1 called: SPECIAL ACTS, a payment of 100 quadrillion ounces of pure gold, (24 karat) is NOW DUE immediately. A separate payment is due for each individual ACT of buying, selling, “harvesting” and owning, as listed in Sections 5.1 – 5.5 above, and under the terms of Section 59 and 59.1, with the effective enforcement dates listed in Section 37 and 38 (38.1 – 38.4)

      as NOTICED and uploaded into the electro/ mag(net) ical/ sytem by many,
      many of Us! We see you for what you are.

      Parasites, warmongerers, psychopatic murderers, creatures who have sold their souls to the worst possible force in the Universe

      The Demiurg,

      Parasitic cosmic consious macrobes who cannot build for themselve out of lack of evolutionary creativity, never really evolved themselves for millions may be even billions of years. Stayed in the predatory mode and need to feed on the Life Force of others by creating horrible circumstances to generate as much dark energies as possible.

      We will get rid of You. Not by violence but by our most precious Asset
      that you so fiercely Desire and Despise at the same time .

      For All my Earth Sisters and Brothers


      remember the walls of jericho[soundblasting] and think of the Natural Sound of Earth.
      Humm it in your Heart[ listen to it on headphones] every thing is connected with every thing The water in your cells are connected with all the waters in the kosmoss. It Will transport the soundfrequency.
      It is In the Nature of the Electro Magnetic Universe
      [thats the secret we are not supposed to know]

      Let’s work towards a Global Earth Song Day an get rid of these macrobe parasites by
      BIO resonance.

      There must be many among you who know of the right key note and frequency.

      We have No Time to loose.


      Thank You For Beíng Here For All of Us

  7. Tina says:

    Jean, I saw this on facebook and couldn’t believe my eyes! I copied the link and rushed right here and you have thankfully posted this! I never see stuff over there before I see it here, which tells me the sleeping giant is waking up! How can anyone dispute these two precious children? And the comments over there were a lot of shaken up people! I feel the heat. Things are speeding up, to be sure!

  8. Ri-chard says:

    I’m going to focus on the children. There are many threats to our children as the likes of The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), which advocates sexual relations between adults and “consenting” children, hailed the article as “good news” on its web site. “Pedophiles, including organizations such as NAMBLA, could use the study to deny that ‘consensual’ sex with a child is ‘child sex abuse’,” the Family Research Council said, warning that sex offenders could use such a defense in court.
    Lawmakers point out that an article in Paidika, the Journal of Pedophilia, which they brand as “a publication advocating the legalization of sex with ‘willing’ children.”‘
    Their statements are always miss something, an effect that might not be easily measurable because its consequences probably wouldn’t be traced to their real cause. The thing about child sexual abuse is that it teaches you at least one thing. Even if you don’t think it hurt you, it taught you it was ok and that one thing is that sex is important. Very important. Important enough that this grownup, this big sick kid in an adults body , whoever, was willing to break a lot of rules, risk getting into a lot of trouble, to get some sex from you. This in part may be why these children in the videos seemed so composed.
    Yeah, some say, rape and child molestation are not really just sex. They’re about power. Maybe this is true, and most sexual things that take place between a minor and someone more than a few years older have a big element of power in them. But that power is being expressed through sex, and sex is the thing you’re first learning about as a child or a teenager. Power you’ve dealt with all your life — sometimes the type of power imbalance that abuse pounds home can leave scars, but sometimes it’s not all that different from everything else in a minor’s life. Grownups boss kids around for what the kids see as no reason — read any children’s or teen literature to see that viewpoint, or watch the movies aimed at the same audience. In any case I call these actions evil and movie makers and political representative the enables of it. There nothing, nothing more important than creating a loving and nurturing environment for our children, yours or another’s. what these evil sick people do to these children is steal their lives. To me that’s murder of a sprit and soul.

    • Jean says:

      I’m in total agreement with you, Ri-chard, but I won’t say any more than it has taken me just about twenty years of tough, hard work, often hellish to take my life back. Sexual abuse is an invasion, it takes away our power in the most personal of ways, and it is incredibly sick. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  9. joka says:

    They are trying to pin the blame on the Asian community…Some Mp has come out and said “Asians have molested a MILLION children in Britain” This is in connection with the abuse of 1500 young girls in and around the city of Rotheram Yorkshire

  10. Teha says:

    I did not consent to these actions. Let this be exposed to all!

  11. Jean says:

    Please give us more than this! Hugs, ~Jean

  12. TSpirit says:

    Believe, ❤

    • Jean says:

      It’s hard to hear them speak of such unspeakable things in such a casual way, isn’t it! I agreed in that I do not consent to this! Hugs, ~Jean

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