Bradley Loves leaves a comment on Alfred Webre’s recent post on pedophilia!

Bradley is referencing this post:

I can’t tell you how much this one case is bothering me! After watching the video of the two children – I feel as if I know them! They are precious and I can’t imagine them being treated in this manner. Sadly – what many people are STILL NOT AWARE OF is that “child sex” is one of the main driving forces behind the ALIEN TAKEOVER AGENDA!

For there to be a cover-up and such a complete and total glossing over of this issue by the “authorities” only goes to prove beyond doubt that this is not a small issue BUT ONE THAT GOES TO THE HIGHEST LEVELS.

This group has members (wealthy members) who live in and around Hampstead who not only own businesses – but they have access to all levels of government and institutions. They own McDonalds – Starbucks – and run other shops and businesses. A church – and it’s pastor are involved as well as the head mistress of an elementary school are involved! Cafcass (and child protective services) are involved! The police – the judges – the lawyers – the ministers who oversee them are ALL INVOLVED FOR THIS TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE!

Babies are being bought and then ritually sacrificed on film – so that these private rituals can be sold to those who want to watch! Naked children are tortured – beaten and kicked on their genitals so that those videos also can be sold to those who want to watch!
I am SOOOO fed up at this point with the spiritual community at large – because instead of being outraged that this kind of thing happens – there is STILL the lame – lame excuse being circulated that KARMA must be involved – and that we need to send love to the perpetrators because they are just misguided.

These people – those that are doing this – have literally “signed up” of their own free will with the DRACO – Anunnaki Global take over plan! It is the “off worlders” who push this type of behaviour BECAUSE THEY FEED OFF OF IT! It is food to them. Those involved in these dark rituals have to know at some level what they are involved in.

Once a person signs up with the dark agenda – that moment is when they have turned their back on humanity – their own species! Their souls at THAT POINT are lost!
Call a spade a spade and realize that these ones ARE NOT SALVAGEABLE in my opinion.
For the “promise” of the glory of the dark lords and darks angels of the Draco – these people have chosen, yes chosen to be part of the conquering global elite!

No matter how many times it gets said, or no matter how many articles come out about the OFF WORLD INTERFERANCE and their agenda – people “forget” this part almost immediately after they read it! It’s almost as if global amnesia is being placed into the drinking water or something.

I find it fascinating — the level of total DISCONNECT that humans are now having about their world and their reality. I cannot say for sure – because MIND CONTROL is so very prevalent almost everywhere as a result of propagated waves and frequencies – but I have watched the NEW AGE community for many, many years – and IF I were to make an educated guess (an opinion) I would say that it has been the channeling community (not all, but some) that has placed way too many dangerous and fictional ideas into the mass mind that allows stuff like this to continue to happen!

The most pertinent fake idea is that we “have all done dark or bad things” and therefore have no right to “judge” others for their bad or dark deeds!

Well if that is the case – then ANY CRIME CAN AND WILL BE COMMITTED ON EARTH while the good people who could do something about it sit idly on their hands.

Waking up is NOT WHAT PEOPLE THINK – in my opinion.

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28 Responses to Bradley Loves leaves a comment on Alfred Webre’s recent post on pedophilia!

  1. sobeit says:



