A Very Brief Note from ~Jean

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

I have just released two informative articles about the planes on 9/11.

I’ve also gone back, retrieved and am releasing about nineteen comments doubting the efficacy of some of the claims about President Putin and the planes. 

Never before have I had such a response to an article, and whether or not these people are trolls or not, I do not know. That does not seem to me to be the issue. What I do know is that there is enough proof in these two articles to set these people thinking for themselves. 

The lies and propaganda with which we have been inundated since 9/11 as shown in these videos will hopefully be enough for people to question the continuing Cold War mentality concerning Russia that has been sold to us by the MSM (Mainstream Media).

My effort here is not to convince anyone, because this is a time when we all need to think for ourselves and  make up our own minds. All I can do is provide information for you all to work with. 


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24 Responses to A Very Brief Note from ~Jean

  1. I have a few litmus tests for whether people are trustworthy in the 9-11 activism effort. One of these litmus tests is whether the activist will take the position that sufficient evidence already exists to commence indictments, arrests, interrogations and prosecutions. Those activists who advocate for a “new investigation” are asking for more delay in achieving justice.

    Don’t get me wrong. I did not say “stop the investigations”. Interrogations of those arrested will supplement what we already know a great deal about.

    In the other posts below are posters who fail another of my litmus tests–and I’ll leave it to the readers to discern what litmus test for trustworthiness (and capacity for critical thinking) that test is.

    We each have our ‘radar’ for who are sincere and who are Judas goats working to buy time for the real perpetrators.

  2. trey says:

    Project Blue Beam. It’s been around (the technology) since the early 60’s. By now surely they can make moving holograms. A lot of those people said they heard no jet engines. I guess that if they had used it in Iraq it would have blown their cover for 911.http://www.markdice.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=133:project-blue-beam-&catid=66:articles-by-mark-dice&Itemid=89

  3. Ethyl says:

    Jean, I haven’t looked at the videos yet. But I ALWAYS thought that the hittings of the planes were fake. They have always looked to me like a butter knife going thru soft butter. NOT like a big solid plane hitting a solid building. Where were all the pieces breaking up when it hit? It just didn’t make sense. The other thing that got me were the things the witnesses said, that were all hushed up after the first couple days. I never even made it to building 7 before I was convinced. Also, I listened to that long interview that John Lear did; if I remember correctly, he thought they were holograms. I know he said that he was considered one of the best pilots in the world, and he couldn’t have done the maneuver they did. I think it was an interview on P Camelot. And oh my GOSH the evidence of the Pentagon being hit by a missile instead of a plane was totally overwhelming. If the Pentagon unravels, it all unravels. Also, the info put out by Judy Woods was extremely interesting. LOTS of info about what the blast did that I never saw anywhere else. I look forward to watching the videos. I also found out about and ordered today, the book Methodical Illusion. I think that one’s going to be a real eye opener. If you haven’t read it, I’ll let you know how it is. This one is supposed to have a lot of new info in it. I can’t wait to start it, from the writeup I read about it!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi Jean
    This first time I heard that the planes were faked I was rather shocked. But I found it out through someone who I held in high regard so I did my own research.
    Of course now I realise I was suffering from another batch of cognitive dissonance because I had a certain mind set that there were real planes but they did pull the buildings.
    Once I looked at the new evidence I could clearly see that I had been deceived.again……and indeed once common sense kicked in I understood that planes could not behave in the way eg slice through steel and concrete and burst through the other side! Also the planes wings would have certainly come apart and fallen to the ground.
    Back then what we didn’t know was that all the people who said they saw the planes crash into the buildings were crisis actors. This we now have found out thanks to Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing. How they do educate us!
    It has been a long, long journey.
    In light and love

    • Jean says:

      Rebecca, what I’m learning is that planes were used, but they were a kind of drone . . . we didn’t understand or know much about drones back then, so we were easily duped. These drones likely could have been created to penetrate these buildings. Oh, my, at the moment confusion reigns, but we’re going to get it straight! Hugs, ~Jean

  5. p says:

    Jean, I’ve long thought the planes hitting the twins towers were graphic in nature. That 1st day we were heading out to harvest our pumpkin crop and we were all in process of putting our boots on when the twin towers flashed across the TV screen. What I saw didn’t match the comments being made and no matter how many times it was shown, it still didn’t look right.

    You’re right, we’ll know the truth soon enough, but thank you for posting those articles.

