VIDEO – “GEORGE” Interdimensional ET: “We are helping in your frequency ascension through Contactees, Psychics, and talk show hosts”

Please note: If Alfred does the interview, I’ve taken to putting his name first for ease of finding should you do a SEARCH on my blog. ~J



VANCOUVER, BC – In a telepathic interview with “George”, a 13th dimension Interdimensional ET in communication with Contactee Ray Kosulandich and psychic and radio show host Dr. Sam Mugzzi, George let it be known that he and other upper-dimensional ethical, Interdimensional ET entities are assisting in humanity’s frequency ascension at this time by communicating and intervening in radio and online video programs with useful information and “frequency boosts”.

Visitations by George & the Fabulous 4

In a previous ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, multigenerational ET Contactee Ray Kosulandich, whose family ET contacts span his grandfather, father and himself, revealed drawings of the 32 species of mainly hyperdimensional ETs that have visited him, each bringing a consistent message of a coming positive transformation of human consciousness.

Mr. Kosulandich also indicated he is visited and briefed on a regular basis by four ETs he calls his “Fabulous 4”. George is seen in the drawing in Figure A below of the fabulous 4 during a visit with Ray Kosulandich as the 10 foot tall “Elephant Man” to Ray’s left around the table.

In the Hindu cosmology, Ganesh is a deity with an Elephant head, known as the remover of obstacles (or placer of obstacles before those who need to be stopped). Exopolitics has now revealed that many entities depicted as deities in human religions may in fact Interdimensional ETs.

It is not known whether “George” is the historical Hindu god Ganesh or related to the historical Hindu god Ganesh.

Exophenotypes: Drawings of 32 Hyperdimensional ET species

Ray Kosulandich has provided an album (PDF) with drawings of the 32 Exophenotypes of hyperdimensional ETs that have visited him, as well as of the four hyperdimensional ETs that brief him on a regular basis. This album can be downloaded below:

Download RayKosulandich-32Contacts


“GEORGE” Interdimensional ET: “We are helping in your frequency ascension through Contactees, Psychics, and talk show hosts”

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28 Responses to VIDEO – “GEORGE” Interdimensional ET: “We are helping in your frequency ascension through Contactees, Psychics, and talk show hosts”

  1. elizaveta11 says:

    Sounds as if spirit entities have been harassing the same family for generations

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  3. Ethyl says:

    Jean, Kerry just came out with a new interview with Jim Nichols on Project Camelot that I’m listening to; it is very interesting! Regarding NASA, Occult, ETs, Crowley/Hubbard/Parsons, with a lot of ancient history, etc. Worth a listen! One point that Jim Nichols brought up, was VERY interesting! And that is the similarity between the words Aryans and Orion. Wondering if that could possibly be why they think they are superior, because possibly the Orions were the ”father” race. I’m only through half, but so far is a very interesting interview!

  4. Sidd says:

    Omg, just looked at the photo album, that was hilarious! Cat people, elephant people, people with pyramid shaped heads, “love our bread” lol, lthis would make a great comedy movie hehe. I’m not sure if the poor guy who came up with this is mentally ill, a comedian, or trying (rather poorly) to be a dis-info agent, but either way plenty of funny 🙂 (well, not so much if he’s mentally ill, I don’t mean to be mean). I think he’s just trying to be funny. I think that even a mentally ill person could show more creativity than this in coming up with types of aliens, and no way a dis-info agent would put out such blatant nonsense because for them the idea is to have at least some semblance of plausibility. So I think this is just a joke, and great joke too 🙂

    Thanks for the laughs, all the best…

    • Ilex says:

      James Gilliland from ECETI has many years observing UFO’s and their people and interacting with them. I have caught him twice in the last two years speaking of the Feline star folks.I have many fur babies so for me this was no coincidence. I fully expect to see many feline ET’s when I raise my vibrations more. In my thinking if there are feline ET’s, maybe there are more of every animal we have on this planet? Just a guess. James’ web site is:

      • Ilex says:

        I think Alfred had James Gilliland on maybe a couple of years ago. Maybe it’s time to see if James could shed any light on this or simply do a UFO-ET interview?

        • Ethyl says:

          Ilex, I have seen the feline ones referenced in several different places, and I don’t believe I ever saw them at Eceti, so that would be 4 or more different places.

  5. Rich Pack (bamboo-water) says:

    By George, I don’t think that they have got it; I don’t think that they

    Grasshopper, what in the world are you talking about?

    Master, they claim, in the numerous sketches which they have provided,
    that these ETs “Like our bread!”

    Perhaps Grasshopper, they are just trying to be Rye.

    No Master, they are very serious, and they want us to be very serious.

    Ahhh Grasshopper, perhaps they are just getting a wee bit Carawayed?

    No Master, they claim that these ETs, these people from many higher
    dimensions, these people who have mastered all of these other-worldly
    practices and skills, they “Like our bread!”

    In that case Grasshopper, let me remind you of a teaching which I have
    always stressed to you:

    “A wise person, no matter the obstructions, no matter the unbelievability,
    no matter the difficulties, would be wise to always attempt to keep an open
    mind regarding all the Guests who may come to One’s Party. Some may be
    Bores, some may be Fools, and some, very few, may be Teachers. But, some
    Guests may come to One’s Party for whom it is best, that you not entertain
    those Guests—at all.”

