:) :) :) To all my dear family & friends in Jeanie land , by James Boober :) :) :) Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

To all my dear family & friends in Jeanie land & she who tends the LAMP:

please know and notice the vibe
amidst this blip in the sands of time
can bring on ECSTATIC STATES DIVine
the course is clear our hatches battened
amidst this chaos all souls shine

i feel a slipstream coming on
and always hear prayers being sung
on a camel we ride our groove train
the eye of the needle solves all of OUR pain

where are all those rich fat cats
..so gobspat fat
from counting their thick stack
oh yeah they find no way back

the camel the rich man OH NO this gate’s too snug
then out from under them whoops!!! comes the rug
WHOOPS rings the bell
SHE’S got a tale to tell
for them it’s way too late … it’s gotta be hellsbell

but HELLo for you and me we with the vision
it’s our turn it’s our time cuz we see no division

spread this good news far and wide
the THUNDERBIRDS now flying high
no need to fear no need to hide
this time wickedness gets it’s ride

one way
no return
do not pass go
no get out of jail free card
just free incineration
it is cinder time

like a fart in the winds
on the sands of time
phffffffffffffts all done now
it’s party time

divide & CONQUER
done and dusted
break out the bud
and get it busted

imidiwan winakalin
oh wow

everyone is welcome to lay my poetry to sound
TO BEAT to add to it & share it around

nothing like a reggae beat
i’m ‘illen and a chillin
and they won’t fail me now god willin

so lift da grid the grid the grid AND REGROOVE THE NOGGIN
sInging all day da da dancing all night SURE floats my toboggan
sure pumps the light BRIGHT >>>>>>>>>> i send it to Jean Haines tonight
(and of course everyONE


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10 Responses to :) :) :) To all my dear family & friends in Jeanie land , by James Boober :) :) :) Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  1. Just another Jeannie-land Lover checkin’-in… BIG hug, Ma’am!, And that is hardly all. 0{;-)o[

  2. james boober says:

    dear paleohippy
    a fine horse you ride
    got me droolin foolin N toolin
    spread my grin far and wide
    not a poet
    yes i know it
    fluid druid freestyle wrapper spellin wrong don’t give a crapper
    but a burger sounds delicious
    make it buffalo – my TUM TUM wishes
    we’ll snack we’ll snort we’ll have sum fun
    throw down a rhyme to buff your shine on
    and you won’t be so PALEO
    lighting the lamp beams from here to eternity in the heartbeat of a twinkling of a fairy moment
    POOOOOOOOOOOF we are ONE hippydippy weather man

    888888888888*** LAUGHTER RING MY BELL***888888888888888888
    &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&>>>>XIN NIAN KUAI LE>>>>>>>>>>>>>&&&&&&&&&&


    • paleohippy says:

      Poetry comes from the heart and the spirit +++ and++++
      Though thy rhyme be rough
      And you b-burgers tough
      Your verse is so great I must cheer it…
      I’ve heard poetry like yours from the west slopes of the Rockies
      In Norwood and Telluride and up Bear Gulch
      Makes me remember happy days and friends dazed on Mother’s delectables.
      Faerie moments aplenty.

  3. Alveta says:

    Love it! Thanx for blessing us with your talent James. Love and Hugs to my Soul Family. ❤

  4. ove and hugs says:

    Oops! I love Jeannie- land too!

    Love and hugs

  5. paleohippy says:

    A poet thou art not but a hamburger I would buy thee any day.

  6. Daija says:

    YUM !

    And I love “Jeannie-Land”


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