David Wilcock: Descendants of Giant species are the High Cabal and hidden controllers of humanity, can appear as Homo Capensis

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David Wilcock: Descendants of Giant species are the High Cabal and hidden controllers of humanity, can appear as Homo Capensis

VANCOUVER, BC – Using whistleblower testimony from classified programs within the Black Budget U.S. Secret Space program ultimately paid for by the U.S. people, author David Wilcock recently released a lecture summary of findings regarding the residence in our solar system of a renegade species of Giants (70-100 feet tall). In a sentence, the descendants of Giant species are the High Cabal and hidden controllers of humanity. This includes the species known as Homo Capensis, or big-brain Coneheads.[1]

In an encouraging synchronicity, Mr. Wilcock in his lecture supplies the concrete evidence that neurologist Dr. Edward Spencer and Alfred Lambremont Webre discussed in the same time frame as Mr. Wilcock’s lecture was needed in relation to Homo Capensis (Conehead) – one of the names for the Giant species descendants – in following interview.

Is Homo Capensis, the Big Brain Conehead, Earth’s High Cabal & Covert Controller?




Our Solar system: Prison for the Giants

According to David Wilcock’s whistleblower sources within the U.S. Secret Space Program, the Giants [called “Progenitors” in the Secret Space Program] were sent to our prison solar system 5 million years ago as a criminal [psychopathic or sociopathic] race of giants up to 75-100 feet.

The Giants settled in our solar system on planet Tiamat (which was destroyed and became the asteroids in an external attack on the Giants). The Giants also lived in the hollowed out moons of the planets in our solar system. The Rings of Saturn are the shattered glass remnants of a Giants’ glass residential ring around Saturn that doubled as a planetary frequency weapon the Giants could use against other planets throughout the Galaxy (and Universe).

According to Mr. Wilcock’s sources, moons in our solar system now exhibit buildings and bases with dimensions that appear designed for beings that are 75-100 feet tall. Likewise, parts of the Rings of Saturn now consist of furniture and technology that appears to be designed for beings that are 75-100 feet tall, thus confirming this hypothesis.

When the Giant civilization was eventually attacked from outside our solar system, Tiamat was destroyed, the inhabited moons were evacuated, and the Giants fell back on Mars (which was a Tiamat moon) and on Earth using Earth’s moon as an escape vehicle.

According to the Secret Space Program whistleblowers, the interior residential spaces of our Moon were severely damaged in the escape from Tiamat. The Giants then built and resided in glass domes on the surface of our Moon.

By this time the Giants had devolved into 12 to 36 foot species varieties and began to settle the Earth from our Moon in the Northern Africa area.

According to Mr. Wilcock’s sources, the Giants who came down to Earth from their bases on our Moon are the “Fallen Angels”, and included as their commanders the historical Lucifer and Satan. The Giants were cruel, cannibalistic colonists and soon aroused a counter-strike from protectors of Earth and humanity from outside the solar system.

The Sahara Desert, according to Mr. Wilcock’s whistleblower sources, is the footprint of a space strike that took out both the Giant’s settlement in Northern Africa and the Giant glass dome settlements on the surface of the moon. The Egyptian Homo Capensis Conehead pharaohs are the descendants of the Giants who survived in the Nile highlands as remnants of the attack on a remaining Giant solar system outpost on Earth and its Moon.

It is uncertain whether the Giants, though diminished in size, remain as the dominant human species on Mars, the Tiamat Moon, where they are to this day as Homo Martis Terris, the Martian human.

The Giants are reported to have white skin with red hair. That is the reported physiognomy of the Martian female humans (Homo Martis Terris). They also uniformly have white skin and red hair according to whistleblowers from the US Secret Space Program.

According to Mr. Wilcock, as a people, the Giants colonized North and South America. In North America, Giant skeletons have been found in the Ohio area around Serpent Mound and other mounds. There are multiple examples of Giant skeleton being discovered, event though there is a Masonic secret society conspiracy to hide the Giant skeletons.   The Smithsonian Institution was created with the purpose of curating the Giant bones and archaeology in a quasi-secret fashion.

