UPDATED: State of the Nation: Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11

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Pravda: US fears Russian publication of satellite photos of the tragedy of 9/11

by Gordon Duff
Veterans Today

Россия обнародует доказательства причастности американского правительства к

(Editor’s note:  Russian satellite evidence proving the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center using “special weapons” was reviewed by a VT editor while in Moscow.  The article below was forwarded to us for publication in the US and translated from Russian. It is 3 days old, published on February 7, 2015.)

Moscow (Pravda):  American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin caused Obama only small troubles so far.  Analysts believe that this “calm before the storm”.  Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks. The list of evidence  includes the satellite images from 9/11.

Published material can prove the US Government complicity in the 9/11 attacks and the successful manipulation of public opinion. The attack was planned by the US government, but executed by using  proxies, so that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression of international terrorism.

The motive for deception and murder: its own citizens served US oil interests and the Middle Eastern state corporations.

The evidence will be so convincing that it utterly debunks the official 9/11 cover story supported by the US government.

Russia proves that America is no stranger to using false flag terrorism against its citizens in order to achieve a pretext for military intervention in foreign countries. In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will be conclusive satellite imagery.

If successful, the consequences of Putin’s tactics would expose the US government’s secret terrorist policies. The government’s credibility will be undermined and should bring about mass protests in the cities leading to an uprising, according to American analysts.

And then, how will the United States look in the world political arena? The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be totally undermined thereby giving immediate advantage to the rogue states and Islamic terrorists.

The actual development of the situation could be much worse, experts warn.

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    • Jean says:

      It was difficult for me to read, but I get the point. While they may have blinked, I think it may well be a ploy – I think they’re actually headed into Iraq, and then on to Syria. Obama said today they are thinking about sending troops to Iraq, but I think it may well happen suddenly and as a great big surprise – for obvious reasons. Let’s see!


  1. Ken Harris says:

    Jean, this may or may not apply to this post. One is an article by Gordon Duff that rumors the release of info related to Israels Nuclear Program after being informed of Putin’s 911 info release. The remaining two is an article from RT and the Israel Nuclear Program being released. Hope this keeps the ball rolling:



    The document itself promises to be quite interesting (I just skimmed through it) with respect to holographic imaging and other interesting topics.

    What I find most interesting is that for 25 years the military was aware of the illegal transference of nuclear technology and equipment to and by Israel, which by rights should have terminated their foreign aid.

    I have developed an interesting theory with respect to Israel, Ukraine, Obama, and Putin, but I guess that’s for another time.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I’m aware if this info, and if you see some connection, I’d like very much to hear about it. Is this why this info is actually being released now? Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Jim Costa says:

    2/14/15 Jim’s Rant For The Day. Shiloh And A Half.

    “If a chicken and a half laid an egg and a half in a minute and a half, how much would a pound of butter weigh?” It took me the better part of a day to resolve that riddle when I was about eleven years old. It was given to me by an adult co-worker who was smart enough to not discuss it with me. He just left me alone with it – no hints. But it was one of those riddles that you did not have to ask if the answer was right, when you saw it you knew you saw it.

    Today I would like to believe that I wasn’t slow or stupid but rather a victim of my schooling at the time. In the fifth grade you are given a problem and all the facts needed to solve it. It is not until adulthood that you have to decide the pertinent facts for yourself. Another person who I feel was the victim of his schooling was one Confederate officer in the battle of Shiloh. I am sorry that I cannot remember or find his name. He probably was viewed as a chicken and a half at the time.

    On the first day of the battle, prior to the Union army knowing they were to be attacked, he was ordered to join another Confederate group in woods beyond a peach field. He was ordered not to fire a shot until they joined up. After crossing the field they came under heavy enemy fire instead. The officer still ordered to “hold fire” and even threatened to shoot one soldier that fired his musket. The Confederates fell back decimated. Later, that officer refused to charge, still believing that it was confused friendly forces in the woods. I do not think that officer was stupid or slow. Perhaps he too was a victim of his schooling, believing in the intelligence given and being trained to always follow orders. He was just slow in changing his perception of the facts.

    I don’t know when Americans will ALL realize the truth about UFOs and that 911 was a massive con on the people. It may be within days, who knows, but it must come out soon. And when it does the American people are going to go into shock. We were taught that we handle the small personal problems and all of our leaders handle the big issues. Once and for all the people will discover that is all false. Then they might calculate that half the working population works for a government agency that was either involved in the 911 act or has been active in its coverup. But needles to say they all have been in on the “Joke”.

