NATO Military to Inspect Southern Russia for ‘Military Activity’ / Sputnik International


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Dutch military representatives will hold inspections in Russia’s southern region of Rostov between February 17 and 20 to assess if there are any active military activities in the area, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s treaty control department said Tuesday.

The department said this would be the last inspection of Russian territory by foreign military for 2015 and will cover approximately 18,000 square kilometers (almost 7,000 square miles) in the southern region.

“The region being inspected was defined by the Dutch side and is located in the Rostov Region and covers around 18,000 square kilometers. This inspection closes the quota for holding such events on the territory of the Russian Federation for 2015,” department head Sergei Ryzhkov said in a Russian Defense Ministry statement.

Turkish experts will also conduct an investigation to determine whether Russian armed forces are taking part in “military action” in Rostov region bordering Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

“Russian Defense Ministry will organize an inspection of the said region in southern Russia for representatives of Armed Forces of Turkey. The inspected area, selected by the Turkish side, is located in the Rostov region,” Sergei Ryzhkov, the head of the Defense Ministry’s international treaty implementation department, said.

The Turkish experts will inspect around 14,000 square kilometers (5,400 square miles) of Russian land on February 17-19.

This is the third inspection of this type for 2015.

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