Zerohedge: USGS Reports 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake In Russia Near Ukraine Border, Then Retracts It Blaming “Mislocation”

Thinking out loud: You have to wonder if this wasn’t some sort of a false flag ‘blast’ that didn’t work properly, so they had to retract the earthquake statement . . . ~J

02/13/2015 – 15:51

Something surprising happened about an hour ago: at 2:15 pm, the USGS reported that a major 6.8 Magnitude earthquake had taken place in Russian territory, 16 kilometers WNW of Klintsy, in a location that is close to the Russian border with both Belarus and Ukraine.

Reuters was quick to report the earthquake:


This is where the USGS noted the major earthquake took place:

And the notification of the quake in question:


What is curious is that some 20 minutes later, the USGS decided that no quake had actually taken place. In fact not only was the earthquake promptly scrubbed from the USGS website

… but the link we had sent out as notification of the earthquake:

is now a dead end (link here).

What happened? Was this merely the latest fat finger “glitch”, one that may or may not have shaken the ground, or was it simply seasonally-adjusted away, like all those Texas job losses? Here is the official explanation:

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said on Friday there was no earthquake in western Russia after earlier reporting on its website a magnitude 6.8 near the border with Belarus.

USGS Geophysicist Paul Caruso said the agency’s sensorsmislocated an earthquake that was taking place elsewhere. The Russia earthquake appeared on the USGS website while a series of strong temblors were taking place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, some 700 miles (1,100 km) south of Greenland

So just like a NBC news anchor can “misremember” critical events over a period of many years, so the USGS can now “mislocate” an entire earthquake?

And while the quake or whatever the “mislocated” event may or may not have taken place, we now eagerly await for the BLS and BEA to “misfabricate” US economic data next as the deluge of bad economic news in the coming months courtesy of the shale bust finally reveals the real state of the US economy, forcing the various US economic departments to misadjust the latest recovery euphoria, andΒ miscrush any hopes of a summer rate hike by the Fed.

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10 Responses to Zerohedge: USGS Reports 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake In Russia Near Ukraine Border, Then Retracts It Blaming “Mislocation”

  1. Ken Harris says:

    Walking Turtle you state exactly my thought when I first started reading this post. No news is not always good news. However, in this electronic age someone would have felt something and informed someone else, who would have told another, and so on…….unless there was a serious EMP involved………Perhaps it is a distraction to keep us conspiracy theorists diverted from something really important…….like 911 info being released…….:-)

    • Jean says:

      Ken, my thought was that an ‘event’ was planned, but the staging didn’t go well . . . so the false info had to quickly be withdrawn from the web. . . paranoid? Maybe, but I think we have good reason to be. . . πŸ™‚ HUgs, ~Jean

      • Ken Harris says:

        You know Jean, from the perspective you describe, that very well could be the case. All to often, the publicists and the operators get out of sync, or act to soon. A friend of mine in Ukraine has been stating that Russia gave an ultimatum ” either peace or nukes”. I attributed his belief to an excessive exposure to Kiev Propaganda. But now, you have me wondering if there could be a false flag event planned to swing the “anti-war Russia Lovers” into Russia Haters. ….or…..Could the false flag be designed as a warning to Belarus & Russia over the new Minsk Protocol. The fun thing about this is there is never a dull moment. It’s a fantastic exercise in international relations. Get some sleep, you look tired.

  2. paleohippy says:

    At least one person with a cell phone would report an earthquake to somebody… I am getting dead air. Time to ask Lada.

  3. Ri-chard says:

    What happened? A False Flag Nuke didn’t detonate?

  4. Mike M. says:

    Maybe it just got Brian Williamsed………………………

  5. Well well well. TWO tactical nuke blasts indie-reported thus far by local Donetsk’s folk, neither of which got a murmer of coverage from US media. Now THIS…. I schmell a BIGGER NUKE.

    Just a hunch. A feeling in me bones. A Hiroshima baby just might sense such things when Real Quiet Inside, where it counts. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

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