Bradley Loves: EVERYTHING GOES INTO THE GRIDS !!!!! Thanks, Bradley :) ~J


This is an additional “commentary” on the Lessons of Yoda Article that came out only yesterday.

What we are experiencing here on Earth is an individual life that is part of a greater and more connected life.    As “Yoda” showed us yesterday so eloquently – it is our MIND that does everything here while we are on Earth not our body.

Yes, we also have a “heart” and a “Soul” to guide our individual minds – but it is specifically the MIND which “acts” and “behaves” and thus gains “accomplishments” here on Earth.

Before becoming “disconnected” from our COSMIC DNA – we did EVERYTHING with our MINDS.

We made buildings, clothes, and other things by creating, and manifesting ALL that we needed for our health, life and happiness with our thoughts!


Everything we do here has an AFFECT upon everyone else on the planet because we are all ultimately CONNECTED into a much larger GROUP MIND that is literally our planetary identity.

I wrote in previous articles that the Earth has not one, but TWO, sets of magnetic grids running around the planet. One goes right along the surface and is now commonly known as: THE LEY LINES. These lines are very magnetic and they carry “energy” or “electricity” across the globe in a very organized pattern!
For those who really “get” magnetics – you already know that magnetics is not possible without electricity!

There is also a second set of “lines” or another “grid” that is duplicated about 60 miles above the surface of the Earth and is a mirror or a reciprocal of the ley lines that are on the surface. As the old saying goes – as below – so above –

Or, rather, as above – so below.

These two complete grid sets, which are highly magnetic and electrically charged, I have named or called: THE TANDEM GRIDS! Tandem here meaning two or double!

Together these grids form a “planetary MIND or a planetary consciousness!”
It is a collective planetary “memory” as it were, of ALL of our collective experiences, our thoughts, our ideas and again, our memory!  These tandem grids represent us as a species!

Many races communicate telepathically – but in order to do so – there would have to be a means, a system, or a vehicle in place to allow for what could be called THOUGHT TRANSFERENCE from one human being to another. This “system” if I were to give it a name, could be called the: HUMAN THOUGHT NETWORK or HTN for short.

If I were to give this system a name and call it the HTN – I would be talking about the TANDEM GRIDS!  If I were to give it a truly spiritual name – I would call it our collective CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

Once again, these grids are both magnetic and electrical!

WE – as in all of us here – are intimately connected to the Tandem grids – and if we were not – we could not survive!
Think of our bodies as AVATARS – on a board game!  In order to play the game, you need a place holder, or an unique playing piece that “signifies” where you are in the game!  This is VERY OVER SIMPLIFIED – but essentially true.

The planet needs to be able to “keep track of us so to speak, and needs to know where we are on the board.”   Therefore our bodies are also highly magnetic and electrical “units” – if that is an acceptable word.

The interaction between our individual “units” and the tandem grids is what allows the Earth to keep track of us – know who we are – know where we are, etc, AT ALL TIMES!

Teleportation is ONLY POSSIBLE because each of us have a very specific “electronic” signature which allows the Earth to know where we are in relation to its own magnetic field at all times.

If an “interstitial” window is opened up between two polar legs, or posts – and as result – a worm hole effect is created between them – then when you pass the event horizon of the open window – your electronic signature of where you are standing gets nullified – and you are NO LONGER registering on the Earth game board!

Therefore you seem to vanish! When you pass through the created worm hole and once again re-emerge from the event horizon of that worm hole or  “window” that exists outside of time and space  – your “electronic” signature once again is on the game board and the Earth now registers your AVATAR (your body) as being in an entirely new location – so you reappear there!

None of this is possible without the inter-action of the dual or Tandem Grids because they are in fact – THE MIND AND THE MEMORY OF THE PLANET!

As I said earlier – these grids also make telepathy possible because in order to send your own thoughts to another player or recipient on the game board – you would have to have a MAGNETIC AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEM in place to do that.
Okay – if everyone is with me on this so far – then let’s move on.


I have said many times that those who are working against humanity are in fact DARK MAGICIANS! I have also said that the word MAGIC is simply a code word to hide the real meaning of where the power truly is, and that power is MAGNETICS!

If a person wanted to willingly HI-JACK a system such as the Earth’s MIND – then that person would have to know Magnetics – because ONLY magnetics would allow for the hi-jacking of a magnetic system!

