The Vineyard of the Saker: I nominate “Iats” for the 2015 chutzpah Nobel prize

Unian reports:

Russia should pay for the restoration of Donetsk and Luhansk, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said on Sunday, according to Ukrainian online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda.

news_18731_nIf I were a rich man…

As for the reconstruction of the Donbas – I think it is logical to put the question of reparations to the Russian Federation. They destroyed the Donbas, and Russia should pay for the restoration of Donetsk and Luhansk,” Yatseniuk said.

They [Russia] have destroyed our economy, they carried out a military intervention, a military aggression. And they should be held responsible for that,” he said.

As reported earlier, in December 2014 Yatseniuk said that Ukraine submitted a number of lawsuits against the Russian Federation seeking compensation for damage caused by its military aggression.

Earlier, Yatseniuk said that the amount of damage from the military actions in the east of Ukraine totaled $8 billion.

Recently, we have assessed the rebuilding of infrastructure as UAH 8 billion. Now the hryvnia can be replaced with a dollar,” Yatseniuk said.


Saker commentary: so “Iats” is saying that it was the Russian Federation which destroyed the Donbass, not the junta’s artillery.  Nevermind that while the junta was laying waste to Novorussia the Russian Federation was sending numerous convoys of aid to the Donbass which Kiev (and Uncle Sam) declared an “invasion”.  “Iats” also seems believe that Russia ought to rebuilt a Donbass even though he also seems to want the Donbass to remain part of his Banderastan.  I hereby nominate Iats for the “chutzpah Nobel prize for 2015”.

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10 Responses to The Vineyard of the Saker: I nominate “Iats” for the 2015 chutzpah Nobel prize

  1. Hildegard says:

    Look only at the left side of Yats face. The man is utterly confused!

    • Jean says:

      HIS left side, or the left side as we view it? ? ? Hugs, ~Jeam

    • bewareofserco says:

      “Confused” is the normal mind-state of the global political classes – if you’re not confused you just don’t get the gig! These people are specially selected for positions of high-office because of their exceptional levels of confusion.

      We can’t have lots of unconfused people in world politics when there are important decisions to be made now can we? There would be a serious risk that someone would say or do something that was sensible, and we can’t have that sort of nonsense going on.

    • Watcher (Nancy) says:

      Interestingly….. there is a study ongoing since the days of John F. Kennedy on the comparison of the “sides” of the human face… (the study of Kennedy was scarey!)… and as we know the right brain controls the LEFT side of the body/face etc., so take a sheet of paper and cover one side of this individual’s face… study it for a moment, and then cover the other side.
      The difference and the subconscious message that is sent to the brain of the viewer is shocking.
      When the two right sides are combined in a photograph… or the two left sides, many times the photo is impossible to identify as the person whose photo it originally was.

      Hidden characteristics are usually shown on the left side… that is interesting because that is the right brain side and supposedly is the FEELING emotional brain.

      • Jean says:

        This is new to me! Thanks., ~Jean

        • Hildegard says:

          I made a very intense and lengthy study of body language when a love interest betrayed me so many times I lost count. My friends and family were about to disown me! Sounds utterly ridiculous but thankfully I had a lot of online photographs and video of him to study over about 6 months. I swore on my life I would never be seduced into a nightmare like that again. As it turns out EVERYTHING I ever wanted to know about him was staring me in face from day one. Learning body language gave me my sanity back and that’s no exaggeration.

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