    When the people see the answer all at once and collectively, they will know it. They will not have to ask for validation or proof. They will know it to be so. That is when they may question their schooling and reject all current leadership. God help us and the current leaders.

    Source: ResetUS.us

  3. Ken Harris says:

    Wowzers!!! Read all the “restrained” posts, bunch of trolls, couple of Cognitive Dissonance cases, and one know it all who hasn’t a clue about satellite technology. Bottom line on all this is that the truth will be revealed, sooner or later. It is good to get the dialog flowing on it again though, because it will make people think especially since so many are waking up but are way behind the curve on the real situation. It had to be hard work to respond to each post, so my hat is off to you Jean for an extraordinary effort.

  4. Will Munny says:

    Wow, the trolls and shills really came out for this one! Congrats, Jean! 🙂

    LOL @ the weather report in India, Ri-chard. Awesome!

    Michae, TB & samuel: you’re going to have to bring more to the table than that weak garbage. This isn’t “Huff-Po” readers you’re dealing with here. Standard troll/shill tactics are spotted for the transparent, empty lies that they are. Go back to troll school.

    • Jean says:

      Will, you have no idea how many – or else they are people who have been hit hard and are hitting back in utter disbelief! (I’m not publishing their comments, because it doesn’t help any to do so. There is plenty of solid info here on my blog. . . never before, though, have I gotten ‘hit’ with so many of these kinds of comments, and I’m not sure what is the real cause 🙂 What I do know, though, is that this post sure hit a nerve!!! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Ri-chard says:

      Will, I’m glad to read there are others that know responding to Trolls should be a fun sport.

  5. difficult says:

    Oh please, do not read russian propaganda. If you look pravda site you can find a lot of articles about usa. They just need an enemy, they want produce hating in russian peoples. Many years they write that dollar must crash, that american economy is a big fake, that russian army can destroy usa in 5 sec… etc. Most of educated ppls never read this, but there are a lot of ordinarry ppls who eat this shit. There is only one result – a lot of ppl hate america and think thats enemy N1.

  6. Mark Anderson says:

    Ha love a good conspiracy theory… What better way to make people stop looking at what you’re doing than to put the focus on someone else… You people are a laugh..

  7. Bud green says:

    This once mighty nation has been reduced to using propaganda and fear to control the masses .
    Whether it be in the form of stealing the newest chip from flight 390 or the falling of the world trade centers . we as a nation must stand and demand real information and stop accepting this regurgitated false reality in the media.
    It doesn’t take a genius to realize our government is for the rich by the rich . They don’t even pay a fair share of taxes let alone represent the people .

  8. Ri-chard says:

    post a passenger plane that goes through a sky scraper.

  9. joe says:

    You guys need some serious medication!

  10. kingel says:

    One of the Big US TV networks (can’t remember which one) had a helicopter in the sky, filming when the 1st tower was hit. This “original” footage was aired on the news, at least once, before it was substituted for the current version of events. The film showed the tower sustaining a hit from a DISC SHAPED OBJECT. This “original” footage has been shown on internet sites but, I am afraid I can’t remember which ones. Moving on to the last building to “fall”, the BBC announced the collapse of Building 7 twenty minutes before it actually collapsed. The collapse was announced in a news “live feed”, with building 7 in the background, in real time. The female presenter announced the building had collapsed, whilst viewers could see it was still standing. Building 7 collapsed 20 minutes after the BBC announcement. I believe it was sometime in 2014, that a UK resident ended up in court for refusing to pay his TV licence, £100.00+ per annum. His refusal hinged on the allegation that the BBC had links to terrorists, ie, it appeared to have advance warning that Building 7 was going to collapse. The BBC took the man to court for non payment of his TV licence. The judge asked the BBC for “the source” of the information, relating to the collapse of Building 7, the BBC “declined” to name the source. The non-payee was also able to prove to the judge, with expert help, that Building 7 collapsed at a speed indicative of a pre-planned detonation. The BBC did not win the case. Because of the nature of the Court Action, the judge was obliged to make a cost order against the TV Licence “refusnik”. When the judge made this order, he said he would award the lowest costs possible, which amounted to £200.00. No order was made regarding the “acquisition” of a TV licence. I can’t remember the date of the court case, I think it took place in London, but it will be recorded in the records of the court and, appeared in some newspapers.

