West Admits Inability to Withstand Russian Military Power – German Magazine / Sputnik International



The first EU official who “shocked his country” with his statement about the strong military advantage of Russian forces was former head of Great Britain’s Royal Air Force Michael Graydon. Graydon announced that British defense forces had been ‘decimated’ and that the country would be unlikely to stand up to Russia in case of a military conflict.

The magazine also recalled statements of representatives of the armed forces from other countries. In particular, Swedish General Sverker Göranson acknowledged that his country’s military forces are “in a very poor condition.” He also added that they have never been able to stand up against the “Soviet Union or Russia” without military support from other countries.

NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Philip Breedlove, also raised questions about the ability of the alliance to “appropriately respond” to potential large-scale military threats. He questioned NATO’s flexibility and ability to quickly response to emerging threats what highlighted his lack of confidence in NATO’s efficiency, according to the magazine.

Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen also doubted Europe’s capabilities to withstand Russia.  The Europeans have reduced their military spending, so they hardly could defend themselves without assistance of US forces, he said.

And finally, US General Ben Hodges told the “Wall Street Journal” earlier this month that Russia possesses high-level military equipment and is further strengthening its capacity, while the military capabilities of western countries have considerably fallen behind.

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2 Responses to West Admits Inability to Withstand Russian Military Power – German Magazine / Sputnik International

  1. lecox says:

    Why would it be Russia they would have to stand up to? I see no evidence that Russia wishes to attack Europe. I see a lot of evidence that Europe wishes to attack Russia. The only answer is that this whole narrative is being rigged to lead us off the track of who is really behind this constant warmongering.

  2. michaelbawn says:

    So what! Most in the west have enough nukes to decimate the world ,so what bullshit are they really peddling .? Russia despite the wests interference in Ukraine ,have been truthful ,Putin has done an incredible job under difficult circumstances . We,re not out of the woods yet tho. Please view Bawn wild. “Bad things knockin on our door”.

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