Montague Keen, Sunday – ‘DO NOT CONSENT’ ~J, February 15, 2015

Please also note that Bradley Loves now has several posts up at his own blog. ~J

My friends, if you are reading my words, then you are sufficiently awake to understand what I ask of you. For the Cabal to have World War III, you must understand that they cannot do this without your permission. Your SILENCE is effectively giving them permission to proceed. You know that there is a force controlling your planet, and those in power answer to it. They would never get into those positions of power unless they agreed to serve only their controllers.

Many of you have lived your lives without having to experience war and the devastation caused by it. You have recently seen evidence of the total destruction of Dresden and the slaughter of its people. This is but one example which is fresh in your minds. Many cities, all over Europe, were destroyed. Do you really want to live through such destruction, or wish it on others?

I DO NOT CONSENT, should be your mantra, every waking moment of your lives. The Cabal cannot instigate war without your consent. Talk with everyone you come into contact with, about giving consent. You might be amazed to see just how powerful you are, when you see the attempts to start a war, FAIL. When you have been successful with the prevention of a World War, then move on to the next one.

I DO NOT CONSENT TO CHEMTRAILS. Follow this one with I DO NOT CONSENT TO FLOURIDE; VACCINATIONS; DRUG-BASED MEDICINE; GM CROPS. By using your minds, you can change your lives and your world. You have the power.

Education and medication have been used against you. Look around you; some of the most powerful opponents of the Cabal did not have an education. So their minds are not controlled. David Icke left school at 15 years of age, so he could still see clearly what was happening. He could not understand why others could not see what he was seeing. David’s mind was unrestricted. The education system closes minds. So it takes more effort for many people to wake up. 1% of the population is holding your world to ransom. This does not make sense. You know who they are. Why are you giving them the okay to destroy humanity and Planet Earth? Is this what you really want?

I saw Veronica watching a video called HOLOGRAPHIC-DISCLOSURE [on Youtube as well as Jean Haine’s site, What’s the ‘real’ Truth? ]. Please take the time to watch it, and realise what has been done to take control of the human race. Humanity DID NOT AGREE TO THIS. It was achieved while you were asleep. Now that you are awake and aware, you can say, “NO, I DO NOT GIVE CONSENT TO YOUR PLANS FOR HUMANITY!” The 99% must stand together.

Here is an example of what is done to people when they wake up and take action. The IRISH GOVERNMENT is upholding the dictates of the Cabal. It is not supporting the Irish people. This is proof positive that politicians are not in office to serve you. Read the words of Charles Stewart Parnell. He believed in Ireland and he loved and respected the Irish people.

I say to the Irish people, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. The Vatican has hidden this information from you. Pope Adrian ensured that. You are a powerful race. Do not allow the banks to defraud you.

This also applies to Greece and all the other countries which are suffering at the hands of the banks. America has a lot to answer for, as it allowed the Federal Reserve to take over the printing of money in 1913, and the whole world has suffered as a result. There was no such thing as Income Tax before 1913. It is because of the Federal Reserve that you have to pay it. The revenue goes to them. This, too, has been kept hidden from you.

The time has come to abandon political parties. Vote only for those who have your best interests at heart. Do not fall, once again, for the false promises that you hear during every election. These promises are never kept. Stop being gullible sheep.

You know in your souls what you must do. You are on Earth to rescue the planet from those who do not belong on it. They want to rid the Earth of humanity, so that they can take over and live in their original state without having to adopt human bodies like you.

I ask again that you come together and say NO. Think about it, did you give permission for chemtrails, flouride, GM crops, vaccinations, and drug-based medicine? What else will you allow before you take action? Do you know that Mr Putin does not allow chemtrails, GM food, flouride, etc. in Russia? What does that tell you?

Cancer is a man-made disease. Your suffering and your fear are ENERGY to them. Prevent cancer by taking SODIUM BICARBONATE (Bicarbonate of Soda) with lemon juice and hot water, every day, and you will not get cancer. It is as simple as that. (I do it every day. My friend got rid of 5 tumors in 3 weeks using it with MMS.)

Keep away from hospitals. They believe in what they do, but they were lied to. You must take responsibility for your lives and defend yourselves. When you open your eyes, you realise just how much is stacked against you. But do not despair, as we are here to help you take back what is rightfully yours.