    • Jean says:

      What an interesting story! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • Ken Harris says:

      I recall reading about this very thing. It helped confirm to me the existence of a conspiracy with respect to 911. Often time it’s what isn’t said that makes all the difference.

    • Michae says:

      I do not doubt that explosives were used, but the BBC reporting that building 7 fell before it did isn’t that big of a deal, because up til that point it was known that building 7 was getting ready to collapse. It is very possible that they were told it was ready to collapse and there was a miscommunication. You have to realize, it was on 911, things were crazy and you know how the news reports falsehoods all the time in the initial phases of a story. I believe they were blown up, but I do not believe that the BBC was involved and I do not believe the “no planes” theory. Nearly impossible to pull off in 2001. Especially since thousands of people took video from thousands of angles.

      • Jean says:

        MIchael, you need to take personal initiative and listen and read to some of the material on my blog. Of course, you can choose to believe whatever you want, but we are not here to convince you or to instruct you. Not really. If you are truly interested, then you will investigate this for yourself! Hugs, ~Jean

    • judynz says:

      the program was airing more like 27mins before the building fell.

  11. The all knowledgable says:

    if yu did not know about this then it’s time to wake up! This was used to make Americans feel fear. Not only did It give us a reason to invade the Middle East, but it relinquished our freedom little by little. This is all in plan with the “new world order”. If you think the government and senate run this country, you my friend are in for an awakening. The people who run this country do not care who dies, makes money, starves, it’s all about themselves! 911 was in plan just like population control is in plan. Just like fluoride is in our water supplies. Do your research, we are 1 in out of 3 countries that puts fluoride in our water. Fluoride has been proven to lower IQ levels! What about our food that we eat? Is it even real?! The multi-billion dollar corporations do not care about me or you. They want us to live in this fake life, “go to school, go to college, get a job, To pay off college, work 9-5 everyday for the next 50 years!! That’s not life. We are brought up to think this way since a young age!!! Wake up!! These people want to keep your mind occupied 1. So you don’t become as wealthy, and 2.So you don’t matter and have an option and stand for it. They use things like 911 get get us to relinquish freedom. Pretty soon they will ban all firearms, then curfues, until we or zombies to what we call freedom and peace. Do your research

    • caliwebman says:

      Yep, and I have coined it the USES – the United State of Embraced Slavery. Folks, we have embraced our own enslavement from within a genius level slave system that transcends color, creed and religion. The powers that be took the slave systems of the past and re-spun it so that it would not only transcend race, creed and religion, but it wouldn’t even require force. We would come with arms wide open to embrace our own enslavement. it is a system nothing short of genius, in fact, so well crafted was this system I happen to believe forces outside this world assisted in its making. But they to shall come to pass. Soon.

  12. Bill Krill says:

    LOOK! There goes Elvis!

  13. Cynthia says:

    Okay…let me start by saying that I don’t trust government or politicians in the least. I can see that some of you might believe the images we saw on television were ‘fake’, however, are you seriously going to tell me that you believe that the people standing RIGHT THERE on the ground below the world trade centers and all the people in other buildings or apartments nearby just IMAGINED that they saw planes? Perhaps you believe that the government has perfected mind control and is now able to pipe in images to people’s brains while standing outside in broad daylight? I’m all about a good conspiracy theory but this is a load of BS!

    • Jean says:

      Cynthia, do a SEARCH on my blog, and you will find hours of videos that will prove without doubt that this has been a total set up! You must give it the time, otherwise, you will continue to buy into the lies. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Ken Harris says:

      There actually is evidence proving the use of Holographic images of the aircraft projected into the air above New York’s Twin Towers.



    • Ri-chard says:

      If you look at some of the pictures (close ups) you will see these planes were different than what we were to believe we saw. Look for the pictures (freeze famed) at the under belly of the plane. Please consider this is what actually made it through and exited the building. It was not lightweight aluminum aircraft parts or engines that made it to the other side exiting the building. That is impossible. These building were massive. also know that the wings are fragile and are also the fuel tanks w/ 30, to 50,000 gals of fuel. These wings never would have penetrated the building as shown. Impossible! They would have been shredded in a fire ball with massive parts falling to the ground. And that didn’t happen.

      Search the web and keep searching.