Ancient Giants Who Ruled America

See also, Richard J. Dewhurst, The Ancient Giants Who Ruled North America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Coverup


Giants are the High Cabal, hidden controllers of the Depopulation Program and End Game.




Turn Your News Inside Out

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  1. GK Siu says:

    David Wilcock’s Big Picture : Earth as a Colony

  2. Aleanna says:


    I just came across this 58-minute video with 76- year old Virgil Armstrong that was taped in 1999 (Armstrong was with the CIA for 9 years, and was a Green Beret for 10 years). This video is packed with disclosure information about the good ETs, the bad ETs, Nibiru (Wormwood) and the Anunnaki/Illuminati, the coming of the Photon Belt, Inner Earth, Germans on the moon in 1929, the dark side of the moon is lush and beautiful, Starchild children, his comments regarding human beings on a journey toward Ascension to the 4th and 5th dimension, as well as other detailed information about the times that we are in. I was touched by this man’s straight-forward, unabashed, upbeat presentation, as well as the scope of his knowledge and the integrity of his communication. He covers so much in an hour interview. He reminded me a lot of Bob Dean. Well worth the watch! (I saw online that Virgil Armstrong died about 2 years ago.)


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  4. Aleanna says:

    While there may be some valuable information in this article by David Wilcox regarding the Anunnaki/Nephilim, his “Secret Space Program whistleblowers” give a vastly different account of Tiamat and our Solar System than the unabbreviated versions of much more detailed Mesopotamian texts of the Sumerians that were handed down to them by the Anunnaki themselves.

    According to these texts, the Anunnaki’s planet, Nibiru, arrived from deep space and was originally drawn into our Solar System by Neptune.

    As Nibiru approached Tiamat (which was originally located between Mars and Jupiter), the first of two great “battles” were fought against Tiamat. During this first battle, four of Nibiru’s moons smashed into Tiamat and her 11 moons, leaving her “lifeless.”

    During the second battle that occurred 3,600 years later when Nibiru’s new orbit brought it back into proximity to Tiamat, Nibiru split Tiamat in two. One part split into millions of pieces that created the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. What was left of Tiamat and her largest moon, (Kingu), were thrown into a new orbit between Venus and Mars, which became our own Earth and Moon. Our Earth began with a single landmass (now called Pangaea) and a huge cavity (wound) that became filled with Tiamat’s waters (now called the Pacific Ocean).

    For those of you who are interested in the Anunnaki’s own version of the ancient history of our Solar System (they were there . . .), please see the paragraphs that follow. In my opinion, Tiamat may also be called Maldek in certain esoteric literature. Whereas this esoteric literature alleges that the inhabitants of Maldek were responsible for their planet’s destruction through their own greedy, materialistic, and warlike nature, the Sumerian texts clearly indicate that Tiamat/Maldek was destroyed by the Anunnaki, who had their own highly nefarious agenda for Tiamat due to her abundant gold deposits. For those who would like additional information, please see “From Darkness into Light – Endless Cycles of the Divine Plan.” http://www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com/PJ_50.pdf


    The Sumerian texts speak of a single but comprehensive event. Their texts explain more than what modern astronomers have been trying and trying to bring into some kind of explanation regarding the outer planets. The ancient texts also explain matters closer to home, such as the origin of the Earth and its Moon, the Asteroid Belt, and the Photon Belt! And the comets. The texts then go on to relate a tale … that offers a more successful explanation of what happened on Earth and how man and his civilization came into being.

    What do the Sumerian texts tell you? It all began when the Solar System was still quite young. The Sun (APSU in the Sumerian texts, meaning “One Who Exists from the Beginning”), its little companion MUM.MU (“One Who was Born”, your Mercury) and farther away TI.AMAT (“Maiden of Life”) were the first members of the Solar System. It gradually expanded by the “birth” of three planetary pairs, the planets you call Venus and Mars between Mummu and Tiamat, the giant pair Jupiter and Saturn (to use their modern names) beyond Tiamat, and Uranus and Neptune farther out.

