Zerohedge: The World’s Best Known Global Shipping Index has Crashed To Its Lowest Level Ever

02/09/2015 09:13 -0500

Having fallen for 47 of the last 51 days, The Baltic Dry Index (tracking the cost of shipping dry bulk from iron ore to grains) has been collapsing in a well-documented manner by Zero Hedge (though not the mainstream media). With Cramer having told investors of its importance previously, it will be hard to ignore the fact that, as of this morning, the index of global shipping costs has never (ever) been lower at 554. We leave it to readers to decide what they think this means (but we already know what it means for shippers and ship-building companies).

Recovery? “Crisis has passed?” You decide…


On the back of the total collapse in Chinese imports and exports, is this any surprise?

Of course, stocks know best…


Charts: Bloomberg

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5 Responses to Zerohedge: The World’s Best Known Global Shipping Index has Crashed To Its Lowest Level Ever

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  2. swo8 says:

    I guess they won’t be raising interest rates any time soon.

  3. vlad says:

    The Baltic Dry Index is a very important measure of trade and the prosperty of the entire WORLD,
    at this time in HISTORY, It will become much less important as the varies SILK ROAD projects
    are completed by CHINA and Russia,and the Brics development Bank, in the future,these projects
    when completed will reach about SIX BILLION people over 80 percent of the world population,
    without the need to use the OCEAN’S , This will diminish the power of the USA since the USA
    navy controls the world’s Oceans.The other benifits from the SILK ROAD PRJECT are, products
    will be transported much faster and less expense and more economic development will occur for
    the entire world,except for north and south America ,Australia,and New Zealand (you can’nt develop things on oceans you need land mass. ) Many new towns will pop up and exsisting cities
    will prosper, also of great benefit the World will be more SECURE, and the POWER will be more distrubued to more nations ,Thus enabling the world HUMANITY to elevate their startard of living,
    TRUTHFULL Education,and KNOWLEGE.
    Yesterday Feb 9 2015 the Baltic Dry Index hit 554 the lowest number since the Baltic Dry Index
    numbers Started, a year ago it was about 1600,
    The world is going into world depresition,which in a way is a good thing, these gives the world
    population a chance to start over ,hopefully in the right direction,
    I believe, we the HUMANS, at this time in HISTORY have the greatest oppertuinity for men and woman to remove the YOKE and SACKELS,We have to have COURAGE , DREAMS
    and treat our fellow humans the same way we would like to be TREATED !!!!!!!!!

  4. Tracy says:

    Jean & Friends,
    Not to be sounding the alarm of doom….but this means the U.S. better start making their own “stuff” since there does not seem to be the expected imports that we’ve seen in the past.
    *** So this is an opportunity for anyone out there who desires to start their own business (if you can source from within the continental U.S.) Take a chance this a huge opportunity for the entrepreneurial spirit to put your “creation, idea, product, or service” out into the American market place. Otherwise if our imports dry up — then what will the people do?? As it is, I see that we have “just in time” inventory in most retail stores IMO.
    I see opportunity here in the midst of global financial chaos. Start small work within your local community (which could be just your neighborhood) then move forward from there for all those who desire their own employment destiny. >> Remember clean local grown food is a good beginners opportunity if you enjoy horticulture, there are always several local farmers markets in existence; it’s a good place to start small; also if there is a local flea-market that’s another great entry point. The trick is “quality, value, integrity” that is key in blossoming your success potential.
    Peace within,

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