Rare Amateur 9 11 Footage with audio NOT SHOW ON TV

Published on Feb 13, 2015
Thanks to D. 

 – one that seems to be hard to find on the net… share & like, make backups !
This footage starts shortly after the planes supposedly hit the buildings. The filmographer captures all 3 buildings collapse across the Hudson.

What makes this footage unique is there are no political or whodunit overtones. There are not conspiracies injected into the story. You have a good view with solid audio from a guy standing on a pier surrounded by loved ones trapped in the buildings.

They stop the film now and again to get the thoughts of the filmographer as he was filming. It is heart wrenching to hear the common sense type statements normal people should have been asking themselves and our representatives about this event.

This is a MUST see. It was not aired on any network news program. It contains lots of bomb detonation sounds and smoke..

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11 Responses to Rare Amateur 9 11 Footage with audio NOT SHOW ON TV

  1. Ilex says:

    I spoke to Walter Burien about 2-3 years ago and I believe he was a trader on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) on what ever floor of WTC1. I think he said that the asbestos lined all the walls and there had been a court ruling that ALL asbestos needed to be removed or the usual fines/penalties/fees, etc. How much would it have really cost to redo two 110 story buildings?
    Then of course you get into the normal conversation of the falling buildings which may have had gold under them. The loss of liberties in the Patriot Act, etc. Was there ever mention of the asbestos having to be removed post 911?

  2. WJ says:

    Now that is what is meant by a ‘smoking gun’ !!! What more could one possibly require in the way of evidence than this excellent video report to obtain convictions? So let’s start with the indictments and put on notice every Sheriff failing to arrest, that he personally becomes liable to the same offence if he refused to act.

  3. A much better documentary (as EYEWITNESS is tedious/boring) which pointedly exposes pre-planned demolition is 911MYSTERIES.

    The maker of 911MYSTERIES used 30 seconds of the Siegel video. Siegel sued and profited in an out of court settlement that also involved destroying the remaining inventory of 911MYSTERIES. http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20091005.html The maker of 9/11 EYEWITNESS is Rick Siegel–alleged to be the nephew of Las Vegas mob figure Bugsy Siegel. The Siegels aren’t Irish.

    Another non-Irish 9-11 ‘truth’ activist is Jon Gold who has been a central figure of 911blogger and 911truth.org among other theatrical activism exposures to gain notoriety and bring ‘the truth’ to the public eye. Gold was interesting in that for some time he disputed controlled demolition of Building 7.

    READ THE SHORT ARTICLE AT proliberty.com linked above!

    Personally, I would not promote 9/11 EYEWITNESS. Instead, I would encourage people to watch 911MYSTERIES which Siegel stopped the distribution of.

    • WJ says:

      John Gold was right in disputing that the buildings had been brought down by controlled demolition. Only the outer walls were brought down in this manner. Unknown to the public the inside of the building had been gutted and pulverized to dust by either a nuclear device or a direct energy weapon. It was not smoke that people saw coming from the buildings, but the remains of all that had been inside. Then they had to bring down the outer walls because they would never be able to explain what had happened to the inside without exposing and incriminating themselves. Hence the pre-planned controlled demolition of the outer walls.

      • In all my reading at 911Blogger, Gold never distinguished that the outer walls along were rigged for controlled demolition, nor did he state that only the outer walls were rigged for demolition.

        If the outer walls were rigged–as you suggest–it is still pre-planned demolition. Jon Gold disputed controlled demolition had occurred, and vehemently opposed those who presented evidence of controlled demolition.

        What is your connection to Jon Gold?

  4. Hildegard says:

    Speaking of our lives being shat upon:
    Battle for Neutrality (with internet countdown to FCC vote)

  5. maja says:

    This was really hard to watch and it really took me back… This was my vantage point exactly I was also on that pier and moved to the second pier when the cops evacuated the first one after the first building fell.

    Along with all the other videos you posted about 911 recently, it made me remember something which may or may not be of importance… I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but the night before I was heading from Hoboken to a party in Manhattan around 10p.m. While waiting for the path train at the station a young man started talking to me (its completely normal to start up random conversations with random passers-by in nyc.) He told me he was working on the new spiderman movie and he was heading to the WTC – they were going to install a giant spider web high up spanning between the two towers as an advertisement for the film. He was very excited he thought it was the coolest thing ever, everyone was just going to be really surprised when they looked up at the wtc the next day.

    Obviously there was no spider web. Was it supposed to be a holographic spider web? I suppose he could have been making it up, but that seems like a really strange thing to lie about to a random passerby – he wasn’t hitting on me, didn’t ask for my number or anything. I always thought that was an odd/random coincidence but it wasn’t until just now that I realized that if true, it meant that some people had clearance to go in with some heavy equipment and install things (right around the impact zone) late the night before.

  6. Ilex says:

    Jean, I just picked this up on T
    Mr Putin now has his own Twitter account (not really but……ya know.)

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