Dear Believer: Why Do You Believe? (ORIGINAL)

Published on May 3, 2014
Thanks to J.

NOTE: The following is my original “Dear Believer” video, which YouTube removed due to a copyright violation claim. With it was lost all of the tremendous comments and conversations the video sparked (not to mention about 60K views!). My thanks to all of you who mirrored it and kept it alive all these months. Here it is again, with the offending footage removed. Enjoy, and here’s to giving believers and non-believers alike something to think about!

“Dear Believer, have you ever stopped to consider why you believe what you believe? Have you ever thought about why you chose the religion you chose? Have you ever considered that Pascal’s Wager is a double edged sword, just as likely to cut the person wielding it?”

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12 Responses to Dear Believer: Why Do You Believe? (ORIGINAL)

  1. james says:

    I remember in 1968 there was a girl in our class that said that she was an atheist, I did notice that she was the niceist girl in the class.. so maybe it does not matter if you believe there is or there is not , as long as you believe.

  2. Leslie John Suli says:

    The conflict starts when one’s point of view is that I am right and you are wrong! Shakespeare eloquently said there is no such thing as wright and wrong, only you thinking so makes it so. There you are the creator of your life, the beginning and the end. So to where are we going? It’s your choice only yours! Blessings

  3. erdoshk says:

    In my opinion this is just BS as it is pushing another belief which is “atheist” … It really does not matter what you believe or do not believe. What matters is KINDNESS.

  4. Great video, saying that everyone believes that their religion is the true religion. Then at the end, however, he says that we should believe in Science. So all religions are equal, but science is superior ?? Science is just another belief. Aboriginal people do not have science, and I know that they are not inferior to anyone else.

    • Jean says:

      Indeed, Hamilton, the indigenous people have much to teach us! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • Ri-chard says:

      I think we are beginning to hear modern science say in relation to biblical writings – we are not saying the given event didn’t take place but it may have happen in a much different way. They are giving us more to consider not being a naysayer.

  5. Ri-chard says:

    I think if we were to study the Genesis accounts of all races and cultures the common roots you will understand is that all received their guidance from those that came from the heavens. When prime rules the were given them were broken or not followed there was a time of reset or a culling of those that didn’t obey or get it. They had a God, and or gods as mentors and messengers or enforcers. Yep, and most that had these experiences believed their encounters were the real ones.

    Maybe someone needs to write a new book with all the stories of genesis events worldwide in an effort to bring us all together around the commonalities in our beginnings. All were looking up.
    I think many may find the Fallen Ones were the bad mentors and messengers. (gods and deities) Some had a culling of all their students with no one to reset and had to infiltrate the other cultures good students.

    The good mentors and messengers seemed to be the ones sharing spiritual guidance for how all living things are connected. That knowledge is our power for peace.

    So who wants to be an atheist? So Boring.

  6. chicagoja says:

    Great video. Your commentary matches many of my own on the subject. Just one thought about the presentation of the video – it implies that there is no god. Was that intentional?

    • Julie says:

      He had me until he began to suggest that science is the real truth. Science is nothing more than theories that are commonly accepted as fact.

      • Jean says:

        There is also a definite link between science and the spiritual that has been hidden from. The two are not separate, but are two sides of the same coin. Hugs, ~Jean

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