Nukes in the Ukraine, lockdown at CIA, blockade of US West coast and more as takedown of cabal continues, by benjamin February 17, 2015

Someone sent this post to me, and I don’t usually post Ben’s work, because I know much of it is not true. (I have every reason to believe the White Dragon Society does not exist, and my own opinion is that with the mention of this organization and for much of the rest of the post, Ben is leading us on.) Ben does touch, however, on many things we see happening — and have even heard about, so I leave you to use your own discretion.  ~J

In the run up to the Lunar New Year this Thursday on February 19th, a major push against the cabal is continuing. This push has included a blockade of all trade from US West Coast ports, a lockdown of CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia and major military moves in the Middle East. Meanwhile, extreme turbulence, including nuclear explosions, is being engineered in the US, Europe and the Middle East by the Zionazi cabal as it struggles desperately to keep in power by finalizing a fascist coup d’etat.

The events in the Ukraine were perhaps the most dramatic. As mentioned briefly in this newsletter last week, a small scale nuclear weapon was used against the pro-Russian militias in the Eastern Ukraine. The militia government confirmed this in a press conference when they said a missile with the explosive power of 500 tons of TNT hit them.

That is only possible with nuclear weapons. In further confirmation that a rogue nuke was used, the US National Geological Survey reported a magnitude 6.8 earthquake on the Ukraine/Russian border at the time of the explosion. This report was on their website for about 20 minutes before it was taken off.

After this explosion, the US based source, who has consistently predicted cabal terror acts in advance, sent an e-mail to this writer saying there were 4 more nukes ready to go off in or near the Ukraine: “One headed South of Donetsk, one headed to Stalingrad [now Volvograd], one headed North East of the last detonation and the cone currently waiting for transportation near Donetsk.”

These nuclear threats by US based sources came as France and Germany broke decisively with Washington D.C. by meeting directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin. After marathon talks, they were able to broker a Ukraine cease fire last week. As of this writing the ceasefire is holding with the exception of one pocket of surrounded Ukrainian troops around a railroad junction in Dontetsk.

There are also growing signs the arrest in Germany of a US government official carrying billions of forged US dollars destined for the Ukraine is having major, ongoing repercussions.

The Americans seem to have agreed to the European brokered deal and to the fact that the area of Ukraine around the gas rich Sea of Asov will become part of Russia. At a recent security conference in Germany, US Vice President Joe Biden referred to Ukraine as running from “Lviv to Kharkiv.” The implication, as you can tell from looking at this map

is that the Eastern part of Ukraine linking Russia to the Crimea will become part of Russia.

The discovery by the Germans the CIA was sponsoring murder and terror may have also led to pressure on the Pentagon to shut down the source of that terror: the George Bush Nazi CIA faction. There are reports on the internet that CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia have been shut down.

Our MI5 sources confirm that this is the case. One CIA source said it was just down for “a VIP visit.” A pentagon source did not returned our call as of the time this was being written. Vatican P2 lodge sources confirm the Pentagon has arrested “8 senior Khazarians [no names yet]” in Washington and that relations between the CIA and the Pentagon “are not good.”
There is a good chance the shut-down may be a condition for a Chinese roll over of US debt that comes due this week. The Chinese government official Xinhua news site has come out with a front page article basically accusing the US of sponsoring world terrorism.

This comes after Russia has accused the US government of being behind the 911 terror attacks on the US and before a 60 nation anti-terror conference is supposed to begin in Washington D.C.

The other really big sign of pressure on the Washington D.C. rogue regime can be seen from that fact that all shipping to and from the US West coast is being blockaded. Sources in the Longshoreman’s Union in Portland, Oregon make it clear this shut down of shipping is not due to a labour dispute as US based propaganda news outlets would have it. Rather this is part of an Asian blockade against the US to force it to deal with the criminals in Washington D.C. The shut-down of the rogue CIA may have been their condition.

