ALL Islamic Terrorism Funded By British Crown

February 18, 2015
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A beautiful Muslim temple.  Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.
Divide and conquer has been the primary modus operandi of the global elite for centuries. In 1947 the British carved Pakistan and Bangladesh (East Pakistan at the time) out of India with the intention of forever dividing the Hindus and Muslims of South Asia. Ghandi was jailed for “interfering with the revenue” when he criticized the East India Company for its opium trafficking habit.


The British Crown established the Aga Khan Foundation in Pakistan to fund its covert operations in the region. Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan IV claims direct descent from the prophet Mohammed, just as the Illuminati bankers claim lineage to Jesus Christ. According to Forbes, he is one of the ten richest “royals” in the world with a fortune of over $800 million.

Born in Switzerland and a British citizen, he now resides in France, where he breeds race horses. He owns an entire island in the Bahamas, an exclusive yacht club in Sardinia where he parks his $150 million yacht, two Bombardier jets, and several estates around the world. In 2008 French President Nicolas Sarkozy exempted Aga Khan from all taxes, saving the British agent billions of dollars. In late February 2014 he became the first faith-based leader to address a joint session of Canada’s Zionist-controlled parliament.

The Aga Khan Foundation’s primary purpose is to aid and abet the global oligarchy of which he is very much a part. It specializes in spawning various types of Muslim extremists from mujahadeen to al Qaedato Wahhabis to Takfiris to the al Nusra Front. All represent a right-wing medieval ideology collectively known as political Islam. They are deployed to attack nationalist and left-wing governments who refuse to be cowed by the Rothschild bankers and their corporate tentacles.

As major component of this strategy is that these extremist groups create a general hatred of Muslims in the Western world.  Divide and conquer.

Aga Khan Foundation is a subsidiary of Crown Corporation, the umbrella under which many assets of the British Crown fall. This is the same Crown Corporation which owned Securacom, the private firm chaired by Marvin Bush which held the security contract on the World Trade Center in September 2001.

Starting to get the picture?

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2 Responses to ALL Islamic Terrorism Funded By British Crown

  1. translimits says:

    No wonder Obama is being cagey about calling the terrorism “Islamic Terrorism”….in spite of all the flack he’s getting, mostly from NeoZionists that are controlling the Media & minds of the masses, sadly. There’s always a ‘hidden hand’ lurking.
    “Who’s on first (plate)?” Maybe it’s time to get off the ball field…

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