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It’s worth it to read the Chief Editor’s Note that explains this very complicated scheme. It’s a WOW!, but this seems to be the way they operate. It’s so educational to understand the scheme. ~J

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Subtitle: A Forensic Comparative Study of Misused Financial Fraud Intelligence By Bailey And Keenan

By Paul Collin
Editing assistants and contributors: Julia May & Brian Sidler – Staff Writers

Chief Editor’s Note: For those wishing to do the inspection of this comparative study concerning the publishing of intelligence work, which was provided to Neil Keenan by Paul Collin as a courtesy in the beginning of 2013, this report contains the facts behind the scene for this particular publishing.

The purpose of the report is to explain what a semantical intelligence operation is and how it worked in this particular instance of informational, as well as, international wire fraud. In other words, Bailey is an agent provocateur. Keenan is an agent provocateur and criminal, operating abroad – presently living in Indonesia, using international wire fraud as his means to make a living. It also demonstrates that the story being told is always changing because that’s the nature of running a fraud scheme. It’s what “milks” the cash cow, in a manner of speaking.

The following are the salient points.

1. American veterans were being surveilled after coming home from two theater’s of combat operations by use of a fraud to not only ensnare them but to receive investor’s money under false pretenses, which was put in place by a known (NOC) non-official-cover operative, Neil Benjamin Gibson. This is an assertion that Collin makes and believes is a reasonable conclusion based upon his research and training.

2. It is NOT TO BE CONSTRUED IN ANY MANNER, that the subject of the forensics, Neil Benjamin Gibson, is an alias for Neil Keenan; they are two separate people.

3. Originally, Paul Collin sent an email to Keenan describing an action of fraud using Gibson as the operative who used job creation for veterans as a ruse to create a shell company on the open market. Keenan, as described above, re-purposed the information sent to him by Collin. The forensic work done about Gibson is factual and correctly sourced. A job well done.

4. Keenan continued in the earlier parts of his ongoing and present campaign to prop up the PR for his own international wire fraud by using Bailey’s website/blog, which then – in-turn – used the information provided by Collin without permission to re-post it, to propagandize himself with Bailey as his ally in terms of a “good guy busting bad guys” message by sending the email to Bailey with the catch phrase; “POST THIS”. They posted the information without permission to use it publicly by Collin.

4. Bailey published two versions of the original content provided to Keenan by email from Collin. The data below shows Collin collected both versions of data from Bailey’s website after seeing the original re-post by Bailey, entitled “Paul Collin Coming Back To Join The Fight” and Collin continued to monitor the original re-post, which over the course of time (not specified) changed to reflect selected facts instead of all the facts and the original assertions made by Collin.

5. Collin makes the assertion that Bailey’s website, based upon his years of experience as an intelligence operative, trained by the United States Armed Services, is a typical intelligence op for tracking anti-American activites and is called a “Black Widow”. This means that the website is monitored for traffic by U.S. Intelligence Surveillance Systems, outside of Bailey’s purview. It is not known nor can it be verified whether Bailey is apprised of that circumstance or not.

A clarifying remark: It could very well be that Bailey is unaware that Keenan is using him for purposes other than Bailey knows about, or understands. It is known that Bailey was part of an operation being run by one Mr. Gene Valentine. Whether Valentine’s operation is sufficient evidence to connect the dots between Keenan’s international wire fraud or not, to Valentine, at present, cannot be verified.

It should also be noted; that upon the release by Collin of the data regarding Neil Benjamin Gibson, Collin had been contacted by officers within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Special Investigations (DHS OSI), to remove all traces of evidence implicating anything about the aforementioned (NOC) and that they had originally asked Collin to operate/takeover Collin’s former blog called Unwanted Publicity Intelligence. Collin refused to allow Unwanted Publicity Intelligence blog to be used for their purposes. As well, upon Collin’s refusal with the first request, he did agree to cooperate in a different regard, however, and was asked by DHS OSI to scrub any intelligence information about Gibson because it was compromising an ongoing op by elements within America’s security apparatus. Collin did comply with the second request and removed the material so noted as compromising the intelligence operation.

As I have stated for the record in our previous broadcast submissions about this web of deceit by Neil Keenan, assisted by Drake Bailey, Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock, we dropped our investigation of this over two years ago because we knew then, as we do now, with even more knowledge of the facts at our disposal, there is nothing that the men involved with this have asserted can happen, will happen. It’s a complete fabrication to defraud folks, materially. End of statement.

The data below containing Paul Collin’s compositions, which may seem repetitive, are for comparative study, hence the redundancy of the data. This is the manner in which Collin performs forensic investigation and submits information dumps, as he has in the past, to the intelligence community inside the alphabet agencies of the United States Government.

