PressTV: Words are not enough, say Church sexual abuse victims

Mexican former priest Alberto Athie (R) and victims of pedophilia and attend a press conference in Mexico City on February 16, 2015 (AFP Photo/Alfredo Estrella)

Mexican former priest Alberto Athie (R) and victims of pedophilia and attend a press conference in Mexico City on February 16, 2015 (AFP Photo/Alfredo Estrella)

Victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Roman Catholic Priests have called on the Pope to permit civilian justice for clerical pedophiles and their benefactors.  

On Monday, victims from across the Americas issued an open letter to the pontiff telling him that “words are not enough.”

The letter referred to Pope Francis’s recent rapprochement of church related child abuse as “ambiguous and contradictory” because they do not result in any manner of “institutional process toward truth and justice.”

It also said that only Church reforms and civilian trials could halt the “great holocaust of thousands of boys and girls who were sacrificed to avoid scandal and salvage the image and prestige of the Catholic Church’s representatives in the world.”

Since his election in 2013, the Pope has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy against sexual abusive priests.

“Words and certain actions aren’t enough — even less when they are ambiguous and contradictory — because they not only don’t signify zero tolerance for clerical pedophilia, but only aggravate the harm done to the victims and do not build an institutional path to truth and justice,” read a part of the victims’ letter.

The letter, which was made public during a press conference in Mexico, was composed by victims from the US, Argentina, Chile and other nations.

Former Mexican priest Alberto Athie, who was present at the conference, said the Pope should establish  “levels of responsibility”  in the Church establishment in relation to the abusers and those who cover up for them.

“The church believes it is not accountable to anyone, but it has to learn that it must submit to civil authority,” he added.

Over the past few years, the Roman Catholic Church has been facing numerous scandals of child sexual abuse by priests, all over the globe.

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9 Responses to PressTV: Words are not enough, say Church sexual abuse victims

  1. Hegelian says:

    It is as simple as a “Claim of Right”. To Act like a king or queen is to lose jurisdiction. You have jurisdiction over yourself and the only way you can lose it is through your consent. Governments use a constructive fraud to gain your consent. Your parents don’t even know that by registering you at birth they have sold you into contractual servitude (debt slavery) for the benefits and privileges of letting the government steal your property, forfeit your labor, take your freedom and handle your time. We have been told since birth that this is the way it is. They created a fiction in your name, they have produced several multi-million dollar bond on it, and every time you turn around they take money from you. They borrow money against your labor and property without your consent and spend it like water. Now, who is truly getting the benefits and privileges, the government. They now have elite deviant behavior to feel they are entitled to it. We are losing over 70% of our income to government so they can be told what to do with it by a foreign corporation. In court, where they take you to bully you. You are conned to giving your name. You are now in a contract with a society (the Law Society) not the one you think you belong to and you have given your name for the record, not to be in a contract. It is a paradigm shift but you really don’t know for sure you are that fictional person they created; so say it. I don’t know but I am not the person created by the state to steal my freedom, time and I question who gave you jurisdiction over me. You see they need the Universal Supreme Being there with a document saying that you gave them jurisdiction or a document with a witness who saw it done. Once you can not give your consent, in front of everyone claim yourself (your right). You don’t have to give up anything its owed to you for the money defrauded by the state. If every body did this the government would not fall. They would have to tone down a lot and be a lot more responsible and transparent.

  2. bewareofserco says:

    Personally, I am of the opinion that the Vatican, being at the top of this planet’s corporate control hierarchy, not only condones institutional child abuse but covertly promotes it. To most people the Vatican may have a facade of respectability but the older I get, the more it appears to me to be little more than a front for Satanism.

    In the corporate world where human-beings are a resource and profit is god, there are many studies that have shown that it is those with psychopathic, low-empathy personalities that rise to the higher levels of management. For this to continue, many people will be harmed, psychologically and/or physically. The Vatican being the overseer of this corporate exploitation of humanity could change this situation in a heartbeat – if they wanted to. They haven’t. In fact, they are benefiting from it.

    Psychopathic bullies don’t back down until they are forced.

    If you haven’t already done so, please sign the petition which will hopefully get the satanic/sexual abuse of Alisa and Gabriel (9 and 8 years old) debated in the UK parliament. The UK establishment are trying VERY hard to prevent this matter from becoming public knowledge. This kind of abuse is a global problem and a united humanity has to find a way to tackle it together. Our “authorities” will only try to prevent this from coming out, so please help to make the UK the place where the entire world can finally see that satanic abuse is real and not just something that happens in the movies and in horror fiction.

    The link for the petition can be found on the following web page if you scroll down. Please e-mail it to your friends and help to make this viral.

    Many thanks to those who have already signed!


    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Gary, and hugs, ~Jean

    • Anisha says:

      While I agree the Vatican MUST be accountable to ‘civil’ authority, I respectfully disagree signing a petition for a ‘debate’ which only leads to a circus in Parliament.

      WHO is the true civil authority? Is it ‘government'(a fiction), OR, is it G-d’s people/private people/posterity(heirs) of the TRUST itself???

      Who has the ultimate power and authority to order a third party investigation, compel witnesses, READ the complaint from Affidavit, HEAR the complaint under deposition, and decide an indictment if there is sufficient evidence of criminal complaint for arrest and trial??? Is it parliament, or is it a people’s Grand Jury?

      If it be a Grand Jury, what do each of those people who make up a ‘legitimate’ independent/private Grand Jury have to have IN COMMON??? What is the ‘nature’ of their peerage? What distinguishes their ‘peerage’ from a member of ‘the public’?