Repeat the following . . . I DO NOT GIVE CONSENT. Do this, over and over again, as you go through your day. Be prepared to be surprised.

Send love and light to all who need it, especially to the people of the Ukraine. If the Cabal gets its way, it could be you, tomorrow, as they will not stop at the Ukraine. You need to stand by the people of the Ukraine. Unite! Become Humanity United. Because you are awake, you can take an active part in what is happening. Use your minds, your thoughts, and your words, to SAY NO TO WAR. Be kind to each other, and help where help is needed. Together, you will create a world that is united in peace and harmony.

My love, life is not easy. It will not be much longer now before you begin to see the changes that are needed to remove the threat of war.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

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33 Responses to Montague Keen, Sunday – ‘DO NOT CONSENT’ ~J, February 15, 2015

  1. There have been some heartbreaking reports of young mothers dying of cancer, it was on my mind and Monty picked up on it. I take one third of a tea spoon of Bicarbonate of Soda twice a day with Lemon Juice and hot water, its very good for the skin also, I do not have wrinkles around my eyes, I am 77. Monty picks up on whatever is on my mind, we share a Soul so the bond cannot be broken. In bed at night he gives me information, he has done this since his passing. He has materialised many times, talked in his own voice , are all on tape, one or two are on my web site, he is very active.
    Just Google MMS and you will find it.

    • Debbie says:

      There have been several stories circulating about a man who is facing 37 years of prison time for selling MMS……..pretty much proves the ruling elite do not want the slaves to have access to it………so it must work.
      My mother is very old, lives in a small town in the mountains where the people have known each other for generations and I have been very impressed with the medical care she has been receiving which much to my surprise included her doctor putting her on a daily dose of sodium bicarbonate………….some doctors do know what is going on and quietly try to help their patients rather than kill them with Big Pharma poison.

      • Raine says:

        I wonder where you buy sodium bicarbonate……what is it exactly? I have a friend in stage 4 of breast cancer so I wonder if this can help at this stage….she had a round of chemo and they are telling her her blood work is good so far……but if this can help and I find out where to purchase it, I will send on the info….thanks….

    • Veronica,

      Do you take pharmaceutical products for your ailments?

  2. According to many spiritual teachers saying for example ‘I do not give consent to war’ for example simply concentrates the intention on war, so saying those mantras that way simply keep the problem there, in fact intensify it! I would have thought Veronica would have known that in her latest blog.

    • Debbie says:

      I am aware of this too…….our mantras should be repeated as a positive only – I Demand Peace………….rather than I do not give consent to war………..

  3. Alex says:

    Transfiguration by Lisa Renee
    This is psycho-spiritual crisis, or the Dark Night of the Soul. Now, we are being pushed to know things previously hidden from view and to see things as they are. This is the invitation to spiritual initiation for some, and for other initiates, it will mean going from the frying pan into the fire. As we see things as they really are, it forces us to make hard decisions and potentially, undergo many life altering changes. We have to be rid of attachments, or negative habits that we may have used as a coping mechanism. We clear that which became a crutch to keep us in denial, in fear of change, and create new liberating and healthy spiritual behaviors. This allows us to prepare the groundwork for the next levels of self-knowledge and for our future spiritual mission.

  4. krystal28 says:

    Does anyone know the link to Bradley Loves’ new blog, thanks

  5. Terry says:

    Thank you for all of the information you are sharing. Since so much of this is coming down to words, I have to comment on this. My understanding is that the universe does not recognize negatives. When someone says “I do not give consent” the universe hears “I do give consent”. IMHO it is more effective to say “I refuse consent” or “I withdraw consent”, or “I withhold consent”. Also “Say yes to peace!”
    Blessings and much love to all.