Now for clarity – I just called the grids the Earth’s MIND but it could also be called Earth’s MEMORY – or Earth’s CONSCIOUSNESS.

If anyone is having trouble with understanding this – think of it this way – when human beings “die” – the body – or the carcass is STILL THERE!

It was the purely electrical and magnetic part of the human that was animating the now dead body!  This part is called the SPIRIT! The spirit is both electrical and magnetic!

Well, the Earth has a “SPIRIT” as well.  The SPIRIT or SOUL of the Earth is the TANDEM GRIDS.

We as “players” on the game board are integrally and intimately connected to the larger grid or more simply put the larger MIND. In other words – we can not SEPARATE OURSELVES from the COMMON MIND while we are here, that would be impossible!  We need that system in tact in order to LIVE AND PLAY ON EARTH.

With fully connected DNA – we literally have access to – and share in – THE TOTAL POWER OF OUR EARTH MOTHER.

And why not – why wouldn’t the mother share her power with all her children. Therefore, we each as individual units, are as powerful as the entire planet! We are magical (magnetical) creator beings – and use the power of “her” magnetic force! (A bone for you Star Wars fans.)

But – we have to have fully connected DNA in order to do that!

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9 Responses to Bradley Loves: EVERYTHING GOES INTO THE GRIDS !!!!! Thanks, Bradley :) ~J

  1. nadia says:

    Good article! Thank you! I think we have been taught to eat animals by the same people so that we had the karma to be disturbed later.This evil races lack connection with the Source and they need source energy form others.They do it through blood but also with parasitical bonds through sex and in other ways…Is good to express your not consent but also when we are sending love add our intention our light to be used only for good purposes in alignment with Divine Will wich is harmonious for all beings.(same as christic consciousness)They wil have to change and to surrender in this way no having other alternative.

  2. Privacy Notice
    I, ( insert Name ) reserving all rights gives notice:

    I ( insert name ), herein do not consent to the jurisdiction or authority of any King, Queen, or any government, any government political subdivisions and all their agencies and I am not under lawful and/or moral obligation to any of these entities. I do not consent to the spiritual authority of the Pope, Priests, false gods, Satan, churches, religions, cults, and I am not under spiritual obligations to any of these entities and I do not waive any rights. I do not volunteer/donate any of my private property including but not limited to biological property samples (blood, hair, fingerprints), signature, subtle bodies (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, astral, etheric, soul, etc), aura, chakras, mind (subconscious, conscious, etc), the production and description of my bodies and mind, my name and any derivatives of my name.

    I reclaim all the attributes and powers of my true nature, my true identity.

    I delete, cancel, terminate, void, rescind, null, break any contracts, agreements, vows which I and/or my ancestors were not aware of, or I was mislead into these contracts, agreements, vows or never given full disclosure in the physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, etc. realms in this incarnation and in all my incarnations and forms across time and space and in all dimensions and in all parallel and alternate realities.

    I command the release into the Universe all forms of control and manipulative devices including but not limited to radionics, harmful mental waves transmissions, mind control programming, mind manipulation, self-destruct devices, altered DNA, energy blockages, implants, psychic hooks, cords, bad spirits, demons, harmful entities, energy vampires, entity attachments, dark magic, thought forms, negative emotions, harmful veils, non supportive cellular memory, negative projections, genetic limitations, death or anything that doesn’t serve my best interest, well being, health and spiritual growth.

    I live in truth, harmony and peace according to God’s Universal law.

    I believe in one Creation of the Universe, The Source of all Creations, who is my personal Spirit Belief of supreme and infinite love, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, justice and power.

    I am a creation of God, obey to the Laws of God and the Universe, and everywhere I go I am standing in God’s Kingdom.

    I am self governing I am sovereign over my bodies (physical and subtle) and my entire electromagnetic field- aura.

    I reclaim my DNA, true blood, circulatory system, nervous system, endocrine system, and everything that belongs to my physical body and whatever has been taken away from me since this incarnation and in all my incarnations across time and space and in all dimensions and in all parallel worlds or alternate realities.

    Any and all interferences will incur liabilities in etheric spiritual realms according to God’s universal Law.