The plunge in the Baltic Dry Index to record low levels reflects this embargo. The Chinese have also begun scrapping ships in a sign they are in this for the long haul if necessary.

We can also confirm from Vatican P2 lodge sources that the unusual cold hitting the US East coast is part of a weather warfare campaign aimed at forcing the Washington D.C. Zionazi cabal into surrender. Such technology does exist and is not limited to “cloud seeding” as recent propaganda news reports would have us believe.

Readers of this newsletter last week expressed concern that the US Department of Homeland Security was about to go ahead with its plans to start rounding up Americans and imposing martial law. While there may be martial law, you can be sure it will be aimed at protecting, not rounding up, Americans. The fact is that the Department of Homeland Security is having all its funding cut off.

Even if the DHS thugs try to carry out a coup, if push comes to shove, it will be the white hats in the Pentagon and the agencies who will win hands down in any showdown. Regime change for the better will happen in the US.

There has also been a lot going on in the Middle East. The oil rich nation of Kuwait experienced a total shut down of its power grid last week. This was followed by the announcement the US was sending 4000 tank equipped heavy duty infantry troops there. In Yemen meanwhile, the fact that most embassies and CIA agents in that country have been kicked out even as US regular forces continue to operate there further confirms a Pentagon CIA Nazi faction split.

The campaign against the Israeli based ISIS pseudo-Islamic army is also gaining traction. The United Nations observers stationed at the Israeli Syrian border have confirmed that ISIS is working closely with the Israelis. So are the Saudis. Ranged against them is a coalition of other Arab nations, Russia and the Pentagon working to actively destroy ISIS. The Egyptians have also attacked ISIS in Libya last week. This comes after the French Defense Secretary promised to “save Israel” by getting oil from Libya. Remember it was the French, British and Italians who overthrew the Libyan regime not the Pentagon. Now it looks like the Egyptians and Russians, with Pentagon tacit support, are counter-attacking on behalf of the people of the region.

In Japan last week, this writer was on a live broadcast TV news program where numerous commentators, (including yours truly) made it very clear to viewers that ISIS was neither Islamic nor Arab but was rather an Israeli run mercenary army.

In Europe as well, the Nazionists are on the run. The situation concerning Greek debt remains deadlocked, the IMF remains without funds and now Russia’s Putin is visiting Hungary to endorse that nation’s removal of Rothschild banking interests.
Speaking about Rothschilds, last week somebody called “Nakayama-Rothschild,” contacted the White Dragon Society. The North Koreans, Chinese, Mossad, Gnostic Illuminati, Jewish Financiers and Kurdish groups have all also contacted the WDS in the last week to discuss the creation of a new financial system.

So far there has been agreement on the need to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and start expanding into space. There has also been broad agreement to allow free energy technology so long as it cannot be used for destructive reasons. This will not harm the hydrocarbon interests (coal, oil, gas etc.) because, in the era of free energy, carbon will become the most sought after substance. Carbon will be the basic building block of new eco-systems.

On a less positive note, we have not yet been able to identify exactly who or what is preventing us from using life extension or life enhancement technology.

Take a look at this report to see an example of how we are being prevented from extending our lives. This is an article about scientists at Harvard who discovered a compound that can turn mice from the equivalent of 60 years old to the equivalent of 20 years old.

When this was first announced the compound was described as a “simple protein.” But in this article, it says it would cost $50,000 per day or $18 million per year for a human. This sort of article about the discovery of a life prolonging substance appears about once a year in the scientific world and is inevitably followed with a reason why we will never get our hands on it. The same is true of any attempts to change our genes to make us smarter, stronger, more beautiful and all around better. Somebody or something still wants our lives to be short and brute.

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33 Responses to Nukes in the Ukraine, lockdown at CIA, blockade of US West coast and more as takedown of cabal continues, by benjamin February 17, 2015

  1. Maciel says:

    Ben Fulford , a LOt of Crap info mixed with half-trues and half-lies . In a word : Desinfo !

  2. Lionya says:

    Greetings from Russia, dear truth seekers.

