Mysterious Artifacts From Moon Discovered in Neil Armstrong’s Closet / Sputnik International

Haven’t I read that the moon landing was actually staged? I’m confused. Did they actually get there, but the landing wasn’t ‘for real’? ~J


Ekaterina Blinova – Priceless artifacts brought by Neil Armstrong from his legendary Moon mission have been discovered by the astronaut’s widow in one of his closets.

After Neil Armstrong’s death in 2012, his widow Carol Armstrong accidentally found a strange bag made of white cloth in one of his closets. When she opened it she saw several very unusual items. Puzzled by the discovery, Carol immediately wrote an e-mail to Dr. Allan Needell, who worked at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum as a curator of the Apollo collection and sent him photographs of the mysterious objects.

Taking a look at the photos the scientists immediately realized that the bag and its content could be priceless artifacts related to Neil Armstrong’s epic Apollo 11 mission. The bag made of white cloth was a “purse,” used by astronauts in their space missions. After further scrupulous research it was found out that the purse and the items were hardware from the Lunar Module Eagle carried to the Moon during the historic journey. Since the artifacts are among the very few brought by the astronaut back to Earth, specialists stressed that the discovery made by Carol Armstrong is of exceptional historic value.

The most valuable object is the 16mm camera with its 10mm lens that recorded Neil’s Armstrong first step on the lunar surface when he said his famous worlds: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The camera was mounted behind the window of the Lunar Module Eagle and was used to film the historic landing as well as Neil Armstrong’s and Buzz Aldrin’s activities on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite including the planting of the US flag.

Experts thanked Neil Armstrong’s family for the priceless discovery. The objects are currently on loan at the National Air and Space Museum.

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7 Responses to Mysterious Artifacts From Moon Discovered in Neil Armstrong’s Closet / Sputnik International

  1. pat says:

    this story of Armstrong’s widow finding this in the closet is PURE BALONEY–brought to us by our corporate government psyops people. I recall space moon rocks being filched by some people i knew personally who were geologists working on them at the time…it was a HUGE scandal. This is just NO WAY real. Now what is the reason for this fable now? I am SO wanting this all to blow so the truth can be revealed without loved ones or selves being ofted. It is SO amazing how this nonsense has gone on for SO LONG. Time for a reset on just SO MANY LEVELS…and to a higher frequency. All these lies, lies, and damn lies are just so LAST YEAR!

  2. NancyC/Seattle says:

    I think this link is well researched and credible. “How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings”.

  3. So we found a “bag” with “goodies” in it, and that proves what?

    Oh, it came from the moon. Are you sure? Look closer,
    isn’t that an ancient artifact from Atlantis?

    Perhaps this “bag of goodies” has been many places.

    Seed it . . .

    Plant it . . .

    And they will believe.

    The problem with going around the mulberry Bush
    too many times: You Can’t Make Silk That Way!

    Jai Gurudev,

  4. Andrew says:

    I understand that. I just happened to study this about a month ago. The information was fresh on my mind.I had to find the video. Fortunately it is still on You Tube. I am glad it helped ^_^

  5. WJ says:

    Oh yea just imagine after all these years, this is first time she looked into ‘his’ closet. Did they live together, or what? Maybe in separate quarters . . . hmmmmm, and how would he have been able to smuggle these articacts out following the landing without anyone noticing?

  6. Andrew says:


    If anyone researches radio communication they would realize how impossible the moon landing was. In fact I do not think we could really leave the upper atmosphere. We have a lot of speculation about the moon in the conspiracy network. Let me explain something many do not understand. The moon landing was a video production done in Hollywood. There is even a video of Rumsfeld and Kissinger admitting that the moon landing was filmed:

    This has six parts but they fully admit they had to film the landing due to the impossibility of radiation and light on the moon. They do not say that we did not go but it is highly hinted. The Van Allen belt also causes other problems. The radiation is impossible for us to travel through. The Mars rover has to be a fraud as well. It is impossible for the radio to go through the radiation and much less through it’s atmosphere as well. NASA is only a theater and has been funded merely through Hollywood. We need to understand this!
    Another problem is the false information on how far the moon is from us. I will not explain everything but just make some useful insight here. If the moon was really hundreds of miles away, why is it that we can see the moon through binoculars that only have 30 times zoom features? The moon is supposed to be really far and so much smaller than the earth. We would not see it so close and especially with the necked eye. Crrow777 has some excellent footage of the moon and has been observing it now for a long time. I suggest you take a look at his videos. He will reply as well.

    I hope this helps


    • Jean says:

      Yes, it helps a great deal, Andrew. I have a lot of very general information in my head, but it has proved impossible to store the specifics. Thanks so much for this!!! Hugs, ~Jean

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