Published on Feb 13, 2015
Thanks to several readers.

I was not planning to do a video today since I will be recording with Aristo a bit later; and I already recorded a video with the Ambassador’s team in the latter part of yesterday afternoon. This will go up as an extra video, which is being made because of guidance being received in meditation. I have not consulted with anyone else in regard to this, including the Ambassador, who, by the way, does not tell me what to say or not say. If he tried to control me as others have done, I would not consider him a friend. Mr. Keenan, I’m not afraid of truth; but I do despise false allegations. Jesus was correct when he said, “They shall say all manner of evil against you falsely.” Was he referring to the leaders of this present evil world, the cabal? That is their tactic, sir, not one used by those who claim to be working for the liberation of humanity, which I thought was your claim. It makes me wonder whose side you are really on during this challenging time. {The date on the title page is wrong.}

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  1. While I’ve never cared for Ron, I do appreciate his admissions to his mistakes and his attempts at seeking truth. After all, we’ve all been misled for all of our lives and we all seek the truth. When it comes down to it, the TRUTH is what will set us all free. No matter how much we try to imagine a better world, there is but one truth and it is key to our freedom and moving forward.

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