State of the Nation: Historic US–Israel Rift: Obama Leaks Israeli Nuke Violation Doc Before Bibi Visit

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SOTN Editor’s Note:
The Obama Administration has radically departed from the traditional U.S. relationship with Israel during this second term.  Such a sea change in attitude by the American government augurs great changes on the horizon, both for the Middle East and the world.

It appears that this may be one of the ‘higher purposes’ of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  He has so polarized the Israelis, the American people, and various camps throughout the Mideast that many now understand the status quo can no longer be maintained.  Netanyahu has forced the Palestinian plight onto the entire community of nations.

The many existential threats that the Palestinians are now facing have become everyones else’s problems.  With each genocidal act committed by Israel against Palestine, Israeli ‘friends’ and coerced supporters grow fewer in number and less in enthusiasm.  Netanyahu’s extreme policies have created a barbaric apartheid regime in both Gaza and the West Bank.  Therefore, every country in the world is now compelled to address the Palestinian predicament by virtue of their continued relationship with the rogue nation Israel.

It appears that the USA is finally taking a stand against Israel’s state-sponsored criminality and ongoing lawlessness where it concerns Palestine.  The following explosive nuclear disclosures are just a few of what may become an avalanche of American revelations about Israel’s many false flag attacks and operations, international crimes and acts of aggression, as well as violations of national sovereignty and incessant diplomatic interference.

Obama Leaks Israeli Nuke Violation Doc Before Bibi Visit

US helped Israel with H-bomb – 1980s report declassified

Are “Brer Barak” and “Vlad the Fox” having the last laugh?

by Gordon Duff, Senior. Editor
Veterans Today

Rumors abound that President Obama ordered the release of documents citing a 25 year coverup by the United States that allowed Israel to conduct not only nuclear espionage and openly sell nuclear weapons technology, but be underwritten by $86 billion in illegal American aid in the process.

The rumors state that upon receiving evidence of US and Israeli complicity in the 9/11 attacks, both detailed satellite and signals intelligence, supplied by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Obama ordered the documents released.

Only a week after Pravda published an extremely controversial story citing US complicity along with unnamed “proxies” in staging the 9/11 attacks, the US has released a bombshell.

The US has been sitting on a 1987 report, still heavily censored, citing Reagan/Bush complicity in passing on nuclear secrets to Israel allowing their development of thermonuclear weapons.

At the time of the report, VT editor, Colonel James Hanke, was ranking US military official in Israel and was tasked with gathering intelligence on Israel’s nuclear program.

Soon afterward, VT editor Jeff Smith, a nuclear weapons specialist and physicist, joined the IAEA and began investigations of nuclear proliferation activities on behalf of Israel and other nations done in concert with AIPAC and Victor Bout’s arms smuggling operations.

Now, just prior to the highly controversial and politically charged visit to the US by the Likudist ruler of Israel, Netanyahu, the Obama Justice Department settles the lawsuit that was withholding key information damaging not only to Israel but that directly threatens US aid to that nation as well.

The report, Critial Technology Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations, cites Israel as being in broad violation of nuclear non-proliferation laws:

“The Symington Amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 prohibits most U.S. foreign aid to any country found trafficking in nuclear enrichment equipment or technology outside international safeguards,” Smith wrote.

“The Glenn Amendment of 1977 calls for an end to U.S. foreign aid to countries that import nuclear reprocessing technology.”

President Putin has become increasingly concerned at Israel’s stepped up assistance to ISIS including the downing of a Syrian Mig 21 today, between the city of Daraa and ISIS supply routes through the border conjunction between Israel, Syria and Jordan.

It is believed that ISIS jihadists and weapons are landed on, according to well placed sources, carefully marked highways inside Israel.

These roads, designated as landing strips, are blocked off to allow landing of C130 aircraft.  The same aircraft fly to Libya to pick up weapons and fighters, dropping personnel for infiltration through Jordan and then take off, to resupply ISIS fighters outside Kobani and Kirkuk.

From Russia Today:

Conceding to a federal lawsuit, the US government agreed to release a 1987 Defense Department report detailing US assistance to Israel in its development of a hydrogen bomb, which skirted international standards.

The 386-page report, Critical Technology Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations, ”likens top Israeli nuclear facilities to the Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Laboratories that were key in the development of US nuclear weaponry.