    I have been checking Ben’s reports for over 5 years by now and
    I, too, have found him loosing his hard obtained credibility over these years.

    There were some hilarious stories, indeed. Like those killer-ninjas, ready to strike exact figures in TPTB in an eyeblink. Which, of course, has never happened – and instead we’ve seen only further consolidation of power by Cabal agents in Japan.
    Or the story when Ben has gone missing and there were speculations about his possible abduction and cloning/replacement (lol). Fishily enough, it was the moment after which he suddenly started to bleach off Jesuits and their intentions.

    Overall, this made me think of Ben as of crossroads, where every wind travels it’s own way without any obstacle at all.

    But the latest post just turns him into a Psaki-like carousel media-outlet,
    which retranslates every “trusted” input, nicely falling into described context,
    without any checking at all!

    Please, someone, inform The People that
    “The militia government confirmed this in a press conference when they said a missile with the explosive power of 500 tons of TNT hit them” is UTTERLY FALSE.

    Being a native russian speaker, I can 100% confirm that on the video presented,
    Eduard Basurin clearly states “500 KILOGRAMS of TNT”, not “KILOTONS” and not even “TONS”.
    The subtitles are incorrect exactly and only in this part – and I don’t know why.
    But I do perfectly HEAR what was stated in front of several cameras.

    This the warhead correct TNT yield of ballistic missile, which was intended to strike Donetsk, but
    somehow fell and blasted before reaching the target.
    And this type of weapon can be obtained without any NUCLEAR materials at all.
    Especially due to ENORMOUS greed-driven capitalistic corruption of post-soviet armed forces all over the CIS countries (with the Russia being the only exemption because of longstanding Putin’s authority in military circles).

    From Russia with Love, Lionya.

    P.S. *and for something completely different*
    I have found this letter very useful in explaining to the general public complexity of the Russian-Ukrainian-American relations. Perhaps, Jean, you will find it a good use too.

  3. Ethyl says:

    Hey Jean! I thought this Ben was really great this week; he was really getting in to the nitty gritty on some perplexing things that have been happening. I ALMOST sent you this Ben, because I thought it was really good! I actually read all of his links.

    I never really believe anyone. I usually just use what I read to get me thinking. And Ben is great at stuff like that (and he IS very entertaining to read, right or wrong; I really look forward to his weeklies)! That was a really interesting take he had on the ports being blockaded, and said that union thing was propaganda. After I thought about it, what he said is very possible!

    I’ve been really stymied about the lack of info on the Langley thing. Anyway, I was quite shocked to see you had published this, while I was still making my mind up whether to send it to you or not! Cool deal!

    • Jean says:

      Please note the update on my own post this morning concerning Ben’s post. I also know that without doubt he and Neil Keenan work together 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

  4. rose day says:

    Jean, the key to longevity is purportedly (according to ancient mystics) within the mind’s eye and
    the energy for such dwells within the heart…a seemingly simple concept which bears out the
    concept that the simplest things are the hardest to understand as humanity has been programmed to believe that ‘simple’ is somehow inferior when in fact the opposite is true.

    ‘Clouding’ is the ultimate controller machination and TPTB have used every weapon in their arsenal
    to promote ‘clouded’ thinking primarily through programmed ‘health’, ‘education’ and ‘welfare’.

    What is becoming obvious with each passing day is that the controlling programs are no longer
    viable and this situation has produced understandable panic among those who would control
    based on outdated and obsolete systems.

    The hope, as always in humanity’s leaps forward, is among the young and uncorrupted with the
    added caveat (to which most of today’s parents will readily attest)…in this present time period, the ability to manipulate and control the young is near non-existent…a true blessing in disguise!

