UPDATED – Three points from ~Jean, February 18, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

First of all, there are now seventy-five comments awaiting me, and while I’ve read them all, I’ve decided I’m going to release them mostly without comment.  The reason: your comments alone are very powerful, and I hope you will take time to read those of your fellow participants here. Many filled me with tears, a few bothered me, because of their shallowness, but mostly I was impressed with the knowledge, fair-mindedness, balanced thinking and discernment you all display.

Once more you leave me in awe of what incredible people you all are and how grateful I am that you are helping me get the word out.

Some of the topics of your comments include the David Wilcock post, Ben Fulford’s post, The Obama/Treason post, and some of those from Zerohedge. By the way, let me also repeat that while I have a certain philosophy and belief system on my blog — and so do not necessarily countenance people coming here only to ‘preach’ and try to persuade us of their very different views, it is not my job to make your decisions for you as to what your direction and choices might be. We are in a time when that is completely up to you. Frankly, I do not want such a responsibility.

Secondly, for the moment I’ve given up serious action on starting my new blog. Thoughts of it are working away in the back of my mind, but the news right now is flowing too rapidly for me to give it my best efforts. When I move on it, I think it will not take me long to get it up and running — and then what happens with it, what we do with it, will depend largely on your participation. I think I will probably put it up sometime around the time of the financial collapse, but I am depending on my inner guidance system to lead me.

There will be a period of harsh, confused awakening and possible chaos for people who have refused to even acquaint themselves with and examine the truth, and while this is occurring I hope we here can begin to seriously talk about co-creating the future we want on this planet. There are many, many angles from which to view this, and I’m interested today in your thoughts on how we might go about making such a beginning – co-creating our future. I am purposely not going to prime the pump for you, wanting instead to hear from you what you consider to be important. Please leave any thoughts or articles you might have as a comment here. 

Finally, yesterday, I got the information I needed to move beyond the one physical problem that has held back my ability to walk . . . and last night I believe I conquered it. Now, the mopping up process begins, which means strengthening muscles and so on. I’m sitting here wondering what it will be like to live without my life being a huge struggle, which has been my story for the last many years. As Laura at The Oracle Report has been telling us, I think I’m transitioning, and today I hope you will understand that I’m being very gentle with myself as I absorb this last ‘win’ in my own personal battle. 


UPDATE: In releasing the comments, I feel the need to post one right up front here. It comes from someone in Russia, who speaks Russian, and it refers to ben Fulford’s latest post. Perhaps you can see why I don’t publish Ben anymore . . . and probably shouldn’t have yesterday, as well. Let me say, I also suggest if you have interest, please check out the statement below:

Greetings from Russia, dear truth seekers.

I have been checking Ben’s reports for over 5 years by now and I, too, have found him loosing his hard obtained credibility over these years.

There were some hilarious stories, indeed. Like those killer-ninjas, ready to strike exact figures in TPTB in an eyeblink. Which, of course, has never happened – and instead we’ve seen only further consolidation of power by Cabal agents in Japan.

Or the story when Ben has gone missing and there were speculations about his possible abduction and cloning/replacement (lol). Fishily enough, it was the moment after which he suddenly started to bleach off Jesuits and their intentions.

Overall, this made me think of Ben as of crossroads, where every wind travels it’s own way without any obstacle at all.

But the latest post just turns him into a Psaki-like carousel media-outlet,
which retranslates every “trusted” input, nicely falling into described context,
without any checking at all!

Please, someone, inform The People that “The militia government confirmed this in a press conference when they said a missile with the explosive power of 500 tons of TNT hit them” is UTTERLY FALSE.

Being a native russian speaker, I can 100% confirm that on the video presented, Eduard Basurin clearly states “500 KILOGRAMS of TNT”, not “KILOTONS” and not even “TONS”. The subtitles are incorrect exactly and only in this part – and I don’t know why. But I do perfectly HEAR what was stated in front of several cameras.

This the warhead correct TNT yield of ballistic missile, which was intended to strike Donetsk, but somehow fell and blasted before reaching the target.
And this type of weapon can be obtained without any NUCLEAR materials at all.

Especially due to ENORMOUS greed-driven capitalistic corruption of post-soviet armed forces all over the CIS countries (with the Russia being the only exemption because of longstanding Putin’s authority in military circles).


