Why Did the U.S. Build an Uncapped Pyramid With ‘All Seeing Eye’ in the Middle of Nowhere?

Published  on February 21, 2015
Thanks to J.

A huge pyramid in the middle of nowhere tracking the end of the world on radar. An abstract geometric shape beneath the sky without a human being in sight.

It could be the opening scene of an apocalyptic science fiction film, but it’s just the U.S. military going about its business, building vast and other-worldly architectural structures that the civilian world only rarely sees.

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19 Responses to Why Did the U.S. Build an Uncapped Pyramid With ‘All Seeing Eye’ in the Middle of Nowhere?

  1. Bradley says:

    I have been to this structure. I remember it being built. A relative of mine actually did work on it. It was originally constructed to be an anti-ballistic weapons system (they said).
    It opened only for a few days – and then closed after what was several years of construction.

    It re-opened later, and remains open and active as an Near Earth Space-Radar-Tracking Facility…supposedly for comets, asteroids, satellites, and space junk. (Again, so they say)

    Interesting facts:

    Underground area under facility very large – (Dumb?)
    Hundreds of super large wind generators nearby with power plant in the middle of no where.
    No homes or towns needing that much electricity for long distances.

    What is it really? Your guess is as good as mine,

    • Bradley says:

      I will venture a guess here. Since we all know the Cold War with Russia was a hoax created by the bankers. Could this very advanced Radar Installation have been built as the USA’s Northern most SPACE Radar Facility watching for UFO’s or alien craft approaching from the northern pole?
      With the enormous power requirements and the juice it seems to need and devour, has it been repurposed to be a deep space radar facility watching all Secret Space Fleet ships coming and going?

      Just a thought.

      • Jean says:

        Bradley, your ‘thoughts’ are often more than just thoughts . . . thanks and hugs, ~Jean

        • Bradley says:

          Here, I will bolster my hypothesis by giving a link to this page,


          where I found this:

          The complex was equipped with hardened launchers for nuclear-tipped Spartan and Sprint Missiles. To track it’s targets, it has a massive missile tracking radar array, built into a hardened concrete structure. This is the huge pyramid that marks the base location for miles. The base housing for staff has since been placed on trucks and moved off location, and some other parts of the base have been dismantled as well. But the huge pyramid still remains active. It is tied into the Defense Early Warning system, and controlled remotely by a similar site to the northeast called “Concrete”; which is housed in a huge square concrete block several stories high, and uses a Phased Aperture Radar System (PARS). In the original system, The Concrete facility provided long-range tracking, and the installation at Nekoma was for local tracking. Both the Nekoma and Concrete radars are currently tied into NORAD headquarters at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, and operated by US Air Force Space Command. Here the antenna pyramid can be seen with ventilator towers for the command bunkers in the foreground.

          Good intuition huh?
          All my love,

  2. Galaxion says:

    There is nothing mystical about the shape of this building. This is a phased array radar. The technological requirements dictate the shape. It needs four sides the be able to scan 360°, and the sides have to be tilted in a certain angle inwards to achieve the specified range. So you end up with a pyramid-like structure. The pyramid doesn’t need a “top”, because the radar emitters (the “circles”) only occupy the more central areas of the sides.

  3. james boober says:

    do ya think they might land the real/fake alien invasion >>>>>saucer look mighty impressive as cap?

  4. rafdecc says:


  5. rose day says:

    Here is another question…why would the Vatican operate a world class observatory in southeast
    Arizona?…(google-Vatican Observatory in Arizona)

  6. dswenor@comcast.net says:

    Understanding the Nine Veils of Human Slavery http://www.zengardner.com/understanding-nine-veils-human-slavery/

  7. lasharp@fairpoint.net says:

    Hello Jean ,Re. Uncapped pyramid . I know that there are several thought on this.so I thought I would add my knowledge ( thought ) The military did not build this , Some think this was built during the time of Israel occupation in Egypt . A period of 4oo years . Again some think the base responds the old testament . The Top represents the new Testament the top is missing because Christ had not come yet The Perfect top was to be supported by the bottom ,.but the old testament was imperfect ,the Eye Responds the eye of God Lyle

  8. Ethyl says:

    Jean, very interesting article, on why people can’t ”see” things right under their noses!


  9. Greater Arcana says:

    It’s a “trap”ezoid on purpose. Like on the dollar. We are the dense 13 rows of blocks trapped in the trapezoid shape of base consciousness while the dark-illuminated ones are separate from us in the capstone. Only when the two are fused into one is it a triangle (fire-action symbol) or pyramid.

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