Alfred Webre: VIDEO – Ole Dammegard: US/Israel/Bilderberger crisis actor group stages false flags at Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen. Italy next?

Ole talks about a series of false flag events . . . ~J


VANCOUVER, BC – In a interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author Ole Dammegard exposes the detailed motion-picture set-like blue prints of the False Flag operations at the October 22, 2014 Ottawa “Shooting an the National War Memorial”; at the January 7, 2015 “Charlie Hebdo-Charlie Seven-SevenGate”; and at the February 14, 2015 Copenhagen “Shootout at the Gunpowder Café on Valentine’s Day”.

“All wars are started by False Flags” – Crisis Actors False Flag Group

Ole Dammegard concludes that there may be an organized intelligence operations group, along the lines of CIA’s Operation 40 assassination group, that carries out False Flag operations employing crisis actors using a methodology very much like film crews at a movie set. This False Flag Group attempts to drive global policy using the now out-dated formula Problem + Reaction = Solution. [Ed. Note – See Positive timeline equation below].

In each of the jurisdictions of the False Flags (Ottawa-Canada NATO; Paris – France NATO; Copenhagen – Denmark NATO), there are legislative and military “anti-terror” measures sponsored in the aftermath of the False Flags now directed at suspending constitutional and inherent human rights and civil liberties.

The centrality of Israel, Rothschild and Bilderberger forces are an apparent thread in this “tour” of an apparent crisis actor False Flag team from Ottawa to Paris to Copenhagen.  Announced and yet unperformed False Flags are in Ireland (perhaps Dublin) and somewhere in Italy.  In  some instances, photos of false flag victim children (who in fact are not dead) have been used in poster walls at the Sandy Hook False Flag (at which the FBI has said no children died) and in one of the European False Flags. The Rothschilds bought the Charlie Hebdo building in Paris weeks before the False Flag as a launching pad for the operation, one of whose principal intentions was to force a psyops outcry for a patriation of Jews to Israel (possibly as part of a staged psyop to start WWIII).

A good indication of the infiltration of the government or sponsoring parties by the NWO is which parties and politicians may be sponsoring this False Flag “Anti terror” legislation. Ole Dammegard states that is some cases even political parties opposing anti-terror legislation may be in denial of or covering up the False Flag nature of the synthetic terror driving public policy,


Ole Dammegard: NWO crisis actor group stages false flags at Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen. Italy next?

Turn Your News Inside Out

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2 Responses to Alfred Webre: VIDEO – Ole Dammegard: US/Israel/Bilderberger crisis actor group stages false flags at Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen. Italy next?

  1. Ian MacLeod says:

    Alfred, you’ve GOT find a way to take care of that echo! It’s very hard to listen to, and to understand. Also, if I can make a suggestion, some coaching for you to help avoid the, “Ah… ah… ah.. ah… ah…” stuttering, then continue part of a sentence, then stutter looking for words again… A LOT of the time these videos take is taken up by that kind of thing. I’m disabled and in pain, and one video I’m interested in can take much of the day because of this. (7 low back operations).

    Your intellect, the wide range of the information you get and get out here is GREAT, and much appreciated. I hope you don’t mind the suggestions. I WISH I had the funds and other thing needed to help out. I’m a singer/songwriter, and while I’m an autodidact, I have a capacious memory, I’m widely read, and I don’t stutter. Unfortunately I have other troubles, so I’m limited to writing. Thanks for your contributions!


  2. james boober says:

    false flag alert ZOMBIE APOCAPOPO just a bit of background first about 15 year ago while residing in the border community adjacent to the peace arch border crossing into the usa i reported to health action network that the alleged flu outbreak had the markings of a satelite
    space war platform psyop/test run we agreed to just keep reporting all the strange and alarming
    signs of sumting wong here as astute observers everywhere the tracking these anomalies
    we (many of us) have our equivalent of an assange wiki in cold storage so now happy i am to have this forum to bring forward a fingernail’s worth of my dump to sprinkle along the trail of our
    adventure.>>>>>>>>>>THE PREP OR DRILL for vancouver’s own zombie apocalypse are well
    underway in fact they have been steadily escalating the sanitizing of the DTES community that has stood strong in the face of this steam roller we have a kettle campaign run by the local constabulary that makes easy ‘whack a mole’ targets out of a genocided population to keep the jails full … fearther-nested professionals & phat cats safe in their silos of self interest some of the richest lawyers judges property developers politicians police and other front line workers conspire to remove what they consider to be not just useless eaters but widgets in their industrial strength ability to run and profit from a campaign of genocide the signs abound now the in this part of town the BIG BEEFY SECURITY budgets that allowed the theatre of war infrastructure online for the 2010 olympics with the paramilitarization of all our public space accomplished did those in charge gather enough intel to lock up the good ol boys networks of every stripe .. the mafia crime families of every stripe….the new and old gang bangers… white collar criminals etc. ????NO not so much…….but they have now set up many mini fema camp type spaces that masquerade as metal fenced in open air art parks and other less obvious indoor locations the army NOW drills with new paramilitary hardware and alliances many of the local poor population in this community are living with addictions – making them easy prey and bit players in these horrific scams every time a major interdiction (ie:spring round up of low level dealers) it looks a bit like a zombie apoc….also the genocide by politcal/medical policy means bug ridden homeless addicts make perfect red herrings to mask the ever gobbling greed train so… we did coin a new word to describe some of what is going on & to give this EVIL world the understanding we be watching them: POISONATING and posted alert notices : a very sophisticated team of operators is about to be outed HOPEFULLY BEFORE they launch the next false flag i*** ##

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