      What does it mean to render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s, and render unto G-d that which is G-d’s? What is Ceasars’ nature? What is G-d’s nature? Which one is a ‘fiction’, which one is ‘real’? Which one is ‘public’? Which one is ‘private’?

      Once the people come to KNOW who they are, (the true civil authority), isn’t it put upon them to take right action to ensure a declaration of their ‘intent’ be known to all? How is that done?

      When people take right action on their own statuses do they not become each others’ peers? How do we know who is legitimate to even organize a Grand Jury of the posterity? Who are the ones who decide as a group of peers? How do they organize a Grand Jury? What is a Grand Jury Foreman and how is he/she elected?

      I post this NOT to be facetious, absolutely not, but only to show my brothers and sisters to what extent we have REMOVED OURSELVES from our own authority. WE ARE NOT VICTIMS, only confused by severe multigenerational programming and we must get back to brass tacks. We have got to stop being misled towards things that keep hitting a brick wall and don’t go anywhere.

      If we are the ones we were waiting for then, for goodness sakes, let’s get our focus on to those things which are SUBSTANTIALLY empowering. We are each Kings and Queens (without subjects) in our own Right. Let us ACT that way and think what would a King/Queen (w/o subjects) do in such cases?

      • Jean says:

        You are most certainly NOT being facetious, Anisha, and you need to keep speaking here, to keep us aware – lest we forget. While change may not come as quickly as you like, if this country is to start all over again, I think we need to do our best to ‘get it right’ this time around. . . and without question, I think you understand what that means. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Anisha says:

          Thank you Jean, for your great capacity for ‘patience’ in my cause.

          Yes, I will continue to niggle away, until lo and behold, one by one get’s it ‘organically’ via their own imagination (one of the most powerful faculties of mankind). Any ‘true’ teacher knows this is the ONLY way anyone learns anything.

          Yes indeed, you bet this is ‘esoteric’, but it is high time human beings be at least initiated to the next level of ‘man/woman’ standing on their own two feet willing to acknowledge, accept and embody their true mantle ie., (anthropos/true nobility/King/Queen w/o subjects (except their children for a time), yet, being subject ONLY to G-d’s Divine Laws)!

          The simplicity of causing one’s private status to be memorialized and therefore causing to be each others peers, is so simple. Once we each individually take such action, do we not then form what is known as a ‘society’? Of course!

          American trust law, in its most truest form and principles, being an offspring of British Chancery law, is a final distillation of centuries of ecclesiastical/philosophical debate, billions of deaths waged and sacrificed in wars, till finally at the end of 18th century here in America, enough is enough, a line was drawn. Deconstruction of the Crown/Vatican trusts were observed and a spanking brand new USA Trust is created the likes of which we never saw before on the planet. An absolute bulwark to both Crown and Vatican Trusts itself.

          But here’s the kicker, and likely the very reason it was allowed to be recognized in the first place.

          The monarchs wagered when they surveyed the populace of America (uneducated farmers), how many would come to know who they really are under such a Trust? How difficult would it be to confuse, misdirect and tempt the ‘posterity’? Not very.

          Only those who willfully ‘declare’ themselves IN WRITING and CHOOSE themselves as a member of the posterity to this USA Trust, may enjoy the fruits of protection of their OWN unalienable Rights from G-d.


          B/c these very ones would know they are 100% responsible for their own vigilance of their Rights and must be willing to extend these same Rights to those of their same peerage, while extending mercy and forgiveness towards those who are not yet their peers.

          E. Pluribus Unum. From the many, one.

          When a mass majority of the people ‘get this’, it becomes the ‘new world order’…but, in the meanwhile, the forces of darkness may have their way too until that time comes when enough wake up, come into substantial knowledge and take right action, then darkness (de facto) gives way to the light (de jure) as does nature itself. All is fair in love and war.

          This is Equity as the Christ himself taught for the very first time two thousand years ago.

      • bewareofserco says:

        Anisha, you’re call for a grand jury is fine – if we lived in a world were justice, the rule of law and respect for due process prevails. Unfortunately, in case you haven’t noticed, WE DON’T LIVE IN SUCH A WORLD!!! If we DID live in such a world, we would not be having this conversation and the world would not be in the state it is in where criminals can run amok with impunity.

        To get to a point where a grand jury can be convened, do its job and have its verdicts enforced, something has to be the “driver” for the changes that would be required, and that is why I consider the petition regarding the case of satanic abuse in Hampstead, London, to be a convenient “driver” for change if enough public outrage can be generated by the publicity that would surround a debate in the UK parliament – however circus-like the proceedings may turn out to be.

        At least signing a petition is DOING SOMETHING. With all due respect, you seem content to just sit on the fence and pontificate about an idealistic fantasy world that just does not exist at this time. Also, even if signing a petition that you consider to be a useless waste of your valuable time, does no good, what harm can it possibly do? The only harm that it can possibly do as I see it, is to the child abusing filth and the establishment vermin that protects and supports them, and that’s exactly what I want, I don’t know about you.


        • bewareofserco says:

          And another thing, you end your comment with reference to our individual sovereignty and I agree that we are each sovereign. However, we do not exist in an environment where we can “BE” sovereign. You ask any of the many sovereigns that have gone to prison after attempting to claim their sovereign rights in dealings with the corporate crooks, Dean Clifford in Canada is a typical example. The worlds of reality and corporate fiction are NOT compatible with each other so WE have to engineer the change that exposes the corporate world of fiction for what it is, so that reality can prevail and we can then be the sovereigns that we are and were always meant to be.

          “Thinking” is only the first step in engineering the change we all want and need, but at some point physical actions have to be taken and things have to be physically done in order to manifest the thought and make it become a reality. Thinking and/or pontificating alone will not manifest the change we need, so sign the bloody petition!!!


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