    Jai Gurudev,

  6. Ilex says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm I think we need some type of concete evidence that George really exists. A toilet flusing noise could be a milion things. Wonder why taking pictures of these folks even though they are really really high up in dimensions is so forbidden? The guy and I”ve forgotten his name ?????, he works with Veronica Keen, said that the Earth has finished going to 4D, she’s just waiting for us now. Today, we are told that there will be some major earthquakes but nobody will be hurt. All sorts of different information depending on who you listen to. Different realities are going to create different outcomes I guess, therefore, we need to create a reality that works for each individual.

  7. Maggie says:

    I couldn’t take more than 5 minutes of this. Awful.

  8. queenvictoria says:

    Good morning, Jean……thank you!! 💗 Selamat Jalwa….. Today, on the Dr. Oz Show, on Fox TV @ 10:00am, Linda Backman will be his guest speaker. Linda will be sharing her work in Past Life Regression Therapy. I’ve heard Linda speak at the New Living Expo in the S. F. Bay Area twice now…….I am a Dolores Cannon Practitioner of QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy)…What does this have to do with the video! Like the late Dolores Cannon, Linda is able to channel E.T.’s for healing on all levels as well as communicate with them…….

    Enjoy the show…’s almost on….. 😊

    Victoria Gabrielson

    Sent from Windows Mail

  9. EnergyGardener says:

    Ray, Sam Muggzi, and now, I’m afraid, Alfred, are being dragged through the Disinfo – “Stand-Down” Club mud with Ray. Regardless if Ray is aware or not, he is a tool. The noise is certainly electronic water noise, but it has been used in other circumstances too. IMO, this (and likely Ray’s program) are not from the good guys.

    I will overlook this with Alfred, Sam, and even Ray. We all want to believe another human that has an inside story appearing to be true. But, someone must to show a little discernment very soon…

    1. I doubt if they really like our GMO Wheat-Brained Bread.
    2. Why do 28 of the 32 ET races all have the same virtual identical protocol of picking them up and saying, “We are your friends and we’re here to teach you.”
    3. Why does Ray keep saying that “he is one of the chosen ones.” He is a chosen one alright.
    4. Anyone that chums with the Luciferian allied Silver Legion is misguided, at best…
    5. People that make us listen to electronic water noises have nothing better to do. Worse, they believe we do not either. We certainly do, and we’d better get busy doing it. Not listening to this nonsense.

  10. Ri-chard says:

    As suggested by Sam I hope your readers will post here and on Alfred’s site positive inquiries seeking answers for what concerns them or for more clarity. Also, if any feel confident and positive towards the material discussed in this interview they should state that as well.
    Naturally any doubters should post their reservations as well to educate all of us in making our choices.

    • Jean says:

      When I hear the name Tanaath pf the Silver Legion, I toss this . . . she was for a long time associated with Drake Bailey. C’mon 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • new kid in town says:

        Correct !


      • Maria says:

        I am very sorry and disappointed to hear your feelings about Tanaath. I know in her latest message she speaks well of you as someone who has good intentions to present the truth. If being associated with Drake for a long time is the only reason you are speaking out against her…well I think you too were associated with Drake for a long time, weren’t you?

        • Jean says:

          No, I NEVER was. In the very beginning I warned Neil about him 🙂 But you know, Maria, we are each entitled to our opinion, and I respect yours. . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Ronnie says:

          Here is the thing about Tanaath…Yes, I followed her blog and listened to her radio interviews but nothing she said could ever be proven–not one thing. She gave us hope that there were ETs helping us, but again we fall for the “hope” thing time and time again. When some of her followers started to question her, well she stopped allowing comments on her blog. Why is that? Of course she claimed she didn’t want to put out negative thoughts out there. I listened to a few of her interviews on a radio program out of Las Vegas “Talk with Vince” which spent eventually spent a lot of time talking about how she is a “dragon” and their sexual exploits. Come on!!!

          Then we had Tolec who introduced Tanaath to us. She broke with him because some of his comments alarmed her. All of Tolec’s predictions have never ever come to pass. I questioned some of what he put out and he blocked me on his YT channel. I wasn’t attacking him at all. I just wanted clarification.

          I can go on and on about this.

          The biggest service to humanity right now is to have the understanding there is no savior, there is no special person who has the answers. In addition, what would be a better service is to put out all the information they have put out that turned out to be false, with links and proof, that cannot be proven and contradictory to previous messages; predictions that have come and gone and the excuses given as to why. Aren’t we tired of being duped yet?

          • Jean says:

            🙂 I agree with all you say here, Ronnie : we are the ones we have been waiting for! Also, I know enough, now, to know how Drake operates, and when he spoke of flying around at night with Tanaath, I just shook my head. . . pure NUTS, IMO . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  11. megan says:

    The “breathing” sounds like a pump on a old spin dryer after the water has emptied out. Just sayin….I hope this isn’t a case of taking the p……out of Alfred and the rest of us. It’s very strange to me. My BS indicator is going nuts.

    Love and hugs

    • Jean says:

      I was exhausted yesterday and I put that up just before I went to bed . . . my experience has been that I’m okay if I count on myself . . . I will listen as I work on posts – a couple very interesting ones this morning. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  12. megan says:

    Sounds like a whole lot of toilet flushing/water gurgling down the drain to me. At 55.39 there is a squeak that sounds like a tap or something being turned off! Don’t yet know what to make of this.

    Love and hugs

  13. translimits says:

    Why do some of them “like our bread”??? I missed that. And wondering why they need ships if Inter-dimensional??? Fascinating.. Thank you.

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