Zerohedge: Greek Government Blasts Germany’s Arrogance: “It’s Like Being Asked To Surrender Back In The 1940s”

Germany’s government has been “overtaken by arrogance” in its approach to debt negotiations, a Greek government source reportedly told Sky News. The senior Syriza politician likened Germany’s current tactics to those of the Nazis, exclaiming “It’s like being back in the 1940s, being asked to surrender.” We are sure that will make negotiations run a lot smoother (but comes on the heels of various jibes at The Greeks by Wolfgang Schaeuble).

As Sky News reports,

Germany’s government has been “overtaken by arrogance” in its approach to debt negotiations, a Greek government source has told Sky News.

The senior Syriza politician said Athens would call for an emergency EU leaders’ summit if the Eurogroup failed to convene on Friday to discuss its application for a loan extension.

The new government wants separately to negotiate the conditions attached to the loan at a later date, which has been called unacceptable by German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

Greek negotiators say it is a “tactical manoeuvre” designed to give both sides more time to develop a new rescue package, which would would be less onerous on the Greek people.

Criticising Germany’s approach to the talks, a Greek government source told Sky News:

“Germany has been overtaken by arrogance.

“It’s like being back in the 1940s, being asked to surrender.”

The €240bn bailout, which came with more than 400 conditions – including reducing the public sector, shrinking pensions and lowering the minimum wage – expires in 10 days.


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6 Responses to Zerohedge: Greek Government Blasts Germany’s Arrogance: “It’s Like Being Asked To Surrender Back In The 1940s”

  1. WJ says:

    Sorry, but you are not addressing the real issue as I see it, but only the format of banking that was llegally imposed on the communities of nations. Commercial banks cannot realistically exist since the practice of usury is prohibited in Christian and Muslim nations. Money should never be a commodity in its own right. It is meant to be a token of equal exchange for goods and services. Charging interest artificially inflates the value of money. It is a duty of every government to create sufficient debt free currency to allow for trade and commerce within its nation.

    • Jean says:

      WJ, it’s news to me that the practice of usury is prohibited in Christian nations! It is prohibited in Muslim nations, as I understand it, but please give us proof that it is prohibited by Christian nations! It is happening blatantly in Christian nations and has been for a very, very long time. Proof, please! Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Hegelian says:

    Debt (money) is made from nothing, thin air. Created by a cult of Bankers who should be in jail. Bureaucracy is the biggest culprit here. They could cancel the debt any time. The only people it would really hurt are those holding the fraudulent treasury bills that they have been paid off with. There are trillions of dollars worth of treasury bills, derivatives, bonds which are just really thick tissue paper. The trillion airs and billionaires would scream if we the people decided to cancel that debt.

  3. Rance says:

    [Jean, I am currently in the process of a paper on this issue. Rather than repeat myself by paraphrasing my statements, I quote from this as yet unpublished essay:
    Rights, Obligations, and Economic Dividends]

    For an example of the real cost of loans through international banks and monetary agencies:

    “As for those sums loaned by the IMF from the total quotas supplied by member nations, these sums also do not constitute monies owed to ‘creditor’ nations. The monies subscribed as quotas were initially created by commercial banks through the agency of national debts. Therefore both the contributing nation and the borrowing Third World nation carry a burden of debt associated with these sums. Both quotas and loans are owed, ultimately, to commercial banks (author’s emphasis).”
    From: The Invalidity of Third World Debt, 1998, pp.14-17. (This excerpt found at the following site:

    For a current instance, Greek debt in euros is guaranteed by the other Euro members, so a default by Greece or increasing debt obligations by them are merely draining real production from everyone in the Euro nations while the claims against this production reside in the financial assets held by the producers of counterfeit money and investors who may have converted real value into these financial assets. The counterfeiters have given nothing in real consideration, and so really have nothing to lose. Nevertheless, through the legal shenanigans and manipulation of financial regulations and policy, these counterfeiters will claim EVERYTHING through inflation and confiscation. The “investors”, on the other hand, do have something to lose when their “investments” become worthless and they stand at the very end of the line in the receivership cascade.

    One might ask, especially if you live in another Euro country, why would you be lending more to a country like Greece who have proven its inability to pay its debts, debts which you are ultimately on the hook for? What can you possibly gain from it? The answer is telling, because it should be obvious that it is only the counterfeiters who gain from the arrangement as they claim the cash flow and collateral in the cascade of defaults.

    So the international banking solution is more counterfeit money for real assets until there is nothing that is owned by the people/country who have received the “loan”.

    But of course, the country’s government, enterprises, and people REQUIRE this counterfeit money to circulate as a medium of exchange. Without this circulation, no service can be exchanged, no wealth in real assets can be built, and no surplus of production can be achieved which would allow the purchase of imports without debt.

    Therefore, the international banking solution is no solution at all. Rather, it is a formula for stealing the real assets of nations and the perpetual capture of the labour of its people with counterfeit money- i.e. there will be no economic dividend from the arrangement, at least not to the people.

    • Rance says:

      Just after I posted this response, I read the “extend and pretend” article (Zerohedge day, or what?) which basically covers the same ground. Good to know we’re on the same page.

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