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24 Responses to UPDATED – Three points from ~Jean, February 18, 2015

  1. gear13 says:

    One thing I do share with Ben since The beginning of his public appearance is the end to wars, environmental destruction, poverty and the likes just like anybody else. One thing I don’t like is that he seems to side with the p2 lodge.we all make mistakes in life willingly or unwillingly the fact is that everythitg is a personal experience as a soul on this realm of existence, therefore if Neil made his choice to follow the wrong path or anyone else for that matter our conscious awareness tells us that nobody will succeed upon taking the same low vibration path. It will be up to Ben if he wants to go in the same direction. That is why we who hold our hopes high for humanity to survive need to stay focus and continue for the remaining of our existence to speak with the truth and expose false flags, chemtrails, gmo, deceptions and bring awareness to the ones who still live in the 3D matrix who eventually will wake up from this trance as energies continue to pour down to earth. In the meantime let’s continue lliving with love, gratitude and forgiveness as we witnessing the crumbling of the matrix imposed in this world by very dark entities and eventually our souls will be set free at last.

  2. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    If one thinks about it, with the introduction of pesticides and the stripping of nutrients, illness, mental or physical is likely to be caused by the LACK of essential nutrients. Put the nutrients back in a sick person’s diet and how then could they remain sick? Us older folks also have bad habits. Folks with false teeth might choose foods that are easier to eat than others thus causing nutritional deficiencies. I saw this with my grandmother. Filling the stomach replaces nutrition.
    If we can take back control from the Cabal, we can stop the contamination of our food, air and water. I also see that when physical strength is restored, this will help in restoring mental health. Just read up on what happens when one doesn’t get enough Vitamin B complex. Scary.
    Can you imagine a society that stops toxifying the citizens and promotes good health for free?
    The productivity alone will surge and I’ll bet that crime will go down. I’d like to live to see that.

  3. Joanne Quesnel says:

    The best way to fix the mess is for each county to nationalize all the banks, leaving out the top 2%
    who currently control countries by controlling their banks. Each country should then focus on first fixing their own economies by returning to making as much of their own products as possible instead of sending these jobs to countries that pay their people a pittance and make slaves of them.
    Imports from countries not taking care of their people should be subject to a labor and safety tax, thereby eliminating the advantage of cheap slave labor or child labor.
    Make it law internationally that governments must act in the best interest of their people and anyone not doing so would go to jail including bankers, those destroying our environment, etc. All treaties should be open to the people. Any treaty or agreement that does not have the best interest of the people is automatically illegal and unenforceable. Laws should be in force preventing news agencies from withholding the truth or lying to the public. All scientists should be allowed to publish their findings and how they got there, thereby preventing the truth from being withheld. Taxation could be eliminated if governments are allowed to print their own money and use this only for the good of the people. IE many jobs could be created in just cleaning up the environment alone. No one can control the necessities of life. Government salaries & benefits should be decided by an independent board and cannot be more than the private sector. Corporation leaders pay must not exceed a certain ratio than paid to the employees and no bonuses can be paid unless directly tied to several years earnings. No bonuses can be paid if bailed out by a government. Constant increasing of salaries is just another Ponzie scheme that eventually must collapse.
    Increasing minimum wages is does not necessarily help the people but governments use this to raise taxes because it sounds good. A minimum wage should be based only on what is required for the necessities of life. Everyone who is physically & mentally capable can do something. Clean up a street, park etc. Non profit organizations should have to give most of the money to the people, not the people at the top of the organization. It is amazing the amount of money donated for catastrophes that if were given to the people directly would make them rich. Anyhow there are so many ways to make things better if monopolies are not allowed. War is only allowed for self defense and all decisions must be made to benefit the people and the environment. Individual rights are sovereign. There is much to say about this. Put people before money.

    Hugs and love back to you

  4. bewareofserco says:

    Good health to you Jean and best wishes for a continuation of the improvements in your mobility.

    My suggestion for a future that I would like to see – a future where “secrecy” is outlawed. From what I have seen, it is only criminals that benefit from secrecy – and at the expwnse of everyone else on the planet. I think it was JFK that warned about the dangers of secrecy – just before he was assassinated!