    • Jean says:

      What you call ‘clouding’ Rose is what I suspect I keep asking people to clear . . . traumas that prevent them from seeing life clearly. While they may think they are in fear regarding events on the planet, what is often happening is that these events are triggering far deeper, unconscious fears from childhood that are often so upsetting or disturbing that we block them. They are usually the result of having had no guidance from our caregivers through a difficult situation with the result that we have created a ‘story’ around the events that is not true, not based in reality. Usually, we disempower ourselves with these ‘stories’, and while it is frightening to change those stories, if we get good guidance and help we can learn to see the true reality of what happened to us and heal the trauma, the mistaken ‘take’ we have created out of the memory of the trauma. I hope this makes some sense, because I think nothing can be more important! Hugs, ~Jean

  5. gear13 says:

    The manipulation of gold and silver by the cabal are their last attempts to strike back to China and other gold rich countries, and this is possibly why China decided to stop the imports and exexports at the ship ports just like they tried to do with the oil markets but is not going to work. The cabal in the US government are just digging their own grave deeper while the whole world is watching, talk about the irony of the all seeing eye thanks to the internet that the Pentagon created. We are witnessing the demise of the cabal and hopefully we will get to see the restoration of the US constitution pretty soon let there be light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

  6. gear13 says:

    News keep coming at a fast pace and there’s little bits and pieces of truth of the matrix falling apart, remember that we create our realities so let’s keep our hopes up and envision the take down of the cabal.

  7. BEN SUGGESTS: Rather this is part of an Asian blockade against the US to force it to deal with the criminals in Washington D.C. The shut-down of the rogue CIA may have been their condition.

    DAVE HODGES SUGGESTS: The backlog of ships is a crisis being done on purpose because the private multinational corporations want to empty the shelves in supermarkets nationwide for three or four weeks, to force governments to approve blackmail contained in the Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP]. This is the economic end-game which will permit these multinational corporations to become nation-states across the planet.

    In my view, mainstream media withholding information about a strike that could ’empty grocery store shelves’ suggests that psychopaths manipulating this planet are up to no good again!

    • Debbie says:

      I believe we actually export more food than we import so I don’t think the grocery shelves will be empty – just all the Chinese crap and toxic fluoride and it will kill Walmart maybe this will turn manufacturing back on here!

  8. chris says:

    I still read him every week. Not because I find the things he say to be based on fact, but because they’re entertaining. Does anyone remember the worldwide team of ninjas ready to strike down the cabal at a moment’s notice? I do.

    The way he is able to take bits and pieces of things we all read and imagine things to fill in the blanks is what makes me wish he’d write political thrillers.

    The only thing I’m truly tired of is how he and others (Wilcock, etc.) will state things as fact because they came from “insiders” (read: handlers.) Or how since they have heard the same things from “different insiders” (read: handlers who work together and pretend they don’t.) who “couldn’t possibly know each other” then it simply HAS to be fact. Or how anyone who disagrees or questions this must be a troll or, even worse, a “paid government troll.” It’s a great way of shutting someone down and getting all of your sycophants to lash out at a poster, but it doesn’t exactly strengthen your argument.

    Anyway, I hope he writes about ninjas again. Have a great day everyone!

  9. Captain says:

    Vid of the ‘port closures’ mentioned by Fulford… Youtube: Obama Closes Ports

  10. Captain says:

    From 2013. Maybe this is what is going down in Langley, and other sites.
    Youtube: BUSH HIDING IN EXILE! Obama’s Arrest, Bush’s Trial

    • Captain says:

      also… if you click the Youtube logo, it will take you to Youtube, and the list of 5 vids.

    • Jean says:

      I don’t want people to get their hopes up. I don’t think it will happen this way! Hugs, ~Jean

    • OldMan says:

      Hey Captain, thanks for the above post.

      I would dare anyone who really cares to start with the 4th video in the series. This serious message (1hr30min approx) is void of any cabal-induced editing or directing. If you can get through it, it should raise your individual focus one magnitude higher.

      Then re-read Jean’s posts today (the day you watch the video) and ask yourself if you aren’t more committed to finding the real truth.

      That’s how these things go.

      Again, much gratitude to Captain for sharing.