Israelis are “developing the kind of codes which will enable them to make hydrogen bombs. That is, codes which detail fission and fusion processes on a microscopic and macroscopic level,” said the report, the release of which comes before Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s March 3 speech in front of the US Congress in which he will oppose any deal that allows Iran’s legal nuclear program to persist.

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“I am struck by the degree of cooperation on specialized war making devices between Israel and the US,” Roger Mattson, a formerly of the Atomic Energy Commission’s technical staff, said of the report, according to Courthouse News.

The report’s release earlier this week was initiated by a Freedom of Information Act request made three years ago by Grant Smith, director of the Washington think tank Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy. Smith filed a lawsuit in September in order to compel the Pentagon to substantially address the request.

“It’s our basic position that in 1987 the Department of Defense discovered that Israel had a nuclear weapons program, detailed it and then has covered it up for 25 years in violation of the Symington and Glenn amendments, costing taxpayers $86 billion,” Smith said during a hearing in late 2014 before Judge Tanya Chutkan in US District Court for the District of Columbia.

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Smith described in his federal court complaint how those federal laws were violated by the US in the midst of Israel’s budding nuclear program.

“The Symington Amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 prohibits most U.S. foreign aid to any country found trafficking in nuclear enrichment equipment or technology outside international safeguards,” Smith wrote.

“The Glenn Amendment of 1977 calls for an end to U.S. foreign aid to countries that import nuclear reprocessing technology.”

In November, Judge Chutkan asked government lawyers resistant to the report’s release why it had taken years for the government to prepare the report for public consumption.

“I’d like to know what is taking so long for a 386-page document. The document was located some time ago,” Chutkan said, according to Courthouse News Service.

“I’ve reviewed my share of documents in my career. It should not take that long to review that document and decide what needs to be redacted.”

The government’s representatives in the case — Special Assistant US Attorney Laura Jennings and Defense Department counsel Mark Herrington — initially said confidentiality agreements required a “line by line” review of the Defense Department’s report. They later shifted, arguing that its release is optional and not mandatory, as“diplomatic relations dictate that DoD seeks Israel’s review.”

Smith and the US agreed that the government would redact sections of the report on NATO countries, though the passages on Israel remain intact.

“The capability of SOREQ [Soreq Nuclear Research Center] to support SDIO [Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, or “Star Wars”] and nuclear technologies is almost an exact parallel of the capability currently existing at our National Laboratories,” said the report, written by the Institute for Defense Analysis for the Department of Defense.

“SOREQ and Dimona/Beer Sheva facilities are the equivalent of our Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge National Laboratories…[and have] the technology base required for nuclear weapons design and fabrication.”

The report’s authors Edwin Townsley and Clarence Robinson found that Israel had Category 1 capability regarding its anti-tactical ballistic missile and “Star Wars” weapons programs.

“As far as nuclear technology is concerned the Israelis are roughly where the U.S. [w]as in the fission weapon field in about 1955 to 1960,” the report said. “It should be noted that the Israelis are developing the kind of codes which will enable them to make hydrogen bombs.”

In a statement on the report’s release, Smith said Thursday, “Informal and Freedom of Information Act release of such information is rare. Under two known gag orders — punishable by imprisonment — U.S. security-cleared government agency employees and contractors may not disclose that Israel has a nuclear weapons program.”

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s planned address before the US Congress was controversially arranged by Republican leadership without consultation of congressional Democrats or the White House.

The speech will occur weeks before Netanyahu will seek reelection, and is to center around his opposition to any agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, a deal the US — while levying heavy sanctions on Tehran — has pursued despite protests from its preeminent ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Tehran’s nuclear program is legal under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which Israel is one of the few United Nations members that is not a signatory.

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11 Responses to State of the Nation: Historic US–Israel Rift: Obama Leaks Israeli Nuke Violation Doc Before Bibi Visit

  1. Bill says:

    Here is some history of Zionist attacks on Jews to get them to move to Israel, just what they are doing now in Europe to Jews there.

    How much more does anyone need to see the difference between Zionists and Jews?

  2. flek says:

    The khazar ‘jews’ gave the ‘modern’ world nukes through Oppenheimer and the h-bomb from Edward Teller. They hold/held the tech from the beginning. They even ‘gave’ them to khazar controlled red russia through 2 ‘jewish’ spies. (One wonders if they were really executed or if that was also theater akin to the isis videos.)
    That said, just who controls america’s nukes? Or any of the 5 perm security council states nukes?