    Into this original Solar System, still unstable soon after its formation billions of years ago, an Invader appeared. The Sumerians called it NIBIRU! The Babylonians renamed it Marduk in honor of their national god. It appeared from outer space, from “the Deep”, in the words of the ancient text. But, as it approached the outer planets of your Solar System, it began to be drawn into it. As expected, the first outer planet to attract Nibiru with its gravitational “pull” was Neptune–E.A. (“He Whose House is Water”) in Sumerian. “He who begot him was Ea,” the ancient text explained.

    Nibiru/Marduk itself was a sight to behold; alluring, sparkling, lofty, lordly are some other adjectives used to describe it. Sparks and flashes bolted from it to Neptune and Uranus as it passed near them. It might have arrived with its own satellites already orbiting it, or it might have acquired some as a result of the “pull” of the outer planets. The ancient text speaks of its “perfect members … difficult to perceive”–“four were his eyes, four were his ears”.

    As it passed near Ea/Neptune, Nibiru/Marduk’s side began to bulge “as though he had a second head”. Was it then that the bulge was torn away to become Neptune’s moon Triton? One aspect that speaks strongly for this is the fact that Nibiru/Marduk entered the Solar System in a retrograde (clockwise) orbit, counter to that of the other planets. Only this Sumerian detail, according to which the invading planet was moving counter to the orbital motion of all the other planets, can explain the retrograde motion of Triton, the highly elliptical orbits of other satellites and comets, and the other major events that are yet to be tackled.

    More satellites were created as Nibiru/Marduk passed by that “Anu brought forth and begot the four winds” –as clear a reference as one could hope for to the four major moons of Uranus that were formed, you now know, only during the collision that tilted Uranus. At the same time you learn from a later passage in the ancient text that Nibiru/Marduk himself gained three satellites as a result of this encounter.

    Although the Sumerian texts describe how, after its eventual capture into solar orbit, Nibiru/Marduk revisited the outer planets and eventually shaped them into the system as you know it today, the very first encounter already explains the various puzzles that modern astronomy faced or still faces regarding Neptune, Uranus, their moons, and their rings.

    Coming in past Neptune and Uranus, Nibiru/Marduk was drawn even more into the midst of the planetary system as it reached the immense gravitational pulls of Saturn (AN.SHAR, “Foremost of the Heavens”) and Jupiter (KI.SHAR, “Foremost of the Firm Lands”). As Nibiru/Marduk “approached and stood as though in combat” near Anshar/Saturn, the two planets “kissed their lips”. It was then that the “destiny”, the orbital path, of Nibiru/Marduk was changed forever. It was also then that the chief satellite of Saturn, GA.GA (the eventual Pluto), was pulled away in the direction of Mars and Venus–a direction possible only by the retrograde force of Nibiru/Marduk.

    Making a vast elliptical orbit, Gaga eventually returned to the outermost reaches of the Solar System. There it “addressed” Neptune and Uranus as it passed their orbits on the swing back. It was the beginning of the process by which Gaga was to become your Pluto, with its inclined and peculiar orbit that sometimes takes it between Neptune and Uranus.

    The new “destiny”, or orbital path, of Nibiru/Marduk was now irrevocably set toward the olden planet Tiamat. At that time, relatively early in the formation of the Solar System, it was marked by instability, especially (you can see from the text in point) in the region of Tiamat. While other planets nearby were still wobbling in their orbits, Tiamat was pulled into many directions by the two giants beyond her and the two smaller planets between her and the Sun. One result was the tearing off her, or the gathering around her, of a ‘HOST’ of satellites “furious with rage”, in the poetic language of the text (named by learned scholars as the Epic of Creation). These satellites, “roaring monsters”, were “clothed with terror” and “crowned with halos”, “swirling furiously about and orbiting as though they were celestial gods” — planets.


    Most dangerous to the stability or safety of the other planets was Tiamat’s “leader of the host”, a large satellite that grew to almost planetary size and was about to attain its independent “destiny”–its own orbit around the Sun. Tiamat “cast a spell for him, to sit among the celestial gods she exalted him.” It was called, in Sumerian, KIN.GU– “Great Emissary”.

    Now the text raised the curtain on the unfolding drama. As in a Greek tragedy, the ensuing “celestial battle” was unavoidable as gravitational and magnetic forces came inexorably into play … This led to the “collision” between the oncoming Nibiru/Marduk with its seven satellites (“winds” in the ancient text) and Tiamat and its “host” of eleven satellites headed by Kingu.