      • Jean says:

        Ri-chard, I feel certain that I saw somewhere that the photos/film were ‘photoshopped’ or altered and that the planes never even hit the buildings. Will someone please try to find this info . . . I think it is even on my blog! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Michae says:

        I am saying that the planes were real, if there were things attached to the underbelly, that still means the planes were real!

        • Jean says:

          I think you are wrong, Michael . . . because I’ve seen the proof of how we were played . . . I hope someone can turn it up, because right now I haven’t the time to search for it. Please be patient. The one link Ken Harris suggested has been pulled . . . If anyone can help out here, please do so . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • caliwebman says:

          They were mil spec AF 767’s. Plain and simple.

    • caliwebman says:

      Cynthia et all, someone in this thread asked everyone an imperative question, they said, “Show me one COMMERCIAL jet hit those buildings”. Key operative word here being commercial, as in AA, logos, silver, windows, passengers etc. Now, take 4 minutes to watch and LISTEN to this video that is a multi record of 911 on the day it happened, listen to the vast amount of people who were there and are describing the planes as they hit:

      Look I am a multi war combat veteran and the last thing I would ever want is to have to face the fact that my nation would do something like this. What would happen to all my pride, my love and my dignity for my nation? What’s more is what would this due to my works as a soldier, would it render my works dubious and in vain? These are all questions NO AMERICAN WANTS TO FACE. but I have news for you, should you have the balls to look this truth in the face I will promise you this…. that you will not lose your pride for this country, that you will not entertain the thought that your works were in vain, and do you know why? Because when you finally realize the truth of the matter you come to realize that this was not our America on 911, it WAS AMERICA’S #1 ENEMY EVER! And you may swing through the emotions like those when losing a loved one, denying, accepting, raging, and sobbing…… just as my 2 other brothers in arms and I did. It is at this very moment that one begins to realize that all these emotions that make up those same emotions we have when we lose a close brother in arms, family member or friend, happen for a GOOD reason. These emotions swell in us not because we lost someone close to us, rather they are happening because it is the realization of the death of your country.

      Now, if you do not think our country should change, than you are good to go remaining in denial. BUT, if you truly believe this country needs great change, then you will embrace this methodical process of her death. The sooner we all realize her death, the sooner we all begin to realize her rebirth. A rebirth truly of, for and by the people.

      Revolutions are won long before the first shot is ever fired. Revolutions occur this way because the people must not just recognize the change they wish to see in their leaders and their system, but they must realize the change they wish to see in themselves. Let her die, let her die.

      A true revolution, is a conscious revolution, is a true revolution.

      Love, Light, and Power,


  14. Jim DaChamp says:

    I have seen some stuff in my day on this earth as a Canadian citizen. nevertheless i have now accepted the fact that we are all pieces to a game they government call society. they have molded and crafted us into these “zombies”, we all take in every bit of information that is presented to us, weather its corrupted or the truth.. who really knows for sure. No average person really knows weather or not 9/11 was a “terrorist” attack or the US government. Even if Putin releases evidence that the US was involved, there will still be controversy that Putin is just starting a storm. People will have there opinions based on the information the government has set out for us to absorb. I enjoying reading the point of views on this topic. It definitely shows how screwed up this world is.

    • read book “the Perception Deception” it explains the zombie software consumers our brains are programmed to be and everything related to what you spoke of

    • The Energy Doctor says:

      Jim, I totally agree with you. There are those of us that are awake and know we are being jobbed by media and government. We may not have all the facts perfect. (did planes hit the towers or not) but in the end it doesn’t matter about every little fact. And then there are those who don’t know the first thing about it and can’t get their arms around what we know.
      Sometimes I think it would be easier to be blissfully unawake!

  15. Mike Denton says:

    Planes never hit those buildings. It was something else. Airline planes can’t fly at those speeds that low to the ground. The images of those airplanes were fake

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  17. Behavior Expert says:

    You don’t have to be an expert on satellite technology, Russia, or the CIA to understand that such Satellite imagery is not possible. Not even if they knew it was going to happen and intentionally pointed their satellites at whatever part of the world they are talking about. I hope you made enough to pay your rent off this article, because your integrity is shot.

  18. thudgeon says:

    What ‘Experts’ warn of this? I think you have fallen victim to some serious Russian propaganda. This is merely a ploy to make the Americans look worse in the Russian media, which is why this was not featured on their English site. If such evidence existed, Putin would not be stupid enough to warn the Americans that he was ready to release it. Such a move would only allow them time to prepare counter measures.

