RT: ‘Concrete steps for OSCE to monitor E. Ukraine’ agreed by Putin, Merkel, Poroshenko . . . when this falls apart, they aren’t going to be able to blame Putin! ~J

Published time: February 17, 2015 07:21
Edited time: February 17, 2015 15:56

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The leaders of Russia, Germany and Ukraine have discussed the progress in implementing the Ukraine ceasefire deal amid an ongoing dispute over Kiev’s besieged military force in Debaltsevo.

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The measures necessary to bring the so-called Minsk agreement into force were discussed during a phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the Kremlin reported Tuesday.

“The issues of ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons by the sides of the conflict and the situation around the city of Debaltsevo were discussed,” Putin’s office said. The leaders also agreed on specific steps to be taken to enable OSCE monitoring mission in the area.

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The talks were confirmed by a German governmental spokesman, who said the pullout of the weapons should start on Tuesday as planned. Berlin called on Moscow to use its leverage on the Ukrainian rebel forces to implement the ceasefire.

Neither side commented on how exactly they plan to make clashes stop around Debaltsevo, a city held by Kiev’s forces and besieged by the Ukrainian anti-government troops. Fighting continues there even as ceasefire is mostly observed in other parts of the conflict zone.

The rebels insist that Debaltsevo has been encircled and that their opponents should lay down their arms and leave it immediately. Kiev claims that the city is its advance stronghold and must remain under its control under the Minsk agreement.

Reuters / Baz Ratner

Reuters / Baz Ratner

The issue was one of the major bones of contention during last week’s marathon talks in the Belarusian capital and was not resolved there, with the parties agreeing to hold additional fact-finding probes to find a common ground.

With the Debaltsevo stumbling block firmly in place of the ceasefire, both Kiev and its opponents appear to be reluctant to start the planned withdrawal of heavy weapons. On Tuesday, Ukrainian military spokesman Andrey Lysenko accused the rebels of lying about their withdrawal schedule.

“The statements [from rebel commanders] about the pullout of heavy weapons remain just statements. We didn’t notice any actions,” he said, adding that Kiev would only order a pullout after the clashes stop.

Lysenko’s opposite number among the rebels, Eduard Basurin, said on Tuesday the rebels would meet Kiev halfway on the issue, even though on Monday he said their heavy weapons would be withdrawn only simultaneously with those of the Kiev forces.

“We intend to pull back artillery in the areas where the ceasefire is holding,” Basurin told journalists.

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Both Kiev and the rebels have serious motives to cling to the contested Debaltsevo. For Kiev it would be a major military asset with proximity to Donetsk, a rebel stronghold. The Ukrainian media also depict Debaltsevo as a place of a heroic last stand, so losing it would be perceived as a serious defeat for the government.

The anti-government forces claim to be holding Debaltsevo in a chokehold, with supply lines cut. They argue that for all practical goals Kiev cannot maintain control over the city for long and thus it should be surrendered. The rebels also suspect Kiev of intending to break the ceasefire eventually and don’t want to leave a land within rocket artillery range from Donetsk in their opponent’s hands.

“We do not have the right [to stop fighting for Debaltsevo]. It’s even a moral thing. It’s internal territory,” Denis Pushilin, a spokesman for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, told Reuters.

The disparity of views is mirrored in the conflicting reports about the situation on the ground the two sides declare. The anti-government forces announced on Tuesday that they had “a bigger part of Debaltsevo” under their control and that Ukrainian troops were taking their offer to surrender.

Kiev rejected the report as utterly false. “The enemy is suffering heavy casualties and loss of arms. The artillery support continues,” Lysenko assured.

Meanwhile the OSCE, which is supposed to monitor the ceasefire, complained that the ongoing clashes in Debaltsevo prevent them from fulfilling their mandate.

“We are waiting for all the parties to confirm full ceasefire,” OSCE’s Ukraine mission spokesman Michael Bociurkiw told TASS. “We have 20 OSCE monitor groups in the Donbas conflict zone, but they are currently in the safe zone in Donetsk and Lugansk Regions.”

The new Minsk agreement endorsed last week by the leaders of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine provides for a ceasefire and pullout of heavy weapons as the first steps towards a political settlement of the Ukrainian civil war. The deal gives a hope of peace for the imperiled country, although many skeptics say it will collapse the same way the previous peace deal did in January.

As the hostilities in Eastern Ukraine continue, the death toll from the civil war rises accordingly. The latest UN count put the number of fatalities at least 5,665 since April, when the armed conflict started. The number is likely to rise at the casualty figures from Debaltsevo arrive.

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