    Although they were headed on a collision course, Tiamat orbiting counterclockwise and Nibiru/Marduk clockwise, the two planets did not collide–a fact of cardinal astronomical importance. It was the satellites, or “winds”, (literal Sumerian meaning: “Those that are by the side”) of Nibiru/Marduk that smashed into Tiamat and collided with her satellites.

    In the first such encounter, the first phase of the Celestial Battle as written:

    The four winds he stationed that nothing of her could escape: The South Wind, the North Wind, the East Wind, and the West Wind. Close to his side he held the net, the gift of his grandfather Anu who brought forth the Evil Wind, the Whirlwind and the Hurricane…. He sent forth the winds which he had created, the seven of them; to trouble Tiamat within they rose up behind him.

    These “winds”, or satellites, of Nibiru/Marduk, “the seven of them”, were the principal “weapons” with which Tiamat was attacked in the first phase of the Celestial Battle. But the invading planet had other “weapons” too:

    In front of him he set the lightning, with a blazing flame he filled his body; he then made a net to enfold Tiamat therein…. A fearsome halo his head was turbaned, He was wrapped with awesome terror as with a cloak.

    As the two planets and their hosts of satellites came close enough for Nibiru/Marduk to “scan the inside of Tiamat” and “perceive the scheme of Kingu”, Nibiru/Marduk attacked Tiamat with his “net” (magnetic field) to “enfold her”, shooting at the old planet immense bolts of electricity (“divine lightnings”). Tiamat “was filled with brilliance”–slowing down, heating up, “becoming distended”. Wide gaps opened in its crust, perhaps emitting steam and volcanic matter. Into one widening fissure Nibiru/Marduk thrust one of its main satellites, the one called “Evil Wind”. It tore Tiamat’s “belly, cut through her insides, splitting her heart.”


    Besides splitting up Tiamat and “extinguishing her life”, the first encounter sealed the fate of the moonlets orbiting her–all except the planet-like Kingu. Caught in the “net”- -the magnetic and gravitational pull–of Nibiru/Marduk, “shattered, broken up”, the members of the “band of Tiamat” were thrown off their previous course and forced into new orbital paths in the opposite direction: “TREMBLING WITH FEAR, THEY TURNED THEIR BACKS ABOUT.”

    Thus were the comets created–thus, you learn from a 6,000-year-old text, did the comets obtain their greatly elliptical and retrograde orbits. As to Kingu, Tiamat’s principal satellite, the text informs you that in that first phase of the celestial collision Kingu was just deprived of its almost-independent orbit. Nibiru/Marduk took away from him his “destiny”. Nibiru/Marduk made Kingu into a DUG.GA.E, “a mass of lifeless clay”, devoid of atmosphere, waters and radioactive matter and shrunken in size; and “with fetters bound him”, to remain in orbit around the battered Tiamat.

    Having vanquished Tiamat, Nibiru/Marduk sailed on to his new “destiny”. The Sumerian text leaves no doubt that the erstwhile invader orbited the Sun:

    He crossed the heavens and surveyed the regions, and Apsu’s quarter he measured; The Lord the dimensions of the Apsu measured. Having circled the Sun (Apsu), Nibiru/Marduk continued into distant space. But now, caught forever in solar orbit, it had to turn back. On his return round, Ea/Neptune was there to greet him and Anshar/Saturn hailed his victory. Then his new orbital path returned him to the scene of the Celestial Battle, “turned back to Tiamat whom he had bound”.

    The Lord paused to view her lifeless body.

    To divide the monster he then artfully planned. Then as a mussel, he split her into two parts.

    With this act the creation of “the heaven” reached a magnificent stage, and the creation of Earth and its Moon was begun. First the new impacts broke Tiamat into two halves. The upper part, her “skull”, was struck by the Nibiru/Marduk satellite called North Wind; the blow carried it, and with it Kingu, “to places that have been unknown”–to a brand-new orbit where there had not been a planet before. The Earth and your Moon were created.