    If this evidence does surface, I will honestly come back here and give you my apologies. I think that this is just a load of bull, however.

  19. samuelgunter says:

    Riiiiight… and you believe the Russian state media outlet to this extent? You have any idea of the limits of Russia’s satellite technology in 2001, what on earth could they see that would indicate it was the government?

    • Ken Harris says:

      Are we to assume you are an expert on Russian Satellite technology? I would be willing to bet that Russia could prove the planes were changed out at a couple of Air Bases, or that the explosions were nuclear, or a myriad of other possibilities.

      You want to disparage Russian media, yet what remains unsaid is that you believe we should believe American and UK media outlets, when it has already been shown numerous times that the western MSM is a major contributor to misinforming the populace of the western nations of world affairs.

      • Jean says:

        Ken, you can’t imagine the number of trolls hitting me on this one. . . the question is WHY? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Ken Harris says:

          The Cabal wants to put that seed of doubt with respect to the legitimacy of Russia/Putin’s claim of releasing documentation proving the 911 conspiracy. If doubt exists then continued repetition of the official line will dispel the truth and misinformation reigns again. We must continue to reiterate the desire; “May the truth be revealed”. We are winning this, and we have to remain firm and steadfast in searching for and following the truth. Hugs back at ya Jean, Stay strong

        • samuelgunter says:

          Ha, I’m no troll… I just have a different opinion, for some reason this post was on a list of popular posts for the day on my wordpress dashboard. Sitting in a small hot hotel room here in India slightly bored, I couldn’t help but click after seeing the preposterous title of the post.
          Pravda (which ironically means ‘truth’ in Russian) is categorically one of the most untrustworthy news outlets in the World – it was the official government news outlet for the communist party during Soviet times and is practically non existent now… (I have lived in Russia).
          ‘Planes taking off from government bases’ – You don’t think that the hundreds of people that would have witnessed this/word in ATC, seen the flightpaths would have seen this?
          Nuclear explosions??
          I don’t get you paranoid people who try to find the most complicated, most outlandish explanation for something by referencing rumours from blogs or dodgy websites (Russia currently going through a shocking economic time, newspaper doing badly – make a story up about USA and 9/11 – perfect viral news story!). You live in one of the most prosperous, fair and free countries – you probably don’t think so but try travelling anywhere outside of North America or Europe and you’ll see. Sure its not perfect… there are issues but you should probably consider yourselves lucky and not so paranoid!
          Clearly a plot on the level you are talking about would require hundreds of complicit people… governments are leaky, do you not think some actual trustworthy facts would have been released?

          • Jean says:

            Well, then, I will release your comment and hope others will respond to you . . . obviously, you are neither aware nor awake 🙂 and you need to do a lot more reading. . . people here are not ignorant, but I believe you are very uninformed. We here have done hours an hours – even years of reading and researching. . . have you?

            I’m not going to get into an argument with you. If you refuse to look that is your choice. Just don’t come here without facts to present . . . because we are loaded with them . . . and I don’t have time for arguments that have no basis . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Ri-chard says:

            FYI; current temperatures in India for trolls.

          • Ken Harris says:

            Bottom line on this Samuel, you haven’t a clue as to the reality of things here in the US or Abroad. Take a look at how many “Leakers” wind up very dead once they open their mouths. Information is just now beginning to coalesce on missing tactical Nuclear weapons that somehow ended up in the arsenals of Israel. As for planes landing or launching, people near air bases very rarely, if ever, look up anymore. Many of the people in this country are passive, brainwashed fools, who, like yourself , haven’t a clue. As long as Saturday college games, and Sunday NFL happen, they don’t care a hoot. Pravda, if you recall history, had a very difficult time under the soviet regime until new management was put in place by the soviets so they would follow the party line. Now, with the former USSR under a new government that actually tries to fulfill the needs of its people instead of trampling on them, Pravda finds itself able to print the truth as it sees fit.