  6. Mike M. says:

    I just don’t understand how piling on even more evidence on top of what is and has already been out there is going to make any more difference as far as arrests/prosecutions are concerned. Building #7 was the deal breaker for me about 5 years ago, and it’s been downhill (into the rabbit hole) ever since. I think too many have bought into the ‘demonized Putin’ meme put out by the lame stream media, and much hope of persuading any fence sitters to FULLY awaken may have been compromised. I hope I’m wrong. If I see ANY smidgen of truth of this abomonation hit the ‘main stream news’, I will be one of the first to be dancin’ in the streets, because that will truly open the floodgates of THEIR demise.

  7. Hildegard says:

    Jean, I have no clue about the other commenters but the evidence of 911 being a false flag is overwhelming. I’ve just been unable to find anything but hearsay that Putin is somehow going to release a lot of damning 911 evidence. I hope I am wrong. We need all the help we can get.

    • Jean says:

      Pravda made the statement in Russian, and it was picked up and translated. We cannot know the truth of it, but if you read the statements, it all would make perfect sense. Is it coming this weekend? I don’t think so, not really – unless they try very rapidly try to start a war in Iraq, because of our troops being cornered there – false flag? brilliant accident? – I have to wonder. This will lead directly into Syria and Iran . . . that is the intention, I think . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • judynz says:

        Someone suggested this morning, that if Russia announced the 9/11 and that they were introducing gold backed currency this would destroy America. They would have no money for any wars.

      • Hildegard says:

        Thanks Jean. You said “Pravda made the statement in Russian, and it was picked up and translated.” but I find no link to this statement and if it’s been scrubbed then no archive of it. But I suppose it’s a moot point.. Let us pray that it’s true and it does happen.

  8. Rabbi Dov Zakheim’s connections to a company that manufactured and installed remote flight control systems for Boeing combined with his membership of PNAC and oversight of missing $2.3 trillion leads many to conclude that the planes were specially designed drones–electronically steered to their targets. A couple of trillion dollars would be sufficient to produce special planes that could penetrate (hardened nose and leading edges of wings) and cause maximum damage.

    In many debates I’ve had with Fetzer, he avoids addressing the above ‘special planes’ scenario.

    • Jean says:

      Well, the truth is going to come out. . . and the sooner the better. I’m now understanding finally that this is the real key to bring down these criminals. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  9. libra says:

    These days and times pretty well demand of us to think in terms of “What IF EVERYTHING we were ever taught is a LIE” ……….. time for a entirely different level of learning, time to listen with the heart, and see with new eyes.

    • Jean says:

      Yup! I’m still getting hit with new info 🙂 What did the indigenous say? Be prepared to turn rapidly and go in another direction – but it’s wise to know that only you can decide if this is what you should do 🙂 . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Didn’t Rebekah say the planes landed elsewhere and that folks were forced to read messages over their cell phones to their loved ones? How does this fit with planes hitting buildings in NYC? Hugs, ~Jean

      • Greater Arcana says:

        Funny thing. I used to work on Frasier and David Angell, one of the creators, was reported as being on Flight 11 (first plane to hit trade center). I found it interesting that his brother was some sort of high-ranking Catholic something or other, and remained so even after poor handling of sex abuse cases.


        Something’s fishy with it all and I still think David Angell is on some tropical island somewhere, especially when he himself seemed to reach Television success out of nowhere and not move up the ranks of production like others. Also, working for the pentagon during his army stint is stinky.


  10. Captain says:

    There seems to be some broad interpretaions of this story.
    What the reality may be is that smaller aircraft, masked to look like the commercial aircraft, were used for hitting the towers; BUT for the News Reports, the films, or some of the films, may have been doctored to show the commercial sized planes.
    There were reports of that possiblility at the time, and the queston was then: Where were the real planes and what happened to the actual passengers. Some reports speculated they were taken to underground facilities, to never see the surface again. Only once the full Shub and Silverstein gangs are behind bars, maybe we will find out.
    Certainly there are those in the military and Congress and House who know the truth also, but have failed to step up. ( Think of all the 1000s that work for NSA that knew what Snowden discoverd, but only he stepped up.)

    • Jean says:

      Captain, there is no need to make assumptions here. I do believe the videos and info I have provided here give us a pretty complete picture of how it was all done. . . to us!!! Please let me know if I am wrong. It is a couple years since I have watched them . . . Hugs, ~Jean

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