    • Jean says:

      To me, transparency is the name of the game, Gary. We’ve all been taught to hide our personal realities, but we are actually in the same boat. We’re making mistakes and learning together. No room for egos here . . . Egos are a product of fear and created by the matrix. Of course, we were taught this by our parents . . . but it all goes directly back to the matrix 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Peter S says:

    What beautiful and inspiring words and sentiments, dear Jean! Thanks for sharing them . . .

    “[Y]esterday, I got the information I needed to move beyond the one physical problem that has held back my ability to walk . . . and last night I believe I conquered it. . . . I’m sitting here wondering what it will be like to live without my life being a huge struggle, which has been my story for the last many years. . . . I think I’m transitioning, and today I hope you will understand that I’m being very gentle with myself as I absorb this last ‘win’ in my own personal battle. “

    • Jean says:

      It’s time we’re all transparent, Peter. We’re all more-or-less in the same boat, but we’ve been taught to hide our struggles and fears 🙂 Why? This keeps us isolated from one another . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Peter S says:

        And we are all connected with one another–connected with everyone, and everything, especially with the sentient beings (all that exists is sentient on some level and in some fashion, however); and we are all eternal as well, in our individuality–an individuality that is of inestimable value and worth.

        We all know how to live with one another. It’s just that we don’t all know, or rather, don’t always know, that we know this.

        It’s really that simple.

        God bless you, dear Jean, for everything that you are doing, and much more importantly, for who you are . . . .

  6. Rich Pack (bamboo-water) says:


    With regard to “. . . co-creating the future,” there are obviously
    a multiplicity of avenues to consider. In addition, there will
    be many avenues which will only become apparent as we
    walk into the future.

    I am reminded of the Estonian Proverb:

    “The work will teach you how to do it.”

    But one avenue which I feel we must give long and
    deep consideration to:

    1- The wisdom of the indigenous cultures around the world
    2- The wisdom of the world’s wisdom cultures

    These have all been suppressed, brutalized, and “buried”
    for thousands of years. That kind of suppression, that kind
    of brutalization, that kind of burying happens for a deep
    reason. My counter-intuitive mind says, “And that is
    exactly why I want to learn from these cultures.”

    Jai Gurudev,

    • Jean says:

      . . . and Bamboo- I agree with you — totally! These people have so much to teach us about the way forward. . . how todo the people’s business . . . leadership . . . the values of silence . . and on and on . . .how to raise our children . . . the purpose of the old ones (no sitting killing time and waiting around to die, but the passing on of the traditions to the young . . . and the traditions of caring, healing and on and on ) . . . I could go on and on . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  7. Sacredpeaks says:

    Jean, I look at Fulford’s report for what he is not saying. Two things that are not being widely reported on: The Swiss HSBC accounts leak from http://www.ICIJ.org. The other is the container found by German port authorities containing thousands of documents linking the UK Queen’s Crown bank Coutts to financing terrorism and other illegal activities. Reports from earlier today state that Swiss authorities have now raided at least three HSBC offices and individuals are being arrested. Downing Street (no surprise) has refused to do an investigation. Dean Henderson published this article:
    ALL Islamic Terrorism Funded By British Crown:

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, this one is already out. . . 🙂 Ben, more often than not spoke with Neil Keenan before his posts . . . what does that tell you about Ben? Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Ilex says:

    I am glad you are in your final healing stages, feel good!!!!!

    I also forgot to include the animals/pets in places like pounds/shelters that are on a waiting list to be put to sleep. This will not happen anymore!!!!!!!! Not sure how to stop it but there is a way and it will come to me.