    The other half of Tiamat was smashed by the impacts into bits and pieces. This lower half, her “tail”, was “hammered together” to become a “bracelet” in the heavens:

    Locking the pieces together,
    as watchmen he stationed them….
    He bent Tiamat’s tail to form the Great Band as a bracelet.

    Thus was “the Great Band”, the Asteroid Belt, created. Having disposed of Tiamat and Kingu, Nibiru/Marduk once again “crossed the heavens and surveyed the regions”. This time his attention was focused on the “Dwelling of Ea” (Neptune), giving that planet and its twin like Uranus their final makeup. Nibiru/Marduk also, according to the ancient text, provided Gaga/Pluto with its final “destiny”, assigning it to “a hidden place”–a hitherto unknown part of the heavens. It was farther out than Neptune’s location; it was, we are told, “in the Deep”–far out in space. In line with its new position as the outermost planet, it was granted a new name: US.MI–“He Who Shows the Way”, the first planet encountered coming into the Solar System–that is, from outer space toward the Sun.

    Thus was Pluto created and put into the orbit it now holds. Having thus “constructed the stations” for the planets, Nibiru/Marduk made two “abodes” for itself. One was in the “Firmament”, as the asteroid belt was also called in the ancient texts; the other far out “in the Deep” was called the “Great/Distant Abode”, alias E.SHARRA (“Abode/Home of the Ruler/Prince”). Modern astronomers call these two planetary positions the perigee (the orbital point nearest the Sun) and the apogee (the farthest one). It is an orbit that takes some 3,600 Earth-years to complete as written earlier on a couple of days past.


    Thus did this Invader that came from outer space become the twelfth member of your Solar System, a system made up of the Sun in the center, with its long-time companion Mercury; the three olden pairs (Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune); the Earth and the Moon, the remains of the great Tiamat, though in a new position; the newly independent Pluto; and the planet that put it all into final shape, Nibiru/Marduk.

    In the beginning
    God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep,
    and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light; and there was light.


    Scientists are still hard put to explain the gap of about 500 million years between the age of the Earth (which meteor fragments, such as those found at Meteor Crater in Arizona, show to be 4.6 billion years and counting) and the age of the oldest rocks thus far found; but no matter what the explanation, the fact that Earth had its continental crust at least 4 billion years ago is by now undisputed. On the other hand, no part of the oceanic crust has been found to be more than 200 million years old.

    The differences between the continental and oceanic crusts must have been even greater in earlier times, because the continental crust is constantly eroded by the forces of nature, and a good deal of the eroded solids are carried into the oceanic basins, in-creasing the thickness of the oceanic crust. Furthermore, the oceanic crust is constantly enhanced by the upwelling of molten basaltic rocks and silicates that flow up from the mantle through faults in the sea floor. This process, which puts down ever-new layers of oceanic crust, has been going on for 200 million years, giving the oceanic crust its present form. What was there at the bottom of the seas before then? Was there no crust at all, just a gaping “wound” in the Earth’s surface? And is the ongoing oceanic crust formation akin to the process of blood clotting, where the skin is pierced and wounded?

    Is Gaia–a living planet–trying to heal her wounds?

    The most obvious place on the surface of the Earth where it was so “wounded” is the Pacific Ocean.

    While the average plunge in the crust’s surface in its oceanic parts is about 2.5 miles, in the Pacific the crust has been gouged out to a present depth reaching at some points 7 miles. If you could remove from the Pacific’s floor the crust built up there over the last 200 million years, you would arrive at depths reaching 12 miles below the water’s surface and between some 20 to nearly 60 miles below the continental surface. How deep was it before the crustal buildup over the past 200 million years–how large was that “wound” 500 million years ago, a billion years ago, 4 billion years ago? Suffice it to say it was considerably deeper.

    What can your scientists say with some certainty? That the extent of the gouging was more extensive, affecting a vastly greater part of the planet’s surface. The Pacific Ocean at present occupies about a third of Earth’s surface; but as far as your people can ascertain regarding the past 200 million or so years, it has been shrinking. The reason for shrinkage is that the continents flanking it–the Americas on the east, Asia and Australia on the west–are moving closer to each other, squeezing out the Pacific slowly but relentlessly, reducing its size inch by inch yearly.