    • Light I AM says:

      As everything is VALID (ones consciousness/thought operating), it is worthy to consider that whenever one gives a COSMIC DIRECTION (not via the ego, but your Higher WILL in ACTION ), that there is NO ambiguity, EVER. Your INTENT is PRECISE.
      Remember that you are multi layered with 4 lower bodies (fallen consciousness, which is part of one’s being), it is the level beyond that, that you are working with/by/through (Christ/Buddha Consciousness) and for which you all have, it is part of ALL that YOU ARE (or to be Whole or Holy).
      The Physical, Emotional, Mental and Etheric/Memory are the 4 lower layers. …so,
      “Where your thoughts be …there you are”.
      There is NO NEED to dwell on the “lower” stuff (In the world, but not off it) …get it?
      You LIVE YOUR TRUTH with the upmost conviction. TRUTH being the essence of your BEING, in all your daily thinking/affairs/doings.
      Also keep in mind that in order to really have the POWER, that you own vibration needs to be high (higher the better/more effective) and as PURE as you can be ….i.e. you LIVE PURITY 24/7…then the support of the LINEAGE of Cosmic Consciousness vibrating higher above you WILL add momentum and POWER (you are NOT ALONE in this process, there is a Host of Support to make your WILL manifest. It is actually Cosmic WILL. You then become part of the BIG Cosmic Picture. “The FATHER and I are ONE”…get it?
      Here is a simple pictorial example that comes to mind of COMMANDING. I AM sure you can find some similar events in your own daily activities that have happened over the years gone by… (Study SELF and thought/cause/effect).
      In the movie “Night Shift” with Michael Keaton, who was running a “Call Girl Agency out of the City Morgue with Henry Winkler, you may recall this or even get the video.
      A Mastiff dog was chasing him down the corridor and Henry who was running away as fast as he could, he then stopped, turned around and whilst the Mastiff, snarling and showing teeth and saliva (a bit like Raptors) was bearing down on him, Henry with out-stretched arm, pointed his finger at the dog and said with determined gusto “Stop” (or something to that effect). The hound STOPPED DEAD IN HIS TRACKS and did an about turn as quick as he could and ran away in the opposite direction.
      Thus, it is to GIVE THE ORDER or invoke your WILL, deep from the very essence of your being that adds to the result you want.
      The following is a regular type of Command (an internal dialogue) I give in my various daily affairs (and I have nothing but time to do all this, even when doing multitasking with other people, sowing Cosmic Seeds) …
      You may choose to use the phrase “YOU HAVE NO POWER!” also. (or, even visualise VIOLET FIRE/FLAME)
      I cannot express that the moment I do make this statement (amongst others) that my WHOLE BEING becomes ELECTRIFIED, even as I AM typing this info for you it occurs.
      After you COMMAND, then sit/stand back and watch as the COSMOS starts to do its thing, because you “Put the Call Out”.
      …you have just COMMANDED!
      …simple, so simple that one thinks it is not so, but that is the indoctrination we have all been put through in this 3D world.
      Cosmic Law is simple ….”The Call Compels the Answer” – St Germaine.
      I AM your Servant!
      I AM Electrified!

      • Light I AM says:

        The WORD – OM

      • Light I AM says:

        Here is an example of how the COSMOS works when someone puts the call out and DIVINE intervention is required. The COSMOS is brilliant in bringing /exposing/binding discordant vibrations….no effort. The lower is ALWAYS subservient to the HIGHER (that you are).
        This is the same as to, “Hold the Pure Vision” ..You/we all are CO-CREATORS.
        This example is, albeit, somewhat simple, but serves to demonstrate the points I AM making.
        All you have to do is, put the call OUT, or, “The Call Compels the Answer!”
        “By the Fruit ye know the Tree”. Here shown is some crappy fruit from a crappy tree!
        No puns intended …but is very good timing and word usage…get it?
        ….this is how the Cosmos really works!
        Tony Abbott’s bizarre 28 second silence following “Shit Happens” comment

      • Light I AM says:

        And because I like to make a point as clear, humorous and as “SIMPLE” as possible … I AM thus able to refer you to this Insurance advert.
        With all this Ukrainian drama being played out…this ad is also appropriate!
        I AM also pointing out that earthly Insurance is also a CONSCIOUS LIMITING aspect of dwelling in the 3D world. suffice to say that the only insurance I have is COSMIC INSURANCE – thought! (It also gets a laugh when I use that phrase when conversing with others, particularly travel agents flogging travel insurance)
        The clincher in the ad is the last WORD in the Ad.
        Enjoy the humour and some of the subtle points in it.

    • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

      I have also read that. The idea behind affirmations is to use only positive words. Not, never, no are not recognized by the Universe. So ‘I withhold, or refuse’ would be more powerful. Maybe add ‘ I stand in the Light’ or ‘I serve only the Light’ something like that. I call it ‘piling on’, it couldn’t hurt. I like to visualize along with the affirmation, see Ukraine whole and peaceful, children playing,shops open, folks having coffee at cafes, whatever says harmonious life to you.

      • Helene says:

        There is false light (Lucifer) and true Holy Light from Divine Source. Be precise in the affirmations, and collect knowledge from the internet about the false light (the deception and lies of the fallen angels). Many people in New Age organizations are in fact working for the false light without knowing about it.

    • Blue says:

      Thank you for that, Terry. Your mail expresses my thoughts exactly and I have mentioned it to Bradley. I am awaiting his reply. Kindest regards. Blue

    • Helene says:

      Thank you Terry. I agree with you. This is VERY important!! I have said this on this blog several times. Use other words and sentences without negations. Never use the word NOT in any affirmation. It is better to say “STOP using floride in drinking water” or” I disagree to your plans”, or “I reject”, “I withdraw my consent” I am certain that
      Montague keen knows this, so I suspect that he actually is working against humanity. Controlled opposion?

  6. Blue says:

    Cancer is a man-made disease. Your suffering and your fear are ENERGY to them. Prevent cancer by taking SODIUM BICARBONATE (Bicarbonate of Soda) with lemon juice and hot water, every day, and you will not get cancer. It is as simple as that. (I do it every day. My friend got rid of 5 tumors in 3 weeks using it with MMS.)
    Surely this is Veronika, not Monty who is taking these precautions? Sometimes it is a bit confusing who said what, as the letter is signed by Monty.??

  7. Яåℓƒ says:

    Thankyou Veronica, Monty & many thanks to Jean for exposing + sharing important knowledge + information!

    What is important to remember, is to keep the body in an alkaline pH versus acidic state, as I understand it.

    愛 ✛ 光

    • Jean says:

      Yes, exactly! Acidic ‘breeds’ cancer – and you can see what they have done to our food — made it mostly acidic! . . . and water (remember the time of ‘acid rain’?) Hugs, ~Jean

  8. usnveteran says:

    The next United States war is on the ‘home-front’, not ‘over-there-somewhere’… :

    Obama To Use DHS For Lightening Strikes On American Dissidents – No Declaration Of ‘Martial Law’ But Affirmation Of ‘Continuity Of Government’:

  9. Susan says:

    Please note this statement: “Your suffering and your fear are ENERGY to them. Prevent cancer by taking BAKING SODA (baking powder) with lemon juice and hot water, every day, and you will not get cancer. It is as simple as that. (I do it every day. My friend got rid of 5 tumors in 3 weeks using it with MMS.)”
    Bicarbonate of Soda is baking soda, not baking powder! Important difference!
    Veronica, how much? I have read 1/2 lemon to 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 cup of hot water, correct?
    What is MMS?
    Thanks so much! xxoo

    • erdoshk says:

      Susan, You are correct Sodium Bicarbonate (ie. Bicarbonate soda) is the correct one. Baking soda has aluminium in it and it is not healthy. Sodium Bicarbonate and lemon juice make our body alkaline. Cancer tends to grow in acidic environment. I have been taking this for years every morning before breakfast. It works…
      Sadly baking soda is used in our flours!!! Sour dough bread my be better option.

      Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) by Jim Humble. It is basically Sodium Clorite (NaClO2).
      Please google Jim Humble. He has been doing wonderful healing in Africa etc.

      • Jean says:

        Should I be changing the blog post? I think so . . .

        . . . and I can tell you that MMS works! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Linda says:

        Not all baking soda has aluminum in it. Supposedly Arm & Hammer doesn’t, tho’ that’s not the one I buy. Unfortunately, I’m out of town and can’t check to see which one I buy that doesn’t have aluminum. BTW – baking soda makes an excellent deodorant.

  10. erdoshk says:

    Dearest JEAN, you are so precious. I am thankful and grateful to you, Montague and Veronica. I do not consent to parasitic cabal’s plans.

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