War Was Over . . . I don’t understand this title, but never mind, please just watch! ~J

Published on Jan 16, 2015
Thanks to V. 

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4 Responses to War Was Over . . . I don’t understand this title, but never mind, please just watch! ~J

  1. Kim says:

    Interesting! Yet too bad the same gas chamber lies are repeated here.

  2. Cladon says:

    Apparently our government rounded up the “paper clip terrorists” for training….so as to prepare for every American to be exterminated by foreigners. Their clever scheme is still ongoing. All members of Congress are committing treason every day by killing our military with vaccines produced by pharmas that get them elected.😡 The circle of deceit goes round and round by criminals; Mafia, Mossad, Jesuits etc. We must ALL stop consenting to these old world political policies, fueled by lies and corrupt media talking heads. We are the only ones that can stop this lunacy. Remember how you were conned into saying no to drugs? It is time to con “TPTB” by NOT CONSENTING to their wars. ~c

    • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

      They created the Anti-drug program to get our consent to LEGAL drugs in the form of vaccines,anti-depressants, Ritalin, etc. Slick.
      It is sickening to realize that there are those who cannot and will not accept that there are those who don’t have our best interests in mind. Those of us who practice the Golden Rule have been bamboozled by those who use the 1st Amendment against us. This we can stop though by not buying into the lies and bullying tactics. Stop all aid to Israel and revoke all passports for dual citizens. All US lawyers must untangle themselves from the BAR and take oaths of allegiance to this country. Close the UN which is a center for spies and treachery. It would make a great new home for the homeless.
      Of course, this will be met with resistence. We have plenty of space in the FEMA camps for all who resist. A little dose of what they had planned for the rest of us might help them clear their minds of the polluting thoughts of world dominance. Sauce for the gander.
      Replace current leaders with women who are not brainwashed by the Bible, Koran or other religion. There is much that we can do. Currently unlikely due to lack of knowledge of criminality by our leaders.
      I can still dream. No drugs involved.

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