    To Alfred Wegener do you owe appreciation for this “new” science of plate tectonics. Wegener, a German meteorologist, wrote all about this theory and published it a long time ago–in 1915, DIE ENTSTEHUNG DER KONTINENTE UND OZEANE. His starting point (not a new concept) was the obvious “fit” between the contours of the continents on both sides of the southern Atlantic. But before Wegener’s ideas, the solution had been to postulate the disappearance, by sinking, of continents or land bridges: the belief that the continents have been where they are from time immemorial, but that a midsection sank below sea level, giving the appearance of continental separation. Augmenting available data on flora and fauna with considerable geological “matches” between the two sides of the Atlantic, Wegener came up with the notion of Pangaea, a super-continent; a single huge landmass into Oceans took shape.

    But all these bodies of water were “pieces” of the original into which he would fit all the present continental masses like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Pangaea (Living Pan), which covered about one half of the globe, suggested Wegener, was surrounded by the primeval Pacific Ocean. Floating in the midst of the waters like an ice flow, the single landmass underwent a series of riftings and healings until a definite and final breakup in the Mesozoic Era, the geological period that lasted from 225 to 65 million years ago. Gradually the pieces began to drift apart. Antarctica, Australia, India, and Africa began to break away and separate. Subsequently, Africa and South America split apart as North America began to move away from Europe and India was thrust toward Asia; and so the continents continued to drift until they rearranged themselves in the pattern recognized today.

    The split-up of Pangaea into several separate continents was accompanied by the opening up and closing down of bodies of water between the separating pieces of the landmass. In time the single Panoramic ocean separated into a series of connecting oceans or enclosed seas, such as the Black, Caspian and Mediterranean, and such major bodies of water as the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans took shape. But all these bodies of water were “pieces” of the original of which the Pacific Ocean still remains.

    • Jean says:

      Wow! Thanks and hugs for sharing this! ~Jean

    • Ethyl says:

      Aleanna, how do you know what the Sumerian Texts say?

      I had previously gone by Sitchin, who was to my understanding the best expert in Sumerian that there was. The info you gave sounded like the Sitchin material, as far as I can remember. But then when I found out less than favorable things about Sitchin regarding his relationship with cabal/illuminati, I stopped believing what he had said previously. Who knows what was right and what wasn’t.

      I guess I was wondering if you know Sumerian yourself and know what the texts say, or if you are depending on a translation of someone else.

      • Aleanna says:

        Hello Ethyl,

        The information in my post comes from “Genesis Revisited” by Zecharia Sitchin, published in 1990. Using the original Sumerian texts, Sitchin’s intent was to reveal the history of the Anunnaki in regard to our solar system, and particularly their agenda of mining the gold of this planet and creating a hybrid race of slaves to perform this burdensome labor.

        I searched for Sitchin in Wikipedia, where it explains. “Sitchin wrote that Enki suggested that to relieve the Anunnaki, who had mutinied over their dissatisfaction with their working conditions, that primitive workers (Homo sapiens) be created by genetic engineering as slaves to replace them in the gold mines by crossing extraterrestrial genes with those of Homo erectus.[6][7] According to Sitchin, ancient inscriptions report that the human civilization in Sumer, Mesopotamia, was set up under the guidance of these “gods”, and human kingship was inaugurated to provide intermediaries between mankind and the Anunnaki (creating the “divine right of kings” doctrine).”

        It seems pretty clear to me that Sitchin’s entire intent was to expose the agenda of the Anannaki in “Genesis Revisited”, so I am unable to understand your line of thinking when you accuse him of “less than favorable things . . . regarding his relationship with cabal/illuminati”? But you are most welcome to have your own opinion about Sitchin in any event.

        Hugs, Aleanna

      • paleohippy says:

        I trust neither Wilcock nor Sitchin. They have both come across with some pretty shoddy and shady material. Maybe a twelve-foot-tall high chair floating along in the rings of Saturn? Ok, David. Time for you to go back on the George Noory show. And go back on the thorazine, too.

