Lavrov: ‘Normandy Four’ Talks on Ukraine in Paris Were ‘Fruitful’ / Sputnik International


PARIS, February 24 (Sputnik) — A meeting of foreign ministers of the so-called Normandy Quartet on ways to resolve the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukraine was ‘fruitful,’ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday.

Top diplomats from Russia, France, Ukraine and Germany held on Tuesday three-hour consultations for the first time since the Normandy Quartet summit in Minsk on February 12 that lead to a new ceasefire in the contested Donbas region of Ukraine.

“It was a useful meeting,” Lavrov told reporters in a brief comment without further deliberation.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klymkin said after the Paris meeting that the participants had agreed on ‘important technicalities’ of supporting the OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine, while French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius stressed that the Normandy Quartet ministers had called for providing additional equipment and financing for the mission.

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One Response to Lavrov: ‘Normandy Four’ Talks on Ukraine in Paris Were ‘Fruitful’ / Sputnik International

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Jean hope your well . Thank you for your input re. Putin and Obama. I decided a while ago where my heart felt most comfortable. I continue to listen and learn but no one has said anything that would change my mind. Body language is such a teller! I can usually tell if some one is lying even if they have practised for years to pull the wool. Nowadays all you need to do is watch western politians that’s what lying looks like. ( I know there not all the same)!
    Mr Bush JR used make me nauseas , I cannot even look at that man never mind listen to him. I’m now the same with Obama and I’m very disappointed in this man, I for so long wanted him to redeem himself but I’ve given up. John Mc Cain the same I switch him off . it’s not just American politicians it’s the UK bandits also.
    Anyway on a cheerier note. Isn’t it good that we have Russia , Germany and France sorting out Ukraine with no sign of US and UK in photoshoot , maybe this will be resolved quickly without there inference. Makes you wonder what’s going on though.

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