  3. judynz says:

    I cant lose sight of:
    Obama leaning into (I think it was Putin) & saying I will be able to do more in my 2nd Term in office. (Words to that effect)
    It didnt sound good at the time….but perhaps it was.

    We are being told that NOTHING is what we are contemplating & how we think things are, while the NWO are contemplating something quite different again.
    Who knows.

    The NWOs ability to create such extremely different senarios (story wise) to feed to us, to create fear & confusion.
    While all is madness, some are so ridiculously & obviously so. It could be the story makers run out of ideas or it could be a deliberate ploy.

    Keeping in mind, to everything there is an equal & an opposite & all requires ENERGY. What we the people need to do is train ourselves to step aside from all the words, touch on them lightly, not allow the words to influence our emotions, taking us to extremes of highs & lows. This weakens/destroys our energy.
    This is why the NWO have worked so hard at undermining us.

    Having said that, going through some of these has also been good for us, allowing us to learn that we must become balanced, even forcing us to or we could lose our minds.

    There is good & bad in everyone & everything.
    When something feels bad just know it is YOU & your acceptance of it.
    This is in fact a DETOUR SIGN on the Road you are travelling down, this is the time to stop & ask directions from the inner self, to relax & KNOW confusion creates panic & panic stops you seeing what you need to see, you become lost. Say “This too will pass”

    Remind yourself of things you have already overcome, they dont have to be earth shaking, lots of little achievements add up when learning.

    I remember how our teachers taught us to write. It was slow & boring but it did the trick. (I doubt any teachers of mine would still be alive to remind me of how often they put a red line through mine & the words, Rewrite)

    Now start practicing to interfere with all war equipment to render it useless. Dont get heavy about this have fun with it & keep your eyes open for stories about it. Dont get heavy about this either….& dont forget Putins Plane over the American ship recently.
    I believe we have yet to see more & more examples of this type of invention by the good guys who have been anticipating NWO evils for many years.

  4. Ri-chard says:

    If this pans out the hard epiphany is to happen for all too many very soon.

  5. Ri-chard says:

    Nothing on FOX, CNN, MSNBC yet. So I sent this to Greta, Hannity and Rush requesting that they at least try to debunk this reporting..

  6. william says:

    Israel has 400+ NUKES.
    Israel HATES Christianity & GENTILES.
    Israel thinks GREATER ISRAEL should rule the World.
    Israel has “DUAL-citizens” (Netanyahu) whose only true loyalty is to Israel, embedded throughout American government/society. According to the Zionist creed, Israel is the state of the Jews, all the Jews. Every Jew in the world belongs to Israel, even if temporarily residing somewhere else If Israel could provoke nuclear apocalypse between America&Russia …..and maybe even China ….. BY WAY OF DECEPTION…. Israel would be the ONLY NUCLEAR ARMED SUPERPOWER left………
    Especially if it nuked many of It’s HATED/HISTORICAL “enemies” While they are bombing each other.(Germany, Poland, England, Egypt, Iraq, basically ALL gentiles should “bear the YOKE of Israel”)Noted Israeli military historian Martin Karfeld stated that Israel could find itself one day forced to exterminate the European continent using all kinds of weapons including its nuclear arsenal if it felt its demise neared, stressing that Israel also considers Europe a hostile target.
    Does Israel have nuclear missiles aimed at the main world capitals?? — Nothing surprises me anymore. Seem like every world government today, is hell-bent with death, destruction or wars.

    Israel BRAGS about doing similar in Babylon(75,000dead) Egypt(all the FIRST BORN)
    Israel’s MOTTOES:
    (1) NEVER forgive & NEVER forget.
    (2) By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.

  7. desertspeaks says:

    Obama leaked NOTHING we didn’t already know.. the “mainstream media” has just IGNORED IT since it became known in the 80′-90’s..

  8. Ethyl says:

    JEAN, have you seen this? I didn’t see that it was on here. This looks BAD, unless maybe it’s made up. It seems legit though. If this is for real, everyone will probably start feeling this in the next few days at the most would be MY guess. (This is re: TPP and our ports in the Pacific being closed on 2/15/15).

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