  5. Gee – A fourteen-foot-tall armchair is soo easy to mock-up with Photoshop – or even in any woodworking shop that’s so-inclined. There’s an image of an actual guitar carved from a block of cheese to be had Out There too – eight feet tall, towering over even Pee Wee Herman’s “BIG! Shoes”. There’s GOT to be a better grade of hard in-your-hand evidence for Homo Capensis than that!

    Now if one may, a topical veer with a point: I remember decades of “inexplicable” personal experience with the Holographic Macrocosm being suddenly validated 100% by “Thrive”. It galvanized me into action that Ain’t Stopped Yet. Then, some years later, comes the dubiosity re Keenan etc, followed by the threats against Jean and others whose Critical Thinking facility kicked-in on the strength of all too many Points of Dubious Merit. Then comes the Critical Post (Chicago) looksee into what by that point clearly deserved to be tagged “Gang Keenan” etc… Suddenly both my eyeballs became rather hairy re ALL claims of Advanced tech and White Knight races from the Stars riding-into our sphere to rescue us FOR us instead of US doing what MUST be done OURSELVES. Oh well. (Dang! Back to the Maps…)

    Sadly and worse yet, the region above that man’s left orb shows clear signs of what appears, in the image, to be a non-bacterial infection colony. The boundaries of the slightly-darker infected region are all too obvious, as is the even darker spot located on said boundary @ ~ “ten o’clock” where his bodily defenses are still attempting to overcome the invasion. And (I know all too well) not succeeding. 😦

    So how’s this Crazy Injun ever know such a thing, huh? Here’s the scoop:

    Gummint gave that schtuff and four other crude bioweapon candidates to YT in the course of a filthy one-shot dissident-control black-op per Op Mockingbird spec (US Army Intelligence was involved, yes, sad to point-up but the record is plain on that point) back in 1960. That action is now known to have been aimed at my own Butler-grade pacifist father (who survived Anzio among numerous other wartime ordeals) with YT made-over as the “Horse’s Head in the Bed”, back in 1960. And that is how+why I recognize the schtuff. Been all through that mill, stopping the action on my own authority just short of losing my body forever to “the death” and there is no denying the trails of wreckage that ensued, post-infection. So that is how I think I actually do know this. Might be Malassezia, might be something else similar or derived from the original from myco. But most likely (absent any special circumstances), the all-too-ordinary fat-devouring former.

    Sad fact: These days, infections of that class are never appropriately treated to extinction by corporatized America’s mammon-compromised medical-“care”(sic) system. Instead, the correct medication protocol is manipulated (in concert with the ignorant patient’s ignorant consent-by-silence) to produce even tougher, medication-resistant strains… THEN comes the cashing-in. And off to the hoospice – again, at a GROSS INHUMAN PROFIT.

    Just like MRSA, only a different, less-publicized organism. Too obvious! Bad medicine! But great revenue-yield potential if carefully controlled by a Licensed Professional… So:

    David, my good friend, Yours Truly sure loved “Thrive” and without reservation tends to strongly agree with that production’s basic tenets with respect to suppressed knowledge and advanced tech. Having overcome a couple of those tech barriers over the prior five years and enjoying nothing but benefit to this day, I think in this instance that I likely do have a fair first-hand sense of what we SHOULD have freely available available and do not.

    Heck, even if the Food Replicators and similar Advanced Tech were indeed all an Internet hoax, the standing body of Suppressed Basic Human Knowledge alone, once fully disclosed and assimilated, would surely enable the Rest of Us to get by MUCH better than we are presently able to do, these Imperium-dominated days! (Not to over-mention coming out with our OWN Advanced Tech, antigrav and all.)

    But in light of your prior, widely-acknowledged exposure to (and apparent longer-term cooperation with) elements of the Keenan Gang over the past couple of years pre-Exposure per the Critical Post (Chicago) investigation reports, compounded with my own bizarre psychoperception experiences over the decades post-infection on my part, with every day (until just a few years back) spent at the nonexistent mercy of those crudely weaponized and knowledge-forbidden pathogens (which were pretty much the state of that foul art circa 1960), I for one must question the Higher Judgement Function of your essential being at this point in space/time/life. That is the point of the “veer”.

