ISIS is a SIS [Secret Intelligence Service]… No really, that’s what their website says!!!

Source: Removing the Shackles
Thanks to D. 

Edited Feb 21 2015, 1:55pm GMT to add:

I was nosing around this morning, and did a good search to see what listings were coming up for this  article, and strangely enough, this article seemingly gets no listing anywhere but on RTS (even though I know that several other sites have already republished it).  Then I discovered an article from a few days ago on Before it’s News, that led me to Wikipedia…. well this is certainly very interesting isn’t it?

Well well well…. Look who’s changed their name!!

Let us review recent history…..

On January 11th of this lovely new year, I published the article “Who is Isis, and Why do they have offices in Washington DC”…. and in that article I showed not only the links to the website of the Mercenary company called “ISIS” in Washington DC, I also posted screen shots of their site:

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Perhaps this will shine a little light about ISIS.  Perhaps this will spotlight what we’ve always known?

Coincidence?   Yea….. I think NOT.

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6 Responses to ISIS is a SIS [Secret Intelligence Service]… No really, that’s what their website says!!!

  1. Rev. Joe says:

    I believe ISIS is a US corporation . Its ‘ intelligence operations are centered in US and Iraq / Iran etc.

  2. Kim says:

    Just watch on YouTube: ‘Busted! ISIS is not Islamist’
    I am not tech savvy enough to create a link. Yet, type in that heading and it will open up.

  3. Sparky says:

    Love Dani’s work. Her Transpicuous News program is very much worth watching.

  4. Kieron says:

    More and more I am viewing every single thing I encounter as a lie, a sham, a trick, a deception, until I can find proof otherwise.

    Ever notice that the English word “shackles” sounds a lot like the word “shekels” which is the Hebrew unit of currency and the modern Israeli unit of currency? Coincidence? I doubt it!

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