  2. John says:

    I would like to make a comment about the widespread misunderstanding of the law/theory of karma. I read commentators who it seems have never studied karma themselves commenting wrongly on others’ misunderstandings. This is what can happen when a concept is lifted out of its context without having properly understood it. I can comment with some authority at least about Buddhism, since I was a Buddhist monk for ten years, and have listened to probably thousands of hours of teachings by Tibetan Buddhist teachers schooled in a still living tradition.
    YES it is taught that when negative things happen to people it is a result of their past and even present negative motivations and intentions, whether or not they are manifested in speech or action. Intentions and actions redound upon their agent in time.
    NO it is NEVER taught that the correct response is to vilify those people, or to fail to act to help them. The correct response is compassion. Even in they did negative things, that doesn’t mean you don’t act. If you fail to act that is your apathy or negativity, not theirs. And compassion can include punishment: it must be combined with wisdom and skill in methods.
    FURTHERMORE there is no such thing as a permanently negative or “damned” “soul”. Nothing is fixed or permanent. This is a fundamental tenet of Buddhism. However heavy negative actions can result in, yes, aeons of suffering as a result before the person can start to recover.
    Karma is the only idea I have come cross that can account for why it seems that good things happen to bad people and vice versa. People who are being bad now may still have good karmic imprints from the past and vice versa. Anyone who is in the habit of honestly observing their motivations can see they are often mixed even in doing a single act. And if you believe in a creator, don’t you think it would have been an elegant solution to write this software into the matrix?
    If you read this far then thank you and I hope it was useful.

  3. Marilyn says:

    May I thank Gary for suggesting a concrete way to “DO” something. Bradley, please take note – to get people involved in bringing solutions forward, we need to find ways of “showing” that we do not consent. My thanks too for bloggers like Jean who take the time and trouble to stay on top of this subject.
    Here’s a reminder of the petition link, as suggested:

  4. JB says:


    So when we turn our back on those in desperate need we are allowing evil to perpetuate. – Thus creating karma for ourselves. Like it or not, we ARE our brothers’ keepers. …How much more the keepers of innocent children!

    The cabal are master chess players – they’ve lulled fundamentalist Christians into submission, as they believe the NWO is an inevitable part of the plan that will lead to the return of their savior. (Notice how they neutralized the revolutionary spirit of the messiah by editing the story, so that Jesus supposedly said “turn the other check” and “render unto Caesar…” = HOW CONVENIENT and HOW CONTRADICTORY coming from the person who was charged with leading a physical revolt against the repressive Roman occupation [according to Jewish scripture interpretation and tradition]. Ironically, according to the New Testament, the man himself said “Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace to the earth! I came not to bring peace, but a sword….” . – So clearly he saw himself as a catalyst for societal change – having the courage to stand up to the HYPOCRITES IN HIGH SPIRITUAL PLACES of his day, every time he had an opportunity to do so…despite the danger. Life is simply not worth living when we don’t have something worth dying for. – IMHO)

    With regard to The New Age Movement – there is nothing actually “new” about it. If people do their homework they’ll see that channeling spirits is an age old practice that has historically been linked to deceptive messages from negative inter-dimensional beings posing as messengers of the light. And subscribing to the notion that karma will handle everyone’s evil deeds = rejecting our PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to face and fight injustice, and = hardening our hearts from experiencing empathy, compassion and the type of RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION that leads to true change, on every level.


    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    ~ Edmund Burke

    “WE are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.”
    ~ Hopi Prophecy’

    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    “Faith without works is dead”
    – somewhere in the bible

    “The smallest minority on earth is the individual.
    Those who deny individual rights cannot
    claim to be defenders of minorities.”
    – Ayn Rand

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish.’
    ~ Proverbs

    “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.”
    ~ Pastor Niemoller

    “We are who we CHOOSE to be.”
    ~ The Iron Giant (my personal favorite) ;>

    So let’s choose to be true light – full of love and shining bright. – me


  5. Susan says:

    Ok, so now this is desperate and amazing considering what/who they are… lol

  6. Rebecca says:

    Bradley said:
    “Once a person signs up with the dark agenda – that moment is when they have turned their back on humanity – their own species! Their souls at THAT POINT are lost!
    Call a spade a spade and realize that these ones ARE NOT SALVAGEABLE in my opinion.”

    Spot on! It has always been my feelings on the matter too. The divine spark could not stay in such filth! And no they are not salvageable!
    There are so many of them out there that have turned their backs on us. That was their decision. I can’t see that any sort of love would save them. They are doomed. Nor do I feel sorry for them. They did it to themselves.
    I do not consent to any of this……………NEVER!