            As for living in one of the most prosperous, fair, and free countries… you obviously have been drinking the kool-aid. The only prosperity is in the pockets of 1% of the country, while the rest are barely able to put food on the table, pay the rent, and the electric bill. As for fairness, you obviously haven’t seen the news about Ferguson, Mo or various other cities where racism abounds in the very organizations sworn to protect us, or how the courts toss fairness out the door to favor of the rich corporations, or wealthy defendants. Justice is served badly here, and if you were attuned to what is happening you would know that. As for freedom, let me tell you what the very real effect of 911 was on this country, FEAR. Just what the powers that be needed to push through the Patriot Act and other laws, actions that have slowly but surely been responsible for the loss, bit by bit, of the freedoms originally guaranteed by the Constitution.

            In summary Samuel, I would strongly recommend that you do your homework, including a bit of history, before running your jaw about things you can’t mentally grasp.

            Good Day

          • Jean says:

            I think Samuel may have been away from the USA for quite a while and lost touch with how life has changed. I’ve just published another 9/11 piece, because I’m beginning to realize until the citizens of my country get it, we are going to be hung up with all the other lies . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Philorian says:

            If your argument against this amounts to the simplicity that it’s just not possible for folks to have kept their mouths shut I urge you to actually do some reading, any reading, into the goings on of the CIA and FBI from the ’30s through ’00s because there is tons of evidence, by our government’s own admission and release of documents, that these agencies carried out illegal mass-murders and countless treacherous acts both on our soil against our own people and abroad. Many countries world-wide have mysterious deaths and disappearances of people who claim to have evidence to such atrocities. These are facts. Facts that make it perfectly plausible for a handful of officials to have carried this out by means of a single Ops team charged with task, because Ops are under contract and bound to the military. To come forward would mean a life in prison. If you knew the agency to be capable of such acts wouldn’t you fear for yourself and your family more than you would feel guilt for the act committed, which is why the few agents who have written about their experiences do so on their deathbed after the official documents have already been released to the public, often with still-redacted sections or missing pages.

          • Nick Roerich says:

            9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress


            Russia Disseminates,
            Snowden Validates,
            NSA Evidence Corroborates
            New 9/11 Data Dump

    • dee cee says:

      Really guy? U do realize ur saying that the Russians haven’t inferior technology? Yet they completely smoked us in the space race. Don’t forget facts bud.

    • rko says:

      Im just a random visitor , found this on Facebook and I read all the comments. Are you aware that a 3rd ww it’s about to start ? I’m from Romania, real close to the Ukraine vs Russia conflict that escalates real quickly Russia doesn’t want war , Europe either but those ukrainian motherfuckers are manipulated by the US Goverment to fight , USA needs a sparkle to start the war. In europe every country is getting prepared for war these days .We are your alies but USA will drag the whole europe into a war with Russia because of it’s own stupidity . I only hope Putin is right about the 9/11 and the truth will change everything also everyone knows it was a false flag there are no evidences and I bet Afghanistan Iraq Siria were made the same ways . Putin and Russia are no good but lately we can see that USA isn’t either . God help us all because we’re fu**ed

      • Jean says:

        rko, there is no way a third WW is going to start. Yes, they are trying with everything they have – false flag after false flag, but they haven’t been — and they won’t be successful 🙂 Stay around, and read up on the background of why it won’t happen 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  20. lalita says:

    I always new that truth will one day prevail. I never believed that 911 was a terrorism act from the outside but suspected no lets rather say I always knew it was from within America (CIA). Just like I always believe that Princess Diana’s accident was not really “an accident” She was murdered by the British secret service.

  21. what about releasing satellite evidence about GFK assination?

  22. Jeremiah says:

    People need to stop referring the enemies as “The Americans” or ” The Russians” or The Muslims” or ” The Catholics” or whatever.

    We’re all suffering from this terrorism from all angles it’s not the fault of an entire nation or religion. This is all down to a small group of leaders who have only one interest in their mind. Let’s stand together regardless of background or religion and stop encouraging more discrimination and anger amongst the general public who simply go by through the day working to earn a good living for the future of their family and just hoping to have a simple safe life enjoying the world we have. We could be so happy if we weren’t so angry and ready to point a gun and shoot! We forget how to see the good things in our daily lives no matter how hard it is.

