Pray For Peace . . . please take the time :) Thank you everyone :) ~Jean

Published on Jul 24, 2014
Thanks to B. 

The official music video for Reba’s “Pray For Peace”

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19 Responses to Pray For Peace . . . please take the time :) Thank you everyone :) ~Jean

  1. etolie12345467 says:

    Thank you beautiful Jean for this post! Pray for Peace I will!!! Brightest blessings to you and yours…e*

  2. james boober says:

    MERCEDES MERCENARY>>have gun will travel reads the card of a TWERP>>.a SOLDIER OF FORTUNE is the usual perp>>PALADIN paladin where do you roam?? surely you know now>>>
    all EARTH is OUR HOME $$$$4dollars2donuts who will we blame?##IN PEACE & FORGIVENESS

  3. james boober says:

    holy uckfay …do the numerology on my last post including time stamp WE> R< ONE

  4. james boober says:

    venus conjunct mars>>>>>.the sacred initiation of new balance between our inner and outer male female>>>sun conjunct neptune>>>the creator is downloading the vision of all we have collectively prayed for>>>>>>welcome to the reign of miracles>>catch them in your upside down
    umbrella……frown not smile often;;;;;;cuddle kitties…you all will soften…and no longer expecting BLOWS you will see that everything FLOWS>>no longer linear..but spiral she grows!!ahoy mateys>
    float your boast on cosmic steam awaken from the wicked dream…it behooves us not to linger >>feel the rush>>hold out your finger …to the wind that lifts all sails>>>our girl Jeanie never fails

  5. Every human being who is peace within, empowers peace in outer reality.

  6. Karen says:

    Wow! Loved that. Passed on . Thanks Jeanx

  7. Rev. Joe says:

    Hi Jean , Since retiring , my ministry is dedicated to praying for peace 24/7 . Thank you for this incredible post . Hug Joe

  8. crystallighthealer says:

    It’s applicable always. MUCH Love and Blessings! Weltha

  9. Peter S says:

    Peace at last. It is time.

    We should be mindful as we so pray, of the countless heroes of the human race who prayed ceaselessly for peace but it wasn’t their time–they had to whisper in the quiet in order to stay alive–and even so, many of them gave their life for peace.

    It is our time . . .

  10. james boober says:

    this life…card game or crap shoot…all i know is OUR SOURCE has some wild cards up various
    sleeves THANK*YOU jeanie for shuffling the deck>>>>>>>>>i feel the peace of many prayers in the wind chimes of my heart because we have such lift & loft here in jeanie land …just imagine how much insight and love light the www & the company of heaven has helped direct to so many points in the web of deception…….flimsy flim flam flambe …it’s melting in the vortex of our unified
    prayer/mind/heart/ heat

  11. Maggie says:


  12. swo8 says:

    Will do Jean.

  13. translimits says:

    Needed more now than we’ll ever know! Pray For Peace!

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