  9. Ilex says:

    Just off the cuff, oh my, so much to be done. I think that getting folks fed, clothed and housed is or should be a top priority but to get Gaia cleaned up and bring the new technologies out is almos tas important. We need to get the free energy machines to every city, the health machines everywhere, the oceans need to be cleaned asap then our nuclear program but I strongly believe we will have help with that!!!! 🙂 How do we get rid of all the GMC (my new term for genetically modified crap) food out of our ecosystem? That is going to be HUGE since the pollen is already at the 75 mile marker in the outer spaces. How do we clean up our water supply? Get rid of the chemtrails, both in the air and on land? I think we’ll have help with that as well or we already are having help 🙂 We need to get rid of all vaccines. Of course we have restructuring our new/old Constitution but I personally want nothing to do with that. Then the jails need to be emptied out, trials for those folks and the current psychopaths…….. I do believe there will be many unemployed people when this finally happens and I truly believe that we will have lots of help.. Maybe not good help, many will still be getting through the shock of what has been disclosed. I guess we should set up emergency shelters for the folks that didn’t want to “see?’ Someone, not me, will have to straighten out the religions and Bible (that’s going to be a major task on in it’s own – major). Setting up a new political system with the good ole Constitution that was hijacked. I think we need to set up multiple day care type facilities for the abused-tortured children that have been in the pedophile rings and make sure they do not want to continue down the same path into adulthood. (Yiikes!) Help the MKUltra mind control folks to help them UNmindkontrol. Track the geoengineering-haarp-scalar machines but get the scalar machines for the food out to folks asap. It’ long overdue to get some food that actually has nutrition in it.
    OK, I;m tired, need a break. 🙂

    • Jean says:

      A perfectly wonderful list, Ilex! Just grand! It sounds like there will be plenty of work for everyone to do. No more joblessness!

      One thing, we cannot force anyone to change their ideas. Each one of us needs to make those personal decisions – like education, religion, healthcare, and so on. In time, I think people can/will change, but we must allow them to continue on in their beliefs – if that is what they choose. It is not up to us to ‘direct’ their lives in any way at all.

      I also think we are going to have a lot of big time help from the ETs — and from the technology that has been withheld from us. We will need to cleanse our bodies of all the toxins. . . and we need somehow to provide that free to every single person on the planet who chooses to take advantage of the opportunity. With no more money going to killing people and destroying our planet, I think this should be totally do-able ::

      Thanks for such a great list . . . now, let’s hope others have comments on what you are saying here 😉 How are we going to implement these things?


      • Ilex says:

        Here is an idea, not sure if it’s solvent but will run it by you. I have been thinking about making up business cards and putting some kind of” speaker” on it. I don’t mind publicly speaking and thought once this gets underway and the dust settles, folk are going to need a starting point or a few starting points and a foreseeable path for a year or two. If a group of us from your site would like to work together and I understand that every community is going to have different needs topically but the same needs for forward movement to make an outline of talking points followed by a Q&A session incase some folks don’t understand something. Take the people from your site and have us go into our communities -the local gym of the high school or community center – let them know what is available i.e. free energy machines, the scalar food machines, the medical machines for the community. Those that have put away gold, silver and other bartering items collectively can buy it for the community. Not sure if this would work or not? By listening to others you can learn a lot!!!!!! I believe this would bring people closer together that are willing to work together, those that are not inclined to drop the 3D ego do not have to participate. After about a month of new items surfacing, I bet they show up in droves!!!!!! I would even volunteer to speak in other communities if someone did not want to speak publicly. If the gym or community center charges, then the folks attending will have to be charged an admittance fee.
        Off the top of my head. 🙂

        • Jean says:

          Ilex, you are full of good ideas, but it would be for the group to decide on them 🙂 First, we have to see if we have a group 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Ilex says:

            Also, in preparing for a new financial system I certainly hope Walter Burien is a part of the process. For those new to your site – Walter was the second or so person to disclose what a CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) is and let me say right up front the CAFR is NOT the budget. 🙂 I just went to his website – CAFR1.com and he looks as though he has purchased or is ready to purchase land in New Mexico. Will build the TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) HQ there. From his site- WOW!!!!!

            “In March of 2014 a large contribution came in from Texas. Enough funds to build the TRFA National Headquarters. That is underway now and the DC Trip will take place when the National Headquarters nears completion. At that time the staff will be in place to start administrating the start of the TRF Fiduciary Trust accounts venue by venue. Fiduciary trust accounts designed to NOT lower taxation but replace all taxation. This will develope the ecomomy into the most prosperous ever imagined and be a true win-win for one and all.”

            Looks like Walter may be doing fine on his own. 🙂 chuckle

          • Jean says:

            Oh, Ilex, this sounds so wonderful! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  10. p says:

    Awesome Jean, all the best to you and speedy recovery to fantastic health for you! )

  11. sharen brewer says:

    It’s nice to hear your getting better. Have a great day.

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