    Not the basic intellect. The far more subtle *judgement*. Infections of the sort postulated simply do tend to influence the mammalian nervous system in ways that favor the invader over the host, no mistake. It ain’t likely “only a little spot”. That schtuff builds *networks*. It has a will of its own. It *colonizes*.

    Colonizatioon behavior is recognizable all across species boundaries, one might notice.

    Perhaps advanced Energy Work will harmlessly dissipate that schtuff…? I’d go for that approach in a heartbeat myself, if ever it were made available in my locale. While awaiting its arrival, though, this one has already saved their own self from any number of terrible ends by means of a high-Turmeric+coconut-oil-enhanced, low-meat, high-veggie stir-fry diet (LOVE what that Homemade Curry does to the residual infection’s gasping remnants – the hotter the better!) plus a certain azole antifungal reagent that is commonly bulk-packaged in 200-milligram portions at attractive prices online for fish-tank water purification.

    Must say no more of this low-grade 3-d food+chem tech online. But http://curezone.com is likely the best first-line reference site for that purpose imvh&experienced_o. The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Prescription is likewise available (even downloadable for $0.00!) and much eeasier to read than most would expect from such an Instruction manual. (The diagnostic portions of that tome seem plenty good to YT, though the suggested dosages are clearly in compliance with the historic Rockefeller “Medical Management” Agenda. So it is to learn how to tease the relevant toxicology data out of the Web, is all…) 😦

    Caveat: I am no doctor and thus cannot prescribe anything at all under the relevant statutes. But I am a pretty smart human with some hard-won, heavier-then-average experience in the field – and thus actually have “eyes” for such things, these elder days. Just a funny-lookin’ Health Coach inna’ Funny Hat who has already wiped four such narsties out of their own body – and the final, most persistent one well on its way out for good right now today, nothing more, less nor other than that.

    So if expediently direct clarification on that little matter of apparent mycological infection is needed on your part, Friend Wilcock, Jean has my contact info and wholehearted OK to pass it on to you. Once cleared, I daresay your Work will prove MUCH safer as well as easier – maybe even more accurate than it already is! 🙂

    Back to the Capensis Mystery: Having been through the NYC Museum of Natural History’s Egyptian Exhibit at some length AND having kept sharp eyes out for indicators from other, less-officialized regions as well, I too now wish to see “a little of the furniture” these h. capensis types must surely have used daily. Skulls and shin-bones I gather we DO have – but where ARE the corresponding bowls and pitchers, hammers and rakes, surgical tools and other artifacts of any sort, please?

    It’s more a question of actual rulership’s history that must be definitively settled imvho. All ancient precedent aside, though, we surely both know who RIGHTFULLY owns and, by Heaven and Earth alike, should be operating the Human Genome and its underlying energies correctly: The HUMANS!

    Love to you, for all the hard work you have done. And that is all. 0{:-\o[

  6. Pingback: Descendants of Giant Species are the High Cabal and Covert Controllers of Humanity; David Wilcock | Starship Earth: The Big Picture

  7. Ilex says:

    For those that have not seen Alfred’s video, Part I is horrible. Go directly to Part II which starts at the 40′ mark.
    I only got to 1:03 and have lost complete interest. Interviewing this man was like pulling teeth in Part I. I think Alfred should pull Part I. JMO

  8. mary says:

    well, I guess the more interesting question is why do they want us to believe in the giants? If it is not the annuaki, then who or what is truly in charge? answers I guess which cannot be found. thanks jean for your efforts.

  9. bly says:

    In the documentary Kymatica there is a description of Tiamat by the narrarator that some might find of interest. It’s definitely worth watching for those that haven’t seen it in my opinion.

  10. Lorride says:

    I wonder if Tiamat is another name for Maldek..

    • Kieron says:

      No, I believe that Tiamat was the name of an ancient goddess. Those who know, know goddesses were turned into demons by the Church, and when the Church couldn’t suppress the veneration of goddesses among the common people, then those goddesses were turned into mere saints.

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  12. paleohippy says:

    Okay, David… I would like to see a picture of the giant furniture in the rings of Saturn. Or did you just make this up? Whatever, I await the photo evidence.

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