  7. anon says:

    if the mother is russian, are the children eligible for dual citizenship? they can seek asylum if not….

  8. Marilyn says:

    This is a sore point with me too. The problem is knowing how to deal with other people’s denial. What do you do when you try to inform others about this and they turn against you as if you are off your head for believing it ?

  9. bewareofserco says:

    Whether the abuse of these two children is a small part of some larger “alien agenda” or whether it is just perpetrated by some very wicked and sick local individuals is not really that relevant at the moment in my opinion. What IS relevant and totally obvious is that the UK establishment are absolutely desperate to keep the lid on this extremely important case and in doing so, are demonstrating their support for the most dangerous child abusers on the planet.

    Everyone on the planet needs to be made aware of what the UK establishment are doing because I am in no doubt that events in Hampstead, London, are not even a scratch on the tip of the iceberg. I am pretty sure that many of those behind all of the false-flags are involved in Satanism and/or child abuse to some degree and so exposing what is happening in Hampstead to a global audience, could be like pushing over the first domino leading to a chain reaction that will expose all kinds of crimes against humanity and leaving the perpetrators with no place to hide.

    The UK government have consistently denied that child abuse exists and have only acknowledged “historical” child abuse (committed decades ago) in order to evade investigations into high level paedophile rings operating at the highest levels of the establishment TODAY.

    Gaining 100,000 signatures on the petition (see link at the end of this comment) will enable the allegations made by Alisa and Gabriel, to be debated in the UK parliament which will be good publicity for this case – a nightmare for the racketeering crooks in the UK government.

    Testimony from child abuse victims normally comes from adults who, after years of trauma and suffering from their experiences, finally gain the courage to speak out many years later. However, by then, evidence has been destroyed or “lost” and quite often the perpetrators of the abuse have died. Sadly, there is rarely any real justice for these people.

    The case of Alisa and Gabriel is unique. The bravery and sacrifice of the children’s mother, the mother’s friends and the two children is almost like a gift to humanity. They have given us an opportunity to confront the power elite with convincing testimony which contains allegations which are easily provable one way or the other – if only there was enough public pressure for a transparent and meaningful investigation.

    Will humanity take this opportunity and make this case a global issue? Or, will the sacrifice of the mother and her friends (who have had to flee the UK after being tipped off that malicious prosecutions were being prepared against them) and the bravery of Alisa and Gabriel (who are now in “care” separate from each other) all be for nothing?

    Please sign the petition after clicking the link on the following page:


  10. araya soma says:

    Yes Hildegard, the new age bullshit hasnt helped the true awakening by any stretch of imagination. What people dont get about KARMA , is that the way they terat others is THEIR karma, we pay for our deeds in DEATH, and so you ll have a peaceful passage if you have been a very nice person or will go to hell to wallow in your own made hell else. Hence why they dont want to die and do all sorts of weird stuff, coz dying tot hem means as they know, they will go to hell

  11. tony lane says:

    it is amazing that I live in the area of north London and at one time worked in the HAMPSTEAD area which is only about a mile or so from where I live, and I must confess it is the first time I have heard that this is happening but I do believe that this is true, so maybe I am at fault for not being connected or maybe senility as finally caught up with me at age 78, but Bradley is absolutely right that this has to go all the way to the top for there to be such a massive cover up. it is like the investigation of baron guy de Rothschild and his connection to hundreds of missing children about 60 years ago by Scotland yard that came to a dead end because some people are so powerful and above the law. so over time it gets forgotten, the last time this baron was under suspicion was when princess Diana was murdered, he performed a satanic ritual on princess Diana which involved pulling a baby from her pregnant stomach. and so because this is near to home I shall be doing some investigation of my own. I am not really a violent person but I believe that paedophilia of children should be punished with very extreme castration or euthanasia. sincerely TONY LANE

  12. Allow me to cut and paste what I’ve just put together to ‘calm down’ the ‘non-believers’:

    I’m told that shills have taken over message boards. So I need to equip the ‘firefighters’ with some of what I know and have come across:

    1. On 4 September 2014 the children made their first report privately to a constable who is a family member. An audio recording exists of that conversation.

