A Silly Blunder or Back to the Future? CNN Annexes Ukraine for Russia / Sputnik International

Well, I see I wound up highlighting this entire article! ~J



CNN is once again in the spotlight over misinformation regarding Ukraine. Having just apologized for calling the Ukrainian National Guard “pro-US troops”, the channel has committed another gaffe.

This time, in its report on what it called “Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine,” it seemed to portray the two countries as one contiguous territory: a presenter stands in front of a map where the countries of Europe are in dark green and separated by light green borders, except for Russia and Ukraine, which are both in light green with a large Russian flag obscuring the boundary between them.

The broadcast was about three “dire challenges” the European leaders are facing, including “the diplomatic and military crisis in the East created by Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine”.

Perhaps the channel is in “dire” need of a better graphics team, which could draw the two countries as distinctly separate, and without a Russian national flag covering most of Ukraine’s territory.

Or were the graphics intentional?

Only last week, CNN provided the social media with one of its hottest topics for discussion.

While reporting on talks between President Obama and Chancellor Merkel on the Ukraine crisis, it ran the title “Obama considers arming pro-US troops”, referring to soldiers fighting in Ukraine.

The blunder was quickly noticed by internet users and the channel had to apologize and explain that the recipients of any military aid in Ukraine would be the national military of Ukraine and certainly not “pro-US troops.”

There, however, was one more nuance spotted by the web.

When illustrating that report, the graphics team marked Crimea in a different color.

The channel’s graphics team may, in fact, be aware of some geo-political changes.

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3 Responses to A Silly Blunder or Back to the Future? CNN Annexes Ukraine for Russia / Sputnik International

  1. Hegelian says:

    It shows you how brilliant their script readers are. Obviously, the script writing staff are over worked and understaffed. Without a teleprompter their journalists are dead heads.

  2. alexchubb8 says:

    CNN’s graphics team aware of geopolitical changes before the rest of the world? Is that a joke, Sputnik?

  3. alexchubb8 says:

    CNN is having a serious numbers issue in regards to viewership. Or at least I have heard from credible sources. This is a ratings stunt.

    They are desperate for any kind of buzz about their product.

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