    • nadia says:

      I agree with you all people in the world has suffered for the wrong behaviour of a little group of plutocrats…and all people of this world is much better then they want us to think and dividi et impera is their trick since centuries…BUt technically cia is part of american government and is american people who has the precise responsability to deal with the problem of how their money is used because if other people does it can be considered an act of war….So I think all people all together have to face the situation but each has to face it in their personal, national, and global position and take for this also responsabilities.Growing is taking responsability….This leaders must be faced with their responsabilities, but whom should do it?.Putin? If you are american is with your money they have organized twin towers and international terrorism and you can express your not consent in many ways and change the situation there.as anybody else can improve their national personal and global situation wherever they are born and live.I perceive sometimes a sence of impotence and subtle kind of guilty sense from some americans which I would like to be transformed in clear understanding of their real potential, and of the situation, in taking full responsability for their lives and so doing taking courage and faith and determination in creating the necessary multidimensional changing of the situation in the usa to improve the one for the whole planet,too……I think you can if you want…….many people are doing this around the world, people of any race colours and nation!We all want to live in peace but to realize it permanently we need to take the effort to create it NOW!!!!!!

    • ANONYMOUS says:

      The 9/11 attack was planned in the 60s by the CIA. I have personally seen footage that was made public record as they lined out the attack. JFK was assasinated 1 week after publically saying that, and I quote, ” There is a plot in this great country to enslave it’s people. Before I leave this noble.office, I plan to expose this plot.” I have seen also footage of two Rockefellars admitting that not only is war the most profitable.buisness to be in, but that they were in on putting in place the new world order and that they have also funded both sides of every war since the Korean war. I have also seen documentation proving that not only was Binladden a CIA agent in the 80s for many years but also that had been seeded into the middle east, among his own people, for the sole purpous of creating “terrorist factions” to set up the blame game. Look at who profited from this ongoing war. The Bushs’ literally earned billions from there heavy investment in OIL. Haliburton got all the government contracts to go rebuild Iraq, and who owns that company of companies? None other than Vice Pres. Dick Chaney. And the list goes on and on with billionaires names being the real, unrefutable occurance that noone has even mentioned. Has anyone heard of the ZIONISTS organization? Rothchilds now own the centralized banking system in all but like 10 or less countries. What do you think will happen when they own them all? NEW WORLD ORDER. AND THE US ARMED FORCES ARE GETTING SET TO BE THE MUSCLE FOR THE EUROPEANS against ANY AND ALL opposers to this world dominating slave trade. There will be no money as everything will be debit from the chip they ARE ALREADY using among the elite and have enough waiting to be implanted into over half of the worlds.population. FEMA DISASTER RELIEF CENTERS? Think again. They are literally death camps for people who rise against this complete and total destruction of freedom and they deem a threat to one world conformity. If you know history, its exactly what happened in NAZI Germany except they didnt make some of the mistakes Germany did. They made sure that no people or country would have the resources to fight against them in any form. You WILL be labeled a terrorist and put to death! THANK YOU PATRIOT ACT. Think how many people lost everything when the stockmarket crashed. Billions disappeared. Then all the rich had to do was wait a bit foe the economy to become terribly dessimated and then buy back in at little to nothing and now, in its restored state, made billions on top of those billions. Bush jrs administation was well known as the worlds largest transfer of wealth to date. Coincidence or the Clinton administration? Not when this much money is up for grabs people… THINK ABOUT IT AND CHECK THE FACTS. AND IF YOU THINK THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS ARENT ON THE SAME SIDE, YOU ARE STILL LIVING IN AN ILLUSION!! ITS A RIGGED GAME OF CHANCE THAT ONLY.THE HOUSE CAN WIN. And at this stage in the game all we have left is a double sided coin. If we stand, we will go into policed state and more than likely be slaughtered and if we dont we are destined to die in FEMA CAMPS. What can we do with these options? Not much. Dieing seems like an unescapeable, quickly accelerating and horrific taste of karma coming back that has been orchistrated out.of our control but laid on our heads as Americans. This is only SOME of what is going on or already transpired. I close with this quote by an American. “Control the food and you control NATIONS.”

