It Can’t Happen Here!” . . . oh, no? ~J

Published on Jul 31, 2013
Thanks to R., who shares, “Here’s one for High School Seniors to listen to and take notes.”

This video is for all those who imagine that there is some sort of magic that renders the United States immune to the tyranny that has plagued every other major empire in history. DVDs of this video–in normal resolution and high definition–will be available soon.

For those who wonder, this version is slightly improved (a couple typos fixed, and more time given to read quotes) compared to the version submitted to Alex Jones’ “Operation Paul Revere” video contest. (And for those who wonder, this video didn’t place in the top three in that contest.)

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9 Responses to It Can’t Happen Here!” . . . oh, no? ~J

  1. Watcher says:

    Watching to see IF Vladimir Putin begins to “ask that the people give HIM the tools of FORCE… and unlimited support for him to use them, and thus follows in the footsteps of criminal dictators that have come before him.
    IF…. that time comes.. (and we should remember that it does not always happen in history), but IF it happens, then we can decide that Russia is NOT “the hope of the world”…..
    I am standing for everything that Russia appears to be creating now, and apparently intends to continue for the foreseeable future…
    …. the “shift” is clearly changing the face of life as we have known it… At this time it seems that Russia, with Putin at the helm of the “Russian Ship of State”, is the catalyst.

    • Jean says:

      Watcher, I think it is very likely that Putin will bring down the fiat dollar, and after that I am watching. Will we continue to be bombarded with chemicals that lower our and the earth’s vibration, preventing our ascension? That’s what I’m watching for πŸ˜‰ Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Ri-chard says:

    Previously I said these videos should be shown at every High School during the senior year in a assembly of all students before graduation. Now, I believe they should be shown at every College at the beginning of the freshman year and every year to follow.
    After all wasn’t it in great part the college vote that got Obama elected.

  3. james boober says:

    collapse of a slave colony planet is indeed a sight divine
    and no we here at jean’s
    don’t sit on no sidelines
    we have the spot a cozy perch
    a place just most sublime

    the creator speaks through me always
    and hesheit quite likes it – what i say
    when it does come out in rhyme
    a dancing party comes online

    i am a mystery wrapped in an enigma fertilized by so much bull quip
    that when i open my mouth to speak out of it role da shit
    i’m hip i’m with it im old and moldy but that is how i got so boldy

    now for a special weather report:
    .thanks to the WOMEN’S COMMITTEE here in vancouver we all will have a ringside seat for the prosecution of an active genocide STAY TUNED

    ringside seats pop corn ready
    creator,s hand on the wheel
    he she it’s quite steady

    no blow back for us this time
    cuz we arrived on this thin dime
    just in time to wipe the slime
    from all access to this home pristine
    without having to make us mean

    the good the gad the ugly bad
    the roller coaster ride we had
    and now upon the finish line
    a chance to savor our fine wine

    our beautiful home our beautiful mother
    she got the goods like no othermother
    she got the goods she got the know
    sees us as sister and brother
    not pimps and ho’s

    this planet rocks this planet rolls
    roll over beethoven
    it’s just how she flows
    bill haley wrote that cover
    -sumting he knows

    you can’t stop the flow
    it’s a field don’t you know
    – you are within it
    and it is implicit
    that you grow with the flow

    this planet knows who has her back
    she’s brilliant like no other
    YES planet janet don’t she know
    it quivers through her flutter

    who loves her and who has her back
    of these things she is certain
    and as enlightened beings everywhere
    knows just when to close this curtain

    the rest of you sleazy wicked mofo’s
    just get just a heart attack oh no!

    so sorry you had to get spanked for not listening
    maybe change tracks before the blistering

    can’t say you ain’t been alerted
    can’t say you ain’t been astuted
    proof is in the puddin mix
    please don’t be a stupid

    a dash of salt a pinch of me and jeanie’s blog SALUTED

  4. kibitzer3 says:

    Thanks for the posting, Jean.

    Certainly timely.

  5. The maker of IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE, Larken Rose, advocates anarchism in other works. I mention this not to criticize … I say this to pique interest in all open-minded people to investigate “benevolent anarchy” as compared to predatory capitalism and communism.

    Ask yourself why we are born into a conversation that regularly demonizes socialism–even as we look forward to receiving our Social Security benefits.

    I want to thank Larken Rose for opening my eyes to the virtues of anarchy.

    One of the reasons I don’t trust Alex Jones is that this video was not awarded the “Operation Paul Revere” prize.

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