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President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, left, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President François Hollande of France and President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine during peace talks on Wednesday in Minsk, where a new cease-fire was announced.

NY Times: Ukraine’s Latest Peace Plan Inspires Hope and Doubts

After marathon negotiations, the leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine announced a new cease-fire and a deal to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

This circle-jerk in Minsk, Belarus is real high-level grease-ball Mafia stuff. All of the participants, including Putin and Porky Poroshenko, know that it’s a sick, twisted game that is every bit as phony as the never-ending soap opera known as “The Middle East Peace Talks”. But because “public opinion” is an important element of any war, the leaders of France, Germany and Ukraine (all acting under direct orders of the Zionist-Globalist U.S.) and Putin himself all have to show just how hard they are trying to achieve peace before the real war begins. At which time, Russia will rightly blame the West; and the West will falsely accuse “the new Hitler” of breaking the peace.
 How does Putin stand the smell of these vile creatures? Is it me; or does the frumpy fashionless Merkel bear a striking resemblance to another famous monster from Germany?


The cease-fire / peace just agreed to may not even last for a week, and certainly not for a whole month. The question is only one of who it is that will ultimately be blamed for breaking the peace. The fuuny part about this article is that it clearly telegraphs to the discerning reader that we should expect this deal to fail.
The opening line:
“The coming days will provide a quick, tangible test of whether a new peace agreement announced Thursday will prove any more effective in calming the nearly year-old war in Ukraine than a similar cease-fire last September that was widely ignored.”
Followed later on by more pessimism:
“Minsk II raises tough questions and leaves difficult issues for later,” said Steven Pifer, a former American ambassador to Ukraine. “It is a fragile arrangement, requiring good faith and follow-through from parties that have shown little of that in the past.”
And finally, splashes of ice-cold water from the equally ice-cold, childless, puppet-bitch, feminist female leaders of Germany and Lithuania. Note this description of the peace from manly Marxist Merkel of Germany:
“a glimmer of hope, but of course words must be matched by deeds. There are a lot of possibilities that there may be difficulties on the ground.”
Dalia Grybauskaite, the loony Lithuanian:
“There is no agreement on border control at all, and this is the weakest part. It’s a very partial solution. We already had a very bad experience of not implementing Minsk 1. We’ll see what Minsk 2 will mean.”

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3 Responses to Tomato Bubble: THE MINSK PEACE DEAL IS CLEARLY A SET-UP

  1. The real terrorists elude being labeled. The most politically correct term, ‘zionists’, is helpful–yet, has a connotation of attacking Jews … thus ‘anti-semitic’. Let’s see the name game for what it is … a game of deception.

    Does anyone here at 2012 think Putin shot down MH-17? Does anyone here think Putin somehow deceived/wrangled/intimidated the so-called ‘separatists’ (eastern Ukraine human beings who have a Russian heritage) into voting over 90% to join Russia? Does anyone here at 2012 think Putin has placed soldiers into Ukraine to support the east Ukraine freedom fighters? I prefer ‘freedom fighters’ to ‘separatists’. Who makes these labels?

    In the photo above are three lapdogs for radical Israeli (Rothschild) zionism. Putin is a man’s man … a man of principle–not a sell-out.

    ultranationalist = Nazis Let’s not beat around the bush. The ‘neo-nazis’ in Kiev fomented a rebellion/coup–ousting a democratically elected president into exile.

    The neo-nazis allowed a zionist, “Yats” to be installed as interim president. What is this craziness … nazis aligned with Jews? The answer to that will clarify what happened in pre- and post- WWII Germany. Study the Transfer Agreement and look who the key parties were to the creation of Israel.

    It take more than a passing study to know the players. What will get you there quickest is in knowing who were behind the plans, execution and cover-up of 9-11. It isn’t the Irish.

    • erdoshk says:

      Dear Rediscover911com,
      I agree with you. Putin is being portrayed as being the bad guy. He is not. We were in Crimea, Odessa and parts of Russia along Black sea almost 2 years ago. We walked in the streets and talked with people. We have only witnessed PEACE & HARMONY there. In fact some people were dancing along the Black Sea with anyone who wants to dance. Sadly “western media and parasitic cabal” are trying to create war there too. No more war…. I remove all my consent to their un-natural plans. We need to unite with our brothers and sisters to bring heaven on earth by removing our consent to these parasitic cabal and their un-natural plans. We are all ONE..
      I do not consent to or support war in Ukraine and anywhere in the world. Hugs

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