    2. On 5 September and 11 September Police videos were produced – about 1 hour per child altogether – perfectly consistent with all the short privately recorded videos. Since HHJ Pauffley ‘confiscated’ these videos for the ‘protection’ of the mother, I chose NOT to make them publicly available.

    3. On 22 September Barnet Police closed the case with the remark “Crime not confirmed.”A former Police constable produced Witness Statements as Expert reports: one regarding the police reports, the other one the police interviews. Both are quite critical and certainly sufficient grounds to re-open the case that I put extracts together in this document: We submitted them with the Judicial Review against the Commissioner of the Met on 22 December, requesting that the case be re-opened by Police.

    4. On 9 September the decision was taken in a ‘strategy meeting’ to take the children into ‘care’ and to blame the partner Abraham Christie for the abuse and to question the mother’s mental health. Two days later, the second set of interviews seem to have been the ‘honey trap’ for getting the children into the hands of the Police and keep them there. I wish I knew what the children were told as explanation for keeping them behind, “in their best interest”…

    5. On 17 September, the Police recorded videos with the children who, after 6 days in care, had visibly been coached to retract their allegations. The explanation given was the film “The Mask of Zorro”.

    6. The ‘woman with a mission’ on behalf of the Local Borough of Barnet is Senior Solicitor Suzannah Hargreaves. She was already active in separating US mother Melissa Laird from her then 4-year-old son. See her horrific story on Ms Hargreaves has been keeping Ella ‘on the run’, making her do one thing after another, camouflaged as ‘orders’ by various judges. She is supported by barrister Hannah Markham.

    7. Hearings in Barnet Family Court took place on 24 September, 22 October, 10 and 23 December. McKenzie Friends accompanied Ella during the last two hearings, after she had sacked two solicitors and a barrister.

    8. The last hearing transferred the case to High Court Judge Anne Pauffley with the hearing scheduled for 20 January.

    9. However, an ‘emergency hearing’ got scheduled for 13 January, after the Met’s Legal Services had discovered that ‘confidential documents’ had been supplied as evidence, i.e. presumably the Police interviews. On that occasion, Belinda McKenzie was asked to give the undertaking to keep the proceedings confidential, on behalf of the Association of McKenzie Friends, i.e. none of the McKenzie Friends were supposed to talk, let alone publish anything.

    10. On 26 January I was made to appear in Court to be intimidated and told off for publishing on the web. This order was due to Barnet’s barrister talking to the judge behind Ella’s back – worthy of an appeal – but which of the battles are fighting in this war?

    11. Legal Proceedings against the Author of the Witness Statements were to me rather farcical, as the barrister of an ‘unnamed’ Council talked to us outside the court. Inside, he actually asked for the evidence of the Judicial Review (JR) to be destroyed. The JR lists 3 MEPs as ‘interested parties’, as I am in touch with them in Brussels, due to our petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent.

    12. is a general analysis of the beneficiaries.
    • The ‘defence’ by the Met against the JR requesting to re-open the criminal case caused this:
    o The Met contacted Barnet Council who launched a first additional hearing re the use of ‘confidential documents’ which resulted in the judge confiscating the 3 hours of police interviews which you interpreted so accurately: being nice to make the evidence disappear.
    o They then contacted Haringey Council who took the author of the attached Witness Statements to court because she had copied ‘Emily’ as the name of a sibling of Baby P from a document on the net.
    o The judge suggested that she would deal with the JR rather than the Admin Court.
    o Meanwhile Barnet wanted to write to all interested parties of the JR and ask for destruction of the evidence. That includes Russian speaking MEPs I am in touch with.
    • Barnet’s barrister talked to the judge privately behind the mother’s back to get me to appear in Court which I did.
    o The result was that I set one post to PRIVATE which mentioned the way the case is listed for the Court hearing: LB Barnet v Draper. The mother’s name could lead to the identification of the kids, they claimed. I changed the text and set it to public again.

