USA Army Invasion in Estonia!!! Next Stop Ukraine!!! . . . PLEASE, MAKE THIS GO VIRAL AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! ~J

This is linked below; it is not available on Youtube. ~J

Source: What Happened Next
February 24, 2015

LINK: USA army invasion in Estonia!!! Next stop Ukraine!!!

I cannot stress how urgent, and important it is that RTFN you go get yourselves 2000 cans of tuna, 500 pounds of salt (mouthwash=no caries), 300 Crystal Deodorant bars, 50 spools of fishing Line (and 1000 hooks), 5000 rolls of toilet paper, and get your water filter running.
I am talking ASAP.

These idiots will try and take Crimea back from the russians, and this WILL go NOOKULAR !

The zioturds are running out of excuses for their constant BS, and they feel cornered, Ergo “global thermon00kular war” will be their “solution”.

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25 Responses to USA Army Invasion in Estonia!!! Next Stop Ukraine!!! . . . PLEASE, MAKE THIS GO VIRAL AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! ~J

  1. shedarcy9 says:

    Perhaps one should consider the Mercury content in 2000 cans of tuna btw, this was an interesting adventure.

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  3. Markku Järvinen says:

    A brief note from Finland: the American troops were part of Estonia’s ordinary Independence Day parade. Nothing special to worry about here, except maybe that:
    1. usually Estonia has not included foreing NATO troops in their parades. This time they had at least some American and some Dutch troops included in the parade.
    2. The parade was held very close to the Russian border, 300 yards. A narrow river in between. The idea was obviously to show Russia that “we have a big protector, so do not try to invade us”.

    All baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania suffered a lot in WWII. First the Germans, then the Soviets occupied the countries. Soviet occupation ended at the turn of 80’s – 90’s. Estonia particularly has been very bitter about being occupied by the Soviet Union, when for instance Finland enjoyed western “liberty”. Finland fought well against the Soviets in WWII and was not occupied at all.

    So the American troops were very much invited into Estonia, in the government’s and the President’s opinion, at least. Ordinary people may have a bit mixed opinions about it.

  4. Hildegard says:

    Estonia is 750 miles from Ukraine.

  5. Gary Martin says:

    Dear Jean,
    It maybe something to do with this. See Link.
    Sort of EU sabre rattling…
    Like the recent Russian bomber flying close to the UK air space.
    Love and Hugs Gary

  6. Jean-Michel says:

    USA Army, or USA mercenaries? I agree with Bradley. While the vehicles themselves are clearly visible, as is the american flag (around the 3m mark), neither shows:

    1. Vehicle ownership. The flag can be replaced easily enough. If you throw a martian flag on there, will the martians invade Ukraine?
    2. The destination of the convoy. There’s no sign on the military equipment saying: Next stop, murdering Ukranians!

    The convoy is real. Everything else at this moment is speculation. Ownership, destination, mission. All speculation.

    • Jean says:

      I think, thank God, we’ve straightened out the problem —thanks to a reader, Johanna! I’d just come in from a tough session with my physical therapist and got a Skype call from Europe! . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  7. hannacora says:

    FROM WIKIPEDIA – The United States and Estonia are important allies and partners.
    a member of the United Nations since 17 September 1991, and of NATO since 29 March 2004 as well as the European Union since 1 May 2004. Estonia is also a member of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
    ****U.S.-Estonia Agreement Strengthens Partnership, Defenses*****
    WASHINGTON, ***Feb. 10, 2015*** – The Defense Department signed a memorandum of understanding today with Estonia, marking the beginning of a partnership to strengthen both countries’ reserve forces through annual exchanges of personnel

  8. Ilex says:

    I just looked up the President of Estonia an his name is Toomas Hendrik Ilves, then went to Twitter and he posted this TODAY.
    I believe this is the same Moore’s Law that the PhD that you posted yesterday talking about the mechanics of FREE energy was talking about?

  9. Rev. Joe says:

    Lets’ all chill friends . Nothing is going nookular ! Hugs , Joe

  10. Ilex says:

    Collectively – I DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY WARS

  11. Karen says:

    Hi jean I think this is BS. Its my inner Radar getting louder or I’m learning to listen to my internal workings. Yes let’s get the fear mongering going wild around alternative media . My thoughts anyway.

  12. eric says:

    Those are not US military vehicles. I believe they are the Russian kind that are sold to all the Baltic countries.

  13. Bradley says:

    I’ve watched the entire video. Except for seeing two trucks with men flying American flags, this convoy could have belonged to any country.
    A) it was at night, and so it was dark.
    B) the video shows no external markings on any of the convoy vehicles showing the trucks to belong to USA.
    C) Why Estonia? When USA has troops already in Poland and far closer to Ukraine?
    D) Narva is just miles from the Russian Border…..not a good place to sneak in under the radar!
    E) Convoy must now pass through two more countries just to get to Ukraine. Gas is not cheap.

    Conclusion: Dubious that convoy in Esonia was USA convoy, without further evidence.
    1) Need more video proof from close up and in daylight.
    2) Smoking gun = catch soldiers speaking American english.

    This is just my opinion, but we can no longer just accept things based on little evidence. Any country could unravel an American flag and hold it.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks. Bradley! Hard to know what to do about this one! Hugs, ~Jean

    • jrf773 says:

      They are Patria Pasi, a Swedish made IFV used by the Estonians. The Tracked Vehicles look to be of German origin, either a tank recovery vehicle or an engineer vehicle. The Eight wheelers looks to be Strykers, and the soldiers look to be in US style uniforms and helmets, but it is VERY hard to tell in the dark. Looks like a mixture of US and Estonia Army units. Most of the trucks look to be of German origin as well, but is also hard to see, it looks like there are a few HEMMT trucks, but again, the Germans have similar models that are used by the Estonians.

      • jrf773 says:

        Oh, and several of the tracked vehicles look to be Swedish CV90’s, another IFV. I’d agree with the joint exercise thing, as an attempt to piss of the Russkies exercise

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