      • Tracy says:

        I can not disagree with one thing you said (I do not have irrefutable proof to validate your thoughts) but I can’t disagree with the rationale and astute observations. I can only hope as others say that Mr. Putin and some of the insiders will choose to stand up against the “dark t-shirts” and help Hu-Manity end this rigged matrix once and for all.
        With the power of my own free-will, I DO NOT CONSENT OR SUPPORT to this ongoing evil madness and crimes against ALL hu-manity and creation.
        Be of Peace

  23. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    I saw 911 to be a controlled demolition from the moment it was shown. However, I was at work and didn’t have the time to think beyond that moment. After I did have the time to think about it, I asked myself who benefits from this. It smelled from the getgo but we have too many hybrids who can’t think beyond what they see. It took months of planning and the cooperation of many. There are still questions hanging out there like dirty laundry. Such as where are all the passengers if the planes did indeed fly. I heard that Barbara Olsen was spotted in Lisbon very much alive.
    I’m with Mr. Putin if he is releasing the satellite images. He has weathered the assault to his leadership with the sanctions. He would be entitled to a little payback. I’m surprised that he didn’t release them long ago. The American people have been held hostage to all the publicity about 911, all the lies to seduce us into another war. How many more of our youngsters need to lose limbs and other vital parts for an unecessary war and a pack of lies?

  24. nadia says:

    truth must always come out…I remember the first thing I thought on that day was that it was done from american government…but I rejected it immediately this thought as I could not believe them to do such a thing.Time has shown where they can go.Is time for this people to face their destiny.If they would not be their managers would be nice to present the whole group to isil,but I think is american people first that will have to deal with this people.And decide about their destiny.The muslim people knows well the truth about 9 11 as the rest of the world.The king is naked and bring this people to prison and stopping drones bombings and bringing away american soldiers from islamic countries will not grow terrorism, terrorism is an invention of cia everywhere in the world.People is much better then them,everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Say the truth and change politics will bring a little of justice to people who have suffered enough!Americans have forced the whole middle east to sufference regression and totalitarism.With the excuse of freedom they have destroyed freedom everywhere….People knows it very well..I think will be important to finish this chapter of human slavery expressing truth and creating justice….I wonder anyway if american government will not say it is an invention of russians to attack them,and how people will react really…..

  25. ElveTwelve says:

    I consent to the release of satelite imagery about 9/11 attacks a.s.a.p

  26. beefree1 says:

    I wonder what Marvin thinks about this? http://youtu.be/PZKS73tNVL8

  27. paleohippy says:

    What’s Vladimir waiting for… the astrologically correct timing? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  28. Ken Harris says:

    “The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be totally undermined thereby giving immediate advantage to the rogue states and Islamic terrorists.” NOT…….Those self same rogue states were designated as such by the US and the terrorist groups are owned and financed by the US to keep the people in fear. Go ahead Putin, “RELEASE THE KRAKEN”. My opinion is that we need to collapse the government and the economy and start over. This time around, no corporations, $50 dollar max campaign contributions, and a person(s) can own only one news media outlet (print or broadcast). Get rid of the Corporate Constitution and re-instate the original organic constitution. Oh my, the list could go on and on.

  29. Ilex says:

    I consent to this happening ASAP!!!!!!!

  30. laurie says:

    And this…

    Benedict Harris · Top Commenter · Composer at Benedict Music
    Gordon, you failed to mention that the Pravda article cites its source as secretsofthefed.com
    wouldnt a Russian news website have a better source about Putin than an american website?
    Gets really discouraging when your hopes are up and then you realize it’s not maybe valid information. : (

    • Jean says:

      Laurie, this article was translated from the original Russian . . . ? ? ? Hugs, ~Jean

      • Laurie says:

        Just wondering where the original Russian article is, and if it can be confirmed. Anyone can say anything these days, and it gets discouraging and maddening to wade through all the claims, some backed up, and many not. I hope this is true, although I don’t know why Putin has sat on it this long if his motives are truly altruistic. I know they might be more altruistic than those of the perpetrators we all know, but… why wait for 14 years?

        • Jean says:

          X,shriek, if you will check,the Update now gives the link to the original article :)Hugs, ~Jean

          • laurie says:

            Yes, Jean, I saw the update, thank you. You missed the point – Why wait this long to release the evidence? – was the point.
            X, shriek? Would be nice if you would refrain from that sort of thing.

          • Jean says:

            I have no idea, none at all, where that came from, and I’m sorry. I never wrote that! It’s not my style . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  31. Ri-chard says:

    I guess the Paradigm Research guys were right, Putin is going to be the disclosure President.

  32. laurie says:

    Hope this is true but I scoured Pravda’s English site and saw nothing like this. Checked archives for Feb. 7 – that date does not link to anything.

    • Rhiannon says:

      If you cross reference the English site and Russian site, they’re very different. There’s an article on Obama on the Russian site but not the English…..

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