Published on Nov 1, 2014


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  1. Hegelian says:

    What an articulate speech. Concise and to the point. It is beautiful to watch the panel have to choose between pulling their head out of their sphincter or jumping until they disappeared. Todays politicians have chosen the position for the money, prestige and pension. It is only now, in this century, when they will have to endure the curse that the position brings. The pressure from above to maintain the status quo or suffer the consequences of the public wrath. You only have to look 50 years back to realize any politician today could wind up like Mussolini, hanging by his heels in some court yard.

  2. james boober says:

    dunblane massacre jimmy savile etc etc etc
    and the whole colluded noodle strike force and obfuscation crews
    are finally being called to pay the piper

    JUSTICE in the sands of time
    our prayers answered SEEMS SOMEHOW too long OVERDUE
    but this is the event?!**/88**????
    and do we appear to have lift off………..^^^…………
    at the very least the lid rattling on the kettle on the pot boiling rapidly over the stove whilst calling the frying pan black can only serve to fan the flambe
    on this mushroom cloud

    remember the pressure cooker…….we just be lettin the steam out gently

    keep doing our grid work

    lift every aching breaking shocked and revolted heart/mind finally receiving justice the
    in a universal (hugs) grid

    ….along with all the rest of us that must witness this revealing….remember …. we have each
    others back with this grid work – without even needing to leave the safety of our own chair
    thanks to jean veronica monty et al this is a Delightfull exercise of humanities collective truth
    and destiny

  3. bewareofserco says:

    On the subject of child abuse, The story of Alisa and her brother Gabriel has already been featured on this blog but this article has a petition which the organiser plans to send to UK Home Secretary Theresa May and it would be great if people from outside of the UK would be willing to sign it. I believe that a big response would let the UK’s corrupt establishment know that the eyes of the world are upon them regarding this disturbing matter.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the establishment would like to make these two children “disappear” because of the seriousness of their claims and allegations (which I believe require an investigation which the police are apparently unwilling to undertake).

  4. My heart burst open as I heard this man speak. How dare the leaderships of the church and government continue their charade against children. A human begins life as a child. If that child is brutally treated and then must justify before a corrupt group of adults, how then can this child mature and no the difference between truth and lies, when battered into submission because he IS telling the truth. This is outrages behavior by the clergy and barristers. Everyone on that panel needs to immediately call for changes. To continue harassing these humans is pouring salt into a wound that will never heal. Where is the LOVE these children/souls were promised when volunteering to come here? It sickens me that the very persons who wear their religious frocks are able to abuse little children and are protected by yet the corrupt court system. If only ONE child was damaged, that was one too much. ~c

    • Jean says:

      Cladon. I can tell you that it is the worst invasion of a sovereign human being that can be committed!!!! It has taken me 20 years to recover from it. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Anisha says:

        It took me 52 years since I was 7 and the panic attacks I used to go through at night have finally subsided these past several years but those feelings and visions of it still crop up from time to time…

        Something significant I have noticed about ‘survivors’ of such torture, (if they survive at all), is that Great Mystery, by the grace of its very wisdom, at times, replaces what was stolen by violence with some pretty astute ‘gifts’ that may not have developed otherwise…just an observation.

        Degenerative sexual torture of children and minors AND young adults too, has got to be THE #1 worst ever symptoms of a very, very sick and terminally ill society…always keeping in mind that the main characteristics of a ‘parasitical entity’ will always appear when it feels its own life force energy dying away and it must constantly seek out new hosts…

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