There is nothing easy about documenting the extent of this fraud and how it has been construed by the fabricators to conduct the fleecing of unsuspecting individuals of their hard earned money. Others involved in helping to perpetuate the initial instance of its marketing, though unwitting and irresponsible at the time, are none-the-less responsible for having their hand in the assist.

Three well meaning women, Ms. JB Brown, Ms. Denise Rednour and Ms. Jean Haines, were initially duped and are the primary reasons for the PR success of Keenan’s activites, beyond David Wilcock’s wild assertions in his now infamous web “mockumentary” Financial Tyranny, of which both but Ms. Rednour, had trusted to be well founded research. This publication has had enough conversations with the aforementioned individuals, excluding Wilcock, who has not bothered to defend himself or rebut our research regarding the facts. Our conclusion regarding Wilcock’s deafening silence is, he wants to distance himself in- absentia because he is embarrassed and can’t bring himself to declare that his research for his web-book cum sleazy research article series, Financial Tyranny, was not as well corroborated (i.e. poor sources of information without merit) as he claimed it to be. Also because his “mockumentary” series as has appeared on the Russian television network REN TV, might prove to be a problem for him financially and legally were he to renounce his findings in public.

We state here for the record, all three women have since renounced their affiliation and support of the men involved, publicly on the web and to myself in phone conversations, though it must also be submitted that JB Brown has never fully renounced Neil Keenan’s activities and appears from time-to-time in the comment threads of Keenan’s fraud website in support of him, erroneously and, who appears to have still hitched her wagons to help pull the Keenan cheerleader squad. She does so of her own volition and continued discredit by those who may still, though not for long, respect her. Note: Ms. JB Brown only briefly renounced Drake Bailey and is in full continued support to this day of “her Brother Drake” as she fondly refers to him. JB brown recently appeared on the Drake Update radio show on January 14, 2015 to share her undying support.

One final note. Again, the material contained hereunder is a compilation by Paul Collin for comparative study. Collin’s graphical methods are unedited to show the raw data as compiled by his web forensics for his files. Summary and editing have been assisted by the efforts of Brian Sidler and Julia May, a recent addition to the writing staff here at The Critical Post – Chicago.

Further notice is given, that a radio show will be instituted by this broadcast platform, to countermand the efforts of Drake Bailey’s Update hosted by Thomas Williams on Blogtalk Radio, as well as, Neil Keenan’s continued fraud and provide a public service to those who’ve found themselves in error for supporting these men or who have lost money as a result of their unwitting and innocent contributions, materially, who now find themselves without any legal due recourse for getting their funds returned to them. Plans include broadcasts to be aired three nights per week on our partner platform,nightwaveradio.net and nightwaveradio.com. Guests and listener’s will be able to call in, attend in chat rooms and discuss their issues while listening to host, Denise Rednour’s new radio show.

– Pollack

(TCP)CHICAGO – 19 FBERUARY 2015 – In an anticipatory manner and as a runner-up for the final release of  The Critical Post – Chicago’s conclusory broadcast submission of the investigation into the fraud perpetrated on the web by Neil Francis Keenan, et al (Wilcock, Fulford, Bailey and lesser known individuals but no less nefarious) upon an ignorant cast of unsuspecting but probably though not definite, well-meaning folks, the following has been prepared from the files and writings of Paul Collin, regarding a particular instance of misused information on Bailey’s website. The information was twisted to be used for their advantage and not, as alluded or construed by the perpetrators, Keenan and Bailey, as a public service, in fact far from it.

The Critical Post – Chicago certifies the facts surrounding the career of Paul Collin whose expertise is in the field of forensic investigation of legacy high value bank instruments and whose files, which have been revealed in part to the Chief Editor of this publication and at that, only partially. Paul Collin’s unique archive and knowledge regarding the nature of the area of fraud which surrounds the brokerage of counterfeit legacy high value bank instruments, is verified to our satisfaction by other sources we trust inside the security apparatus of America’s security agencies, to be absolutely, one hundred percent, factual and correctly sourced/corroborated. Mr. Collin chose to become known publicly, due to the confidence he has in this publication’s integrity and the accompanying broadcasts made by us for YouTube consumption. With all this in mind, the following is fit for public consumption and we certify that the public can trust the information being presented.


When Paul Collin does a data dump of his investigation for any particular matter, the data reads like the longest run-on sentence anyone in the world has ever read. It’s hard to digest. The problem with disseminating the information of this nature is; because semantical operations run by intelligence agencies like the CIA, FBI and so-forth, are so detailed and complex, the data line for the dot-connection of the report becomes muddled.

Did you ever wonder why a Tom Clancy novel was so good? America’s intelligence agencies have spent loads of tax dollars, on and off the books, cooking this stuff up. Clancy had some great consultants like Steve Pieczenek, as a perfect example.