    13. In Australia, paedophiles were protected by Police, too, before a Royal Commission was established.

    14. Here, Ella and her parents would be happy to take the children back to Russia asap! She now feels that she sacrificed her children for the sake of the others who are suffering. Her partner had said they should keep them abroad, but she wanted to do ‘the right thing’. Yet veteran McKenzie Friend Ian Josephs advised mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers, as they risk losing their children!

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Sabine. What a terrible ordeal for all involved! Hugs, ~Jean

    • bewareofserco says:

      Sabine, what you have been told is correct! Shills have infested many of the message boards, I’ve seen it for myself. It didn’t take them long to spring into action regarding this case! However, they are very easy to spot as they conveniently ignore key aspects of Alisa and Gabriel’s testimony. It is just SO important for the morally bankrupt UK government to keep the lid on this case to prevent it from becoming public knowledge.

      The discrediting of whistleblower testimony is a common and predictable ploy often used by the corrupt UK government to attack the innocent and defend the indefensible. I’m sure you will have plenty of firsthand experience of this without me stating it here.

      This case is potentially MASSIVE if enough righteous people can get on board with it and that is the challenge as I see it. There are plenty of righteous people out there, but getting them to believe that the very agencies of government that are responsible for the welfare of children are actually engaged in assisting those who seek to do harm to them, is very difficult indeed.

      My best wishes to you and all concerned with this matter and I hope that a resolution can be achieved that reunites the mother with her children. One thing is for sure, any success will have been a tough battle against the forces of evil. Take care.


    • Silly Milly says:

      I am so appalled,,that those 2 poor children had to endure this and no doubt continue to endure…wake up…this is not normal for your government, your courts your police, national media or child care service to be allowed to keep the lid on this, nor to fail to act loudly and publically .. where is humanity, society all large in all of this..get those children out of that country…hey kids I am very sad that this happened to you bot..

  13. marie says:

    I am surrounded by the sleeping people, I cant believe i agreed to be here! X

  14. Hildegard says:

    Bradley states: “I am SOOOO fed up at this point with the spiritual community at large – because instead of being outraged that this kind of thing happens – there is STILL the lame – lame excuse being circulated that KARMA must be involved – and that we need to send love to the perpetrators because they are just misguided.”

    Oh man can I relate to that. These holy people who wouldn’t hurt a fly are so utterly concerned with their own IMAGE of goodness and they are failing the truly good in this world, the innocent children. They are actually operating on a very low vibrational level; one filled with guilt and pity and powerlessness that just inspires more to victim hood so they can be ‘good’ too. What they’re really after is ego gratification in the form of OTHERS thinking them GOOD.

    • cinders2015 says:

      I am so worried about my beautiful 2 year old Granddaughter! Her parents are as vigilant about shutting me up as I have tried to be about spreading truth. I am nanny to my daughters daughter and my whole family of deniers swallowed heavy loads of flouradated koolaid over the years & roll their collective eyes when & if I’m allowed to speak.
      Hard core conditioning; I know all of us are under trauma based mind control & marijuana keeps letting my mind out of this trap they seem to be stuck in! If I keep at it with my daughter she won’t be able to shut out the truth forever, as others in the world she’s in awaken more & more.

      • Hildegard says:

        That is truly awful. Unfortunately we have the least credibility with our families sometimes and if it turns into an ego battle no one wants to back down. If they begin to hear this elsewhere they may open their minds. My daughters boyfriend has the same problem. His family watches CNN, reality shows, eats toxic food, are overweight and drink too much….I could go on and on. He’s the black sheep for being healthy and aware of what is really going on. It’s ironic as Hell.

      • Donnie says:

        WOW Grandma rocks the ganja……..awesome Grandma!!! It opens my mind as well. why do you think they made it illegal?

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