Inside 9/11 – Who controlled the planes?

Uploaded on Sep 7, 2011

Why made all four hijacked planes on 9/11 long detours? How did the hijackers know about “radar holes”? How could they conduct key hijacking events simultaneously all within 10 minutes? Who controlled the planes?

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13 Responses to Inside 9/11 – Who controlled the planes?

  1. Rebekah Roth, a senior airline attendant, became suspicious about reports of cell phone calls from the planes reaching relatives. She and her fellow airline attendants knew that such calls from passenger planes at altitude were impossible. Furthermore, she knew something was very wrong when, weeks after 9-11, several people whose IDs and images were among the infamous 19 hijackers came forth to protest and proclaim their innocence.

    Rebekah Roth has recently published “METHODICAL ILLUSIONS”–a book that is flying off the shelves. She is doing many interviews and YouTube videos are easily located. I like the Hagemann and Hagemann interview and the interview with Kevin Barrett of Truth Jihad.

    You won’t forget the name “Rebekah Roth” once you listen to her story and the results of her extensive investigations. Her story should be a separate post here at “2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?” Roth sticks around for the Tony Szamboti (AE911TRUTH) segment. Note the contrast between her commitment/drive and that of this top representative of AE911TRUTH.

  2. vlad says:

    I belive that there were no airplanes hitting either of the trade tower builds or the the Pentagon.

    The pentagon was by a missile and towers were a combination of demolation and nukes,
    direct engery weapons.

  3. bettiebee says:

    This is interesting…….. I would say things are ‘getting out of hand’ Is this true? How could anyone vet this?

  4. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    What planes?

    • Ronnie says:

      I remember poking around on the internet about those planes and someone said something about holograms. Well, I thought I heard it all. Well, I decided to just google it and eventually to my disbelief it took me directly to a US Army official website and there was an article there on holograms–specifically tank. You could have blown me away with a feather. It was not a joke but something they talked about as if it was already deployed. They pointed out that it could be used to fake out an unsophisticated enemy. A month passed and then I went back and looked at that site and they removed the story. Then, in retrospect if I was watching a movie on TV and saw an airplane crash through a building from tip to tail, just like we saw on TV that terrible day, I would laugh and say what terrible special affects that was. Yet here we are today, the masses still buy the story.

  5. swo8 says:

    Good questions.

  6. There’s an interesting convergence of circumstantial connections that may explain remote piloting of the drones. Comptroller of the Pentagon, Rabbi Dov Zakheim was formerly the CEO of Systems Planning Corporation. A subdivision of SPC manufactured and installed (under contract with BOEING), remote flight control systems AND flight termination systems. It was under Comptroller Zakheim’s watch that Donald Rumsfeld announced $2.3 Trillion of Pentagon allocations as missing. The destroyed part of the Pentagon was the accounting division of the Department of Naval Intelligence. About half the auditors, budget analysts and accounts were killed in that accounting department which was under Rabbi Zakheim’s responsibilities. Zakheim was a member of PNAC. Recall the PNAC white paper which mentioned a “New Pearl Harbor”. Zakheim holds dual US-Israeli citizenship. After Zakheim left his comptroller position, he moved to Israel. In October 2011 he was mentioned as adviser on the Middle East for Republican Presidential contender Mitt Romney.

    Zakheim is totally connected. He held positions which would make him a key suspect in planning and executing 9-11.

  7. Ri-chard says:

    I think to be a little more accurate we should be stating – What made the Missiles and Airplanes takes long detours?
    I was physically there at the Pentagon working on the Pen-Ren Contract with General Dynamics. Over a hundred of us standing on the access road across the lawn from the Pentagon saw the impact hole where the MISSIL entered. The hole was way too small for a passenger plane as the News Media was reporting on the radio. Also, there was not an odor of any aviation fuel which would have exploded 90′ feet left and right of the entrance hole. Note: Gas tanks are in the wings. No plane debris. Maybe if there where 3 holes – one for the plane’s nose and center super structure and one for each engine, no one would have questioned the news reports we heard on our car radios.
    Missiles are guided, planes are guided and so can cars and trucks be guided. Just ask Hollywood. This also includes model airplanes that can be purchased by you and me that are controlled by FM transmitters w/ GPS programing for a one way flight or to return home and land safely.

    • Jean says:

      I have a photo somewhere that I took. Was in the Hill, and people kept calling and telling me to get out. Never forget that day! I lived right directly behind the Supreme Coutu, a block from the Capitol building. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Ronnie says:

      It’s quite obvious no plane hit the Pentagon. That hole was too small about the width of a single garage door on ground level and where the heck was the plane debris? Where is the luggage, the bodies? Oh, I forgot, the planes wings folded up and entered the first floor even though the plane itself was about 2 stories high and pushed itself into that hole from front to tail and disappeared and disintegrated. They later planted a few bits of wreckage that a couple of people carried away (by Rumsfeld the good Patriot, like he had nothing else to do) for effect and the Pilots for 9/11 truth identified the “so called” wreckage would not have come from that airplane–wrong model, wrong color, etc. imagine FBI agents appeared minutes after at all the different locations nearby confiscating their security cameras that might have pointed towards the Pentagon claiming it was for “National Security” reasons. I guess they teleported themselves there.

      You would think the FBI had foreknowledge. Imagine all the cameras, except one, was not functioning there at the Pentagon that day. How unfortunate. They just had to start investigating it 5 minutes after and get all other possible security cameras outside from those businesses. Thank God we have the FBI on the job. But, people bought the lie because we were attacked and the government wouldn’t lie to us.

      A real Hollywood Production.

  8. vlad says:

    very good information, more pieces of the puzzle which proves it was a inside job !!!!!!!!!!

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