Schumann’s Resonance – The Frequency of Life: Bamboo-Water

I have just finished watching this; it is only 10 minutes.
I very deeply, and very strongly recommend that people
watch this.

Schumann’s Resonance – The Frequency of Life

Here are a few key points which I picked up on:

+ Schumann Resonance was identified to be 7.83 Hertz, the pulse of Mother Earth

+ Further experiments identified the pulse of Alpha Waves in the human brain
to be exactly 7.83 Hertz

+ The Pulse of Mother Earth had become the Pulse of Life Itself

+ Later on, in more experiments, it was found that if the
Schumann Resonance is “filtered out” (by being underground
for instance), then humans physical and mental health suffers.

+ Later on, 2011, in more experiments, Schumann Resonance
could be connected to the Beginnings of Life Itself.

+ DNA sequences were found to communicate with each other
in water by emitting Low Frequency Radio Waves.

+ Up until then, Life was Always Created from Life

+ Now, from these experiments in 2011, it was found
that Life Could be Created from Non-Life! But How?

+ There was a frequency–7.83 Hertz

+ When removed, DNA could not communicate, and No
Life could be created.

+ But when the frequency–7.83 Hertz was present, the
DNA could communicate–And Life could be Created
from Non-Life.

+ A delicate relationship had been established between Life
and the Frequency of the Mother Earth: An interaction
between Living Organisms and Electro-Magnetic Frequencies.
A reliance, a bond.

So, are you still wondering why the Cabal is mucking about with
Schumann Resonance

Are you beginning to wonder about all the Electro-Magnetic
Frequencies, wi-fi, cell towers, cell phones . . . :

and what they may be doing to Schumann Resonance . . .
and what they may be doing to Life on this Planet . . .
and what they may be doing to you . . .

Jai Gurudev,

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6 Responses to Schumann’s Resonance – The Frequency of Life: Bamboo-Water

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  3. JB says:

    ORGONE = a real solution (and they know it, btw).

    I would post some links but I don’t want anyone to think I am pushing a product for my own profit, so please do the research.

  4. mary says:

    In my readings over the years, one that stayed with me, was in the Neruda Interviews, from Wingmakes..which was stated that the enslavers of us did not pay as much attention to humans interaction with earths magnetic field, as they should have, they were too busy programming and all. And that humans are very much connected to the fields, Which to me is our connection to Mother Gaia and one got the impression that our freedom was in this connection. I believe this was mentioned in the fifth interview. Since then I have begun to realize why the cell towers ,phones, wifi phones, meters etc.. They have to keep those frequencies low.
    taught to me one time was in meditation to visualize a pole (magnetic) to the center of earth and out the top of the head to the Universe, and one pole horizontally through our heart, as these poles connect also to the magnetic field around us. so we visualize our connection to earth, universe and each other. Its all about the frequencies, and I would bet this is also one reason for the chem-trails. oh the deceit, but we will rise to freedom..

  5. veraiconica says:

    Bamboo-Water! Thank you for this great post. The Electro-Magnetic Frequencies for sure are destroying the Schumann Resonance on our planet. This will greatly affect our immune system and our over all health. A good protection against would be walking barefoot on the beach and being out in nature, as much as time permits. If we are not able to do that, a grounding mat and other grounding devices would help us greatly, to stay healthy. Veraiconica

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