Bix Weir and Zerohedge: ALERT – Two Prediction “Hits” on the Road to Roota

The mess currently unfolding at the nations ports were predictable and are possibly a “pre-crash” training exercise to give the people a taste of what life will be like without “stuff”!

Zerohedge: The “Catastrophic Shutdown of America’s Supply Chain” Begins: Stunning Photo’s of West Coast Port Congestion

Those of you who follow Clif High’s work will recognize this a a HUGE hit as Clif had predicted huge problems in the “Just-in-Time” delivery system and it was also a precursor to other events related to the crash.

And let’s not forget about this being a hit on the Road to Roota Theory as well. I have long held that the REVERSAL of globalization will be part of the End Game and that is exactly what is beginning here. Of course this will culminate when the world turns their back on the US Dollar in exchange for goods…POOF! Goodbye Globalization!

The dominoes continue to fall.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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6 Responses to Bix Weir and Zerohedge: ALERT – Two Prediction “Hits” on the Road to Roota

  1. Bill says:

    Here are some of the ways we’ve been set up for a famine here, which goes beyond the shut down of the supply chain. Hope you will post. There is some simple advice for people at the end of the article. For while people may store staples, it would be good to have fresh food at well.

    And something else life-threatening a profit making is also going on the west coast, where not only is food being kept OFF-SHORE (having set up most of our food system as imports), but ON SHORE in California, vaccine corporations are making a huge push for total license and control over what and how much gets injected into people – just as people are waking up to vaccine-induced diseases and deaths.

    Hope you will post this as well, so we don’t let ourselves be distracted from this, which is a literal war on us by the same industry that put Hitler into office, set up Operation Paperclip, and run the CIA. It may look like a local issue but it’s part of a massive corporate power over Americans’ bodies, allowing them to alter DNA, sterilize, sicken, or kill at will. Needless to say, pharma is involved in food and vaccines, contaminating both, but when desired for chaos and mass deaths, already able to withhold the former and seeking to mandate the latter.

    Measly Measles versus Fascism: California and the Unleashing of the Vaccine Corporations

    • Bill says:

      To get a good idea of how murderous the bankers are, one need only look at the starvation Goldman Sachs caused and massively profited from. Those cargo ships are not sitting off the coast by accident. There’s a lot of money in desperation.

      Goldman Sachs is not in things for anyone’s health. Be sure to look past these 4 links to their tie in to 9/11 …. and Pharma.

      How Goldman Sachs and the Investment banks Created Starvation

      Johann Hari: How Goldman gambled on starvation

      How Goldman Sachs Created the Food Crisis | Foreign Policy

      Goldman Sach’s Food Speculation Turns Global Hunger Into Wall Street Profit

      Here’s an overview of Rupert Murdoch’s connections to the pharmaceutical industry/international bankers, which shows all of their connection to vaccines.

      “Lloyd Blankfein is co-chairman with media mogul Rupert Murdoch in the David Rockefeller-founded Partnership for New York City (PFNYC),15 chartered by the Royal Family of England. This group is currently advancing a world leading biotechnology trust, heavily invested in “genetopharmaceuticals” and flu vaccine genetic engineering. [Emphasis added.]

      “Members of this group, along with George Soros-directed assets, virtually monopolized the genetics industry during the 1990s, culminating in the corporate privatization of the Human Genome Project.19

      ” Involvement of these economic leaders in the vaccine industry is most revealing and even shocking as the following facts evidence:

      “The Baxter Corporation, indicted for spreading HIV contaminated blood products during the late 1970s through the 1980s; a cheap lethal heparin substitute in 2008;21 and H5N1 contaminated seasonal flu vaccines in early 2009,22 was directed by Mr. Tony White, Soros’s appointee to lead the privately owned Applera Company following their obvious heist of the Human Genome Project during the late 1990s. The sudden privatization of what had previously been public, non-profit, patentable property, also implicated co-sponsors–the U.S. Department of Energy and The Wellcome Trust of London.19,

      “Today, the American Baxter Company is a major H1N1 vaccine maker for European nations, and at the center of controversy concerning the expanding outbreak of recombinant H1N1-hemorrhagic pneumonia. Many experts conclude the 2009 H1N1 triple reassortant sourced from a lab,25 similar to its 1977 relative.

      “Rupert Murdoch’s mother, Elizabeth, Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and daughter-in-law, Sarah Murdoch, steward the Royal Women’s Hospital and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, respectively, in Australia. They oversaw their staff conduct H1N1 vaccine trials on infants, children, and pregnant women in 2009, collaborating with Merck’s subsidiary, CSL. Furthermore, Rupert Murdoch’s son James oversees GlaxoSmithKline, another major H1N1 vaccine maker. Regarding efficacy, and more importantly safety, the CSL/Merck H1N1 vaccine tested in Murdoch-family directed facilities was simply assumed to be both safe and effective according to its package insert. The new and old vaccine had “no controlled clinical studies demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with” the company’s seasonal flu vaccine, “AFLURIA.” Likewise, vaccine safety was speciously assumed following assessment days comparing those who received AFLURIA (with or without mercury preservative, confounding everyone’s analysis) with those who received some undisclosed “European-licensed trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine as an active control” This “active control” was preserved with mercury.

