Donetsk Not Responding to Provocations From Ukrainian Forces – DPR Official / Sputnik International


DONETSK, (Sputnik) – The eastern Ukrainian self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic is observing the Minsk agreements and not responding to provocations by Ukrainian military forces, DPR militia head Eduard Basurin said Monday.

“We are fulfilling all of the Minsk agreements. If the Ukrainian security forces fire as a provocation, we will not return fire, but if the their firing threatens the militia or civilians, then we will return fire,” Basurin said during a briefing.

Earlier in the day, Basurin said that Kiev was concentrating heavy artillery near the settlements of Artemivsk, Myronivsky and Luhansk in Donetsk Region. According to the military official, Kiev troops are preparing to provoke the militia to open fire.

On Sunday, a ceasefire entered force in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas. A Kiev military spokesman said Monday that fighting subsided in most areas.

The ceasefire was agreed on February 12 during talks in Minsk between the leaders of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia. According to the deal, the warring sides must withdraw heavy artillery from the line of contact within two weeks after the ceasefire takes effect.

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