Truth Jihad Radio. 9/11 – Rebekah Roth & Tony Szamboti

Published on Jan 31, 2015
Thanks to R.

Original show:…

Rebekah Roth discusses her research and her new book ‘Methodical Illusion’:

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3 Responses to Truth Jihad Radio. 9/11 – Rebekah Roth & Tony Szamboti

  1. it’s common knowledge now that the chemtrails are potash that needs to be disposed of, being a manufacturing biproduct, yes full of chemicals, that are definitely poisoning the atmosphere for harming humans globally.

  2. hannacora says:

    Blessings!! Johanna
    A review of “Methodical Illusion” by Rebekah Roth
    The truth-seeking community – and the airline industry – are abuzz over Rebekah Roth’s new book Methodical Illusion. It’s poised to break into the top 1,000 worldwide, selling so fast that Amazon may even have tried to stop its rise to bestseller status by falsely claiming “sorry, out of stock.”

  3. The ‘life’ in the discussion was maintained by Rebekah Roth in the second segment that features AE911TRUTH’s Tony Szamboti. What sense of commitment and drive do you get from Tony Szamboti? To me, he doesn’t seem to have a strong urge to get the show on the road (achieve 911Justice).

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