      “In plainer language, an unidentified arguably neurotoxic vaccine served as a “placebo control.” Since no inactive placebo control such as saline was used, the study design was obviously flawed, confounding, biased, and arguably fraudulent. It may have precluded observing statistically significant differences between experimental and control groups falsely evidencing safety from lacking adverse event differentials. This intentional obfuscation exclusively benefited those with conflicting interests, and/or those inclined to rely on safety assurances to the detriment of public health and medical science. Yet, Murdoch-directed News Corp. assets heavily promoted these risky H1N1 vaccines as urgently required, safe and effective.

      “Curiously, in 2008, The Wellcome Trust of London’s Biocentre, the UK’s largest non-governmental source of funds for biomedical research, created a special grant program to heavily fund research into alleged mysterious neurodegenerative diseases linked by censored science to thimerosal mercury.

      “The Wellcome Trust’s alleged divestment of conflicting pharmaceutical interests following Burroughs Wellcome’s sale of stock to Glaxo PLC, created GlaxoWellcome, currently GlaxoSmithKlein. This allegation of “divestment” is discredited by more than the fund’s involvement in the Human Genome Project’s pirating, implicating George Soros and David Rockefeller-linked investors. Again, GlaxoSmithKlein makes the H1N1 vaccine, and Rupert Murdoch’s heir apparent, James Murdoch, oversees their Board of Directors.

      “And that’s not all. . . Rupert Murdoch’s Co-Chairman of the PFNYC, Lloyd Blankfein is a major shareholder in the Goldman-Sachs/AstraZeneca partnership. He directed AstraZeneca’s $15 billion acquisition of MedImmune, the H1N1 FLUMIST maker.

      “Besides James and Rupert’s News Corp directing film makers Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Brothers, the Western World’s mass-mediated mind-set is reinforced by PFNYC “partner” and Reuters News Service CEO, Thomas H. Glocer. Glocer sits on the Board of Directors of Merck & Company, whose (CSL) H1N1 vaccine, and (Merck’s) Pneumovax vaccine, is broadening markets as the main ingredient–laboratory engineered H1N1 virus–mutates, as in the Ukraine, becoming more deadly.

      “Additionally, those poorly-paid inadequately-trained pharmacists administering vaccines in supermarkets, draining doctors’ revenue streams, reflect the “hostile takeover” of clinical medicine by Goldman-Sachs’s limited partner, PFNYC “Corporate Partner,” and world-leading “buyout firm,” Kolberg, Kravitz, Roberts & Company (KKR) This “immunization” industry-altering practice is promoted as a “cost-saving” invention according to KKR’s director of Safeway supermarkets, Steven Burd, founder of the Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform (CAHR),45 popularly called “Obamacare.”

      “Whatever the answer to questions about the new DNA [GMO] vaccines, it is obvious that Rupert Murdoch’s connections to the pharmaceutical industry and vaccines are very deep. No investigation of Murdoch’s crimes should omit his efforts to use his media empire to prevent exposure of potential dangers from the MMR vaccines and possibly all the new DNA [GMO] vaccines.”

      So, Goldman Sachs heavily invested in vaccines so with much to gain by removing rights from parents in California who are increasingly rejecting vaccines.

      But Goldman Sachs is ALSO connected to what happened during 9/11, to the Rockefellers (who are even more involved in vaccines) and to Silverstein.

      This is just a short snippet. The full article is here.

      “And since the stock price manipulators and economic chaos creators treasonously made nearly $4 billion pulling the plug on the American real estate market, what makes you think they wouldn’t “pull” the property in NYC – the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center on 9/11?

      “PFNYC partner Larry Silverstein, in fact, admitted Building 7 was decidedly “pulled.”
      The admission is currently featured on YouTube, and the demolition is evidenced abundantly in this author’s new film, PHARMAWHORES – The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller.

      “This question of “pulling” is, after all, a reasonable concern and question since scientists recently discovered metal-melting thermite in dust samples collected around “ground zero” exclusively.

      “Zero thermite was found in comparable samples taken from other locals.

      “This evidence is particularly chilling since government investigators neglected this material evidence entirely, and were later discovered to have co-patented the super-heating thermite explosive used in controlled demolitions.

      “It is glaringly incriminating that these companies’ had access to the supporting pillars through more than two dozen floors leased by JP Morgan-CHASE/Goldman Sachs, and American Express, all partnered in the Partnership for New York City (PFNYC).

      “The PFNYC is the world’s leading biotechnology trust and pharmaceutical advocacy group.

      “Its members represent the Who’s Who of BigPharma. Among their partners are Pfizer and Merck directors, and the infamous landlord and insurance beneficiary, Larry Silverstein.

      “General Electric (GE) Co., the world’s largest diversified firm, provided Silverstein’s insurance policy on his leased World Trade Center. GE is the co-owner, with Bill Gates and the Royal Family of England, in MSNBC/NBC/Universal/Comcast.

      “Now we learn from viewing PHARMAWHORES – The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller, that Silverstein’s insurance payoffs were re-invested – apparently “veered” to Las Vegas from NYC to build the two new leaning “Veer Towers” – an occult symbol-like 9/11 memorial lit in red, white and blue, appearing to be falling into rubble.

      [Jean, you have to see that those buildings!]

      “This most expensive real estate development in U.S. history was funded by “private equity investments” advanced by the leading suspects in this investigation – JPMorgan-CHASE/Goldman Sachs.”

  2. says:

    Awake While the World is Asleep “It’s difficult to be awake when the rest of the world is asleep” ~ Bix Weir

  3. says:

    Canadians Sued The Bank Of Canada & Won. Mainstream Media & Government Blacks Out Story

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