  11. richbuckley7 says:

    “Somebody or something still wants our lives to be short and brute.”…


    There are considerable length conversations developed in the five books of the Law of One, describing the reason for our shortened lives from the Biblical 900-years:

    “The lessening of the life span was due primarily to the lack of the building up of positive orientation. When there is no progress those conditions which grant progress are gradually lost. This is one of the difficulties of remaining unpolarized. The chances, shall we say, of progress become steadily less.” (Progress: level of consciousness, not length of life)


    Then there is the David Hudson, monoatomic gold 900 to 1000 year life span plan, research and experimentation underway overseas now:


    Then there is the infamous Iron Mountain – Masonic Plan geared to the Georgia Guide Stones


    When you combine all these cosmic level cross motivations from both ends of the polarization of humanity (Service to Others versus Service to Self), where is Big Pharma. Big Pharma seems not concerned with healing as much as they are concerned with Big Pharma profits, aka: Suppress Alternative Remedies that seem to work and cost pennies to produce….like MMS and other alternative remedies. (Food and Drug partners with Big Pharma : ) . But longevity is creeping upwards globally nonetheless.


    So who’s holding back long life advancements?

    Resistance to free energy devices is amazingly encouraged by environmentalists movement itself that fears free energy will clean water, purify air, and enable food production on levels that will increase Earth population, extend life spans and bring us soon to a global population of 27-billion living on Earth.

    But, it seems to me it’s unfair and inconsistent to point a figure at environmentalists in some self-destructive circular argument of innocent souls who seek clear water and clean air and diversity of life. Don’t we all?

    In the final analysis it seems to me to be an extraordinarily complex matter of our level of consciousness and awakening.

    • DavidG says:

      There is nothing complicated about it. Overpopulation only exists because of poverty. In the most desperate regions people produce many offspring as a pension insurance policy for old age. In less desperate regions MOST people have two children, some have more (freewill) and some have none… so the answer to overpopulation should be equal to solving poverty.

      Of course there are more complex matters in the maintaining of poverty and overpopulation but even that comes down simply to consent. There is nothing complicated here, nothing to mentally taxing – it is as clear as day.

  12. Ilex says:

    Just and fyi – silver has plummeted
    Silver is trading for $16.47/oz. and gold is trading for $12.08/oz. Please watch the markets, something is probably going on.

  13. Ilex says:

    I don’t take Ben serious anymore, however, with that said what about this venue? I don’t think Putin will release the 911 pix knowing full well the that poeple of the world especially those in the US would go balistic. I think a more peaceful way for this to come about is to capture at least 95% of these perps then when the TV goes “forced” with the 911 info they can state right from the beginning that the perps or most of them have been captured and are being held until their trial. Of course, a fair and speedy trial. Once again this takes the immediate anger and deflates it to where is will be manageable, at home. So, there may be some truth in what Ben has to say, who knows. Just my thoughts. 🙂

  14. Debbie says:

    There was a sort of joke that circulated for many years that Obama was created in a vat in Langley Virginia…….but I believe the reference was that Langley is a well known cloning laboratory and many maintain to this day that Obama dies in June 2013 and what we have is his clone(s)….the rabbit hole is DEEP….
    I stopped paying attention to BF a long time ago after it became evident he had been predicting the round up of the dark cabal being imminent for the last 8 years that I know of…..after reading this I am intrigued as I believe something big, VERY BIG really is brewing and of course our media is anti-news…….complete cover up the cabal lies……………which leads me to think about Brian Williams – does anyone really believe that he lost his job for a lie told years ago? No, those news-like TV hosts all lie – they are in the same boat as politicians – their job is essentially to lie and manipulate the public into accepting the lies and manipulation of our government. There is a whole different story behind the take down of Williams….

    • Ethyl says:

      Debbie, I think Brian was a sacrificial lamb. I think they wanted a distraction and they created one. They’re up to something, while everyone is (cough, cough) ASTOUNDED at the lies of a huge MSM anchor!

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