Enter Collin knowledge base.

Enter semantical operation. Consider the nonsense of the following equation. 2/4=4/2=2/4=4/2=2/4=4/2 ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Easy enough to see how that doesn’t make sense, right? Wrong. Anything goes. If there’s a way to spin a happenstance to work for the advantage of and in the midst of an ongoing semantical operation, for the overall goal of the original plan…the spin never stops. It never stops. Every twist is a new opportunity to keep the target/s off-guard. That’s semantical operation’s 101 in financial fraud gambits and other types of intelligence techniques to defeat any particular target by “PR taint” or other method. There’s many a master of this craft but most probably, you’ll never know their names. Then there’s the characters who you do see and some are very conspicuously visible. Get the picture? Some of them know they’re part of it, while others don’t. That’s semantical operation’s 101-A.

Enter the public-unaware.

During the course of any semantical operation, public safety is a secondary concern, if not, then not at all. It’s the least important aspect of running the op.


All of the aforementioned being understood, the following is submitted.

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12 Responses to Drake Bailey – Government Stooge Runs “Black Widow” Intelligence Gathering Website – (TCP)CHICAGO

  1. Jimmy says:

    I have continued to listen (sometimes) to Drake’s weekly update, because I am, as many others, interested to see an end to the oppression to us all. However, I have been extremely disappointed w/ Drake’s predictions, and continued cycles of “we are very close,… it’s getting closer,… the shit is just about to hit the fan,… we are just about ready to pop the zit,… we are going to issue a “green light”,… “church bells”,…” and so on. This has gone on for over 3 years now (going on 4). It builds momentum,… gets everyone exited,… and then,… a big disappointment. Nothing ever happens. The oligarchs are still in control, and the NWO is still wreaking havoc. And it continues to repeat itself,… over and over again. Drake continues to ask for people to join,… he will speak about everything else, but very little about what people really want to hear. There is no real way to communicate with the show, because they only allow Facebook subscribers, and besides, they never answer real questions, or allow real criticism (although they claim they are all for Freedom – of speech). Maybe he is doing what he has been asked to do,… and by the right people,… and means well and all that,… but somehow I just find it hopeless to put any faith in their announcements,… .

    • Leverstock says:

      Hello there Jimmy,
      The trouble is this Drake character is simply playing out a game here, empty announcements that never amount to anything, yet people still believe. In my honest opinion it’s best to ignore it. All the good work is done out of sight. Why would anyone say what they are doing publicly thereby risking being targeted by the darker forces?

      • Jean says:

        Thanks, Leverstock, for the help here 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Jimmy says:

        Well,… that’s just “peachy”,… I agree w/ the “Ignore” part. More than anything else, I am just venting my frustration. I wish there was a site dedicated to discussing the “Change Over” (or the removal of the dark Cabal) & the facts involved,…

        • lecox says:

          The people who are doing things aren’t discussing, they’re just doing things. What do you want to do? What angle of attack interests you the most? There are sites out there that will give you news of a particular group’s progress. You might even be invited to join. If you do, you’ll be expected to contribute. I know my church (as an example) is at least somewhat aware of the bigger picture (criminal influence in high places on earth, plus ET influence that goes back forever, basically), gets beaten up all the time on the internet, but keeps on plugging. That’s how it is for those who decide to pitch in. It’s no bed of roses, that’s for sure. But if you want to be able to say you helped, pick a group, join it, and contribute.

  2. Mary says:

    The site, Starship Earth: The Big Picture has reported the Goldwater Report looks highly suspicious. “I think it was plain from the comments after the Goldwater Report videos went up at Starship Earth that very few are buying their attacks, and in fact, some couldn’t even bring themselves to watch/listen it was so bad. lol I will continue to enjoy David’s updates and intel as I always have, and thumb my nose at the pathetic attempts by the cabal to undermine the Lightworkers who bring us hope.”
    I agree! This “thing” on the Goldwater Report looks creepy and I don’t like “creepy”!! Looks like the cabal to me…………………

  3. lecox says:

    This is a bit of a different approach. But I could not make myself read it all.
    For one thing, my major interest is not in who is being honest and who is not; it is in learning what is really going on in this universe. One of the FIRST things I learned that I am quite sure is true is that personalities exist in this universe who like to play the game of taking advantage of others for their own fancied benefit. If one walks out into the world without at least this minimum bit of awareness, one is sure to get into trouble one was not intending to get into sooner or later.
    If it puzzles you how things ended up this way, join the club. But it’s not like there are no resources for understanding available to you. Just be aware that such resources, if they contain anything at all worthwhile or valuable, WILL be lied about, maligned and warned against in the mainstream or in alternative sources, or both. That’s just how things are.

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