Bamboo-Water shares some thoughts . . . that are clearly worth our consideration! Hugs, ~Jean

Referenced post: RT: Forget all our other troubles – the Russians are coming!. . . this ironic piece tells it all! ~J

Master, I can see very clearly how this may play out.

Grasshopper, it is early. What are you taking about?

This Game of Russian Roulette!

Please Grasshopper, while I meditate, tell me your story.

I believe the Evil Ones have hatched another plan
which goes like this:

1- Use their controlled Mass Media to “suggest” that Russia
is about to Nuke This and Nuke That.

2- Publish these articles all around the globe; be especially
persistent with numerous Nuke Articles in the major cities
of the world, especially those which the Evil Ones fully intend
to Nuke.

3- After sufficient Fear has been generated, after sufficient
Seeds of Thought About Nukes have been planted:

a- Nuke a few major cities around the world
b- Nuke 2-3 major cities in the US
c- Work this False Flag like Pearl Harbor, like 9/11
and the Sheeple People will come running to us
for the solution.

Grasshopper, that is not even a nice idea to think about.
Let me guess, you have been neglecting your meditation?

No Master, I have not. It is because of my meditation that
I am even suggesting this. Because of my meditation,
I can see clearly, I have learned from the past efforts
of the Evil Ones.

Alright Grasshopper, please tell me what you think the Evil Ones
solution will be?

Master, it involves Russian Roulette.

The Evil Ones think that if they “Pull the Trigger Against Russia”
often enough, then they will be able to “Strike the Pin” which will
lay all of their Dastardly Deeds—on Russia—on Putin!!!

And then the Whole World will Scapegoat Russia, will Scapegoat
Putin, will beg for the “solution” of WWIII . . .

Grasshopper, is that not a wee bit over the top?

No Master, think back to Pearl Harbor, think back to 9/11 . . .
Do you remember how quickly the Sheeple People’s Fear
gave in and crumbled to all sorts of Fascist Actions which
did nothing BUT ECHO Terror Back Against these
very same People, these very same People who choose
to Fear—rather than to THINK?

That Terror still goes on today, and these People are very
likely—once again—to FEAR—rather than to THINK.

Master, Fear seems to have a way of shutting down peoples minds.

Grasshopper, if the Sheeple People allow this to happen—it will be the END.

I know Master, and that is why I hope that this is just me thinking like
the Evil Ones—and NOT—actions yet to be done in the future.

Grasshopper, I think we both need to deeply meditate on your idea.

Yes Master.

Jai Gurudev,

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4 Responses to Bamboo-Water shares some thoughts . . . that are clearly worth our consideration! Hugs, ~Jean

  1. james says:

    I can see a big wave of love flowing over the land.

  2. Tracy says:

    True story unfolding:
    And the guitar instrumental hit its intense middle crescendo, while I’m reading your post Bamboo… if to say yes it’s a “perfect perception” your meditation. However I choose to affirm instead, and by the authority and law of ONENESS; that in my reality the “Allied Rangers come ridding into the picture” (of both the heavenly & earthly realms working together in unity) and there’s a HUGE energetic shoot-out (the likes of which we the peoples can’t comprehend) at the Global O.K. Corral against the offenders in which the dark-hats All disappear….dissolve into oblivion with nary a trace of their source signature (like the wicked witch of the west did in Oz) never, ever to be experienced in any time-line again. And the good peoples lived happily ever after, progressing in the ONENESS of LOVE forever.

    If you can think it, affirm it with belief, you can “make it so”; And So It Is 🙂 🙂

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