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Helene says:

      The internet is a battlefield that is used to reach the human EMPATHS who are the true creators in this world. They (16% of the population) are the divine lightbeings with the Holy spirit of Mother Goddess within. Darkness try to manipulate humans in many ways by using their loss of memory, understanding and ignorance. They cant do anything against us unless we give our consent, by universal laws. When one use the word NOT in a sentence “I do not consent” you actually DO consent. There are no negations in the universal language. Affirmations should always be positive!

  3. Mike says:

    People need to be aware that all the new vaccines are genetically modifying, changing, corrupting, contaminating, human DNA.

    This needs to go out everywhere, and this is a blog that can help that start to happen.

    Pharma’s Vaccines are Secretly Genetically Altering Anyone Forced to Take them

    • Jean says:

      Mike, I’ve worked closely with Alfred on EbolaGate, and I’m very glad to see you bringing this information back for people who missed. This is extremely helpful. . . I try to publish everything that comes ’round, so please help out if I’ve missed anything . . . People can always do a SEARCH on my blog using EbolaGate . . 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • Debbie says:

      This from Jim Stone freelance – we all seem to be in agreement they have weaponized vaccines and see it as part of the final solution………:
      I think I figured out why they are pushing zombies so hard

      The zombie meme is more than viral, true, zombies have usually scored well at the box office in the past, but I think Star Wars and other sci fi moves score bigger overall yet sci-fi is not pushed in my face everywhere I go. Though naturally popular, the zombie meme cannot possibly warrant as much attention as it is getting, and I believe I know exactly why zombies are everywhere, and it is called social programming before a huge forced vaccine campaign where the vaccine itself causes a zombie like state while it wrecks the recipient. Let me explain . . .
      In their push for intellectual dominance over the masses, the “elite” are getting away with destroying our children with brain destroying vaccines largely because children who are as young as they are when they get shot up have no reference to a past life, no knowledge of what they should be as “normal” and no way to communicate something horrible has happened to them. All children get knocked to a lower level by the new intentionally sabotaged vaccines, and only the worst affected exhibit the down grade as autism.

      If the “elite” want to do the same type of damage to the adults, when the adults KNOW what they should be capable of they need a pretext – like a zombie virus, so when the vaccine itself wipes adults down to a lower intellectual level, it can be claimed THE VACCINE SAVED YOU, YOU HAD THE DISEASE BUT THANKS TO THE VACCINE YOU WILL NOT BE A COMPLETE ZOMBIE, IT STOPPED YOU FROM BEING TOTALLY DESTROYED. Meanwhile, there is no zombie virus out there at all, it is just cover for vaccine damage.

      Obviously such a campaign to destroy adults would have to be forced, because if there were a large number of adults that got no shot, and only adults who received the shot went stupid, it would be obvious the shot was entirely responsible for all zombie symptoms. It would be too obvious and could spark an uprising.

      As any proven child molesting pedophile member of British Royalty, the luciferian sect of the Jewish community, or any other high level pervert who has sold out to Satan knows, children consider anything normal because they have no reference to anything else. So when they go stupid from a vaccine, they have no way of knowing anything happened. Only a perv would formulate the vaccines to do what they are doing to the children now, and because adults DO have a reference, those same pervs have to formulate a way to fool and destroy a much harder target. The zombie meme fits into this very well.
      I believe the “elite” have lost their patience with people intelligent enough to see through their lies, and that in addition to the prison camps and whatever else they have ready for those who are already awake, they will have their vaccine ready to take care of the entire population of sleeping sheep, to permanently stupefy them and make GOOD AND SURE they never wake up.

      Just take a look at the kids now. They only follow, they DO NOT THINK. It’s all get this feed from there, work only as a team, NEVER THINK FOR YOURSELF – this, to a degree may be possible to program in school, but it is so prominently in place now that something else is obviously at play, and I believe it is the initial shots they start their lives with as children. The autism stats more than imply something is amiss, they prove it. If they want to do the same thing to the adults, there has to be an explanation for why adults suddenly started getting autism as well. Zombie virus?

  4. Ilex says:

    OK, I am going to go out on the limb as usual. If you take the minerals (sodium, potassium, zinc, Magnesium, copper, et al) metals out of the food supply – CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, now you have accomplished the double edged sword. Malnutrition at an astronomical rate and those lacking (which would be most of us) the minerals in our bodies to have a significantly lower electrical current, Torus, moving through us. Still enough to conduct fear but not enough to energize the spirituality.

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