RT – BREAKING: Evacuation ordered as train with crude oil derails in W. Virginia

Published time: February 16, 2015 19:54

Two West Virginia towns are being evacuated after a train carrying crude oil derailed nearby, local media report.



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10 Responses to RT – BREAKING: Evacuation ordered as train with crude oil derails in W. Virginia

  1. Marilyn says:

    With all this snow we have here in New England wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t get a nice big one to top things off. Just to shut everything down, we haven’t seen this much snow is along time, there is just no place for anymore. Generally the snow gets too melt down before, we get another with these temps that not going to happen. Flooding will be our next problem, maybe.

  2. Donnie says:

    Have to wonder if the evacuated population is being “offered” a place to stay in a nice FEMA camp, where they will be treated extremely well. Fed, clothed and gven comfy accomodations. That way, they’ll go home and spread the news far and wide how wonderful FEMA is and what a “blessing” the camp was for those in need. Sound crazy? Well, all I can say is, if I were the evil asshole whose job it was to put a smiley face on FEMA, that’s EXACTLY how I would do it. Remember how the Grinch gave CIndy Loo Hoo a glass of water and sent her off to bed before robbing her family blind? Consider it folks. These scum have one of two choices. IMPOSE martial law and do a “cattle-drive” of the public into these camps, OR…..do the soft-soap routine and for THAT, they would need to ply the gullible with a “REAL-WORLD” example of how caring and expeditious FEMA really is. Don’t ever forget that those clowns still have to lift themselves out of the pit of bad press they received after the New Orleans debacle. Some are fond of saying these days that these clowns are all but washed up and defeated, but until I see it plastered all over the news like it were a Kardashian wedding, I’m NOT buying it. I think the FEDS are guttless cowards and would ALWAYS prefer the soft-soap method. Less messy and they get a harder laugh at the compliant public that way. DO NOT BELIEVE THEY ARE GONE PEOPLE. NOT UNTIL THEY ARE

    • Jean says:

      Let’s keep an eye on this . . . it appears to be a threat because Ukrainian soldiers are trapped in a bad situation. Is it ‘real’? I have no idea . . . yet. If you find anything – and I’m looking now, please let us know. . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  3. Ethyl says:

    This is REALLY interesting, coming right on top of the Langley Lockdown! Still no new news on THAT that I have seen. I would dearly LOVE to know what’s going on inside Langley just now!


  4. They would be better with a pipeline. Keystone opponents pay attention. Pipelines are the best for every environmental reason.

  5. Ilex says:

    False flag event would be my first guess. The northern folks are having severe low temps and winds, would this be convenient for depopulation? Just asking!!!!!!

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