Oregon state senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward calls for government to physically violate children by force with vaccine mandate echoing Nazi crimes against humanity

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Thanks to J.

(NaturalNews) Oregonians are about to find themselves living in a bona fide medical police state if State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward gets her way. She’s spearheading changes to state law that would eliminate philosophical and religious exemptions for vaccines, thereby forcing all parents to have their children physically violated with extremely toxic substances still used in vaccines: mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and monosodium glutamate — all still used in vaccines as openly admitted by the CDC.

Nazi fascism is deeply rooted in the belief that the state owns your body — a belief now shared by Sen. Steiner Hayward. Under the banner of “science,” Nazi scientists readily endorsed all the following “medical science” policies while claiming they were all necessary for the “greater good of society.”

• Forced killings of the physically handicapped
• Forced euthanasia of the elderly
• Mass killings of people suffering from chronic disease
• Forced sterilization of the mentally retarded
• Forced gassing to death of those deemed “genetically inferior” by scientists

See Nazi public health propaganda posters here.

Nazi science is alive and well in America today, thanks to people like Steiner Hayward

All of these wildly unethical, human-rights-violating programs were spearhead by people who invoked the exact same logic and abandonment of morality now demonstrated by Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward. She is not just willing to skirt the boundaries of medical ethics and human rights, she is thrilled to obliterate that line in her zeal to achieve a government-enforced medical dictatorship over your private body.

Once that line is destroyed, there’s no stopping where it goes: mandatory organ harvesting “for the greater good.” Mandatory abortions of genetically “inferior” babies (with forced government DNA testing of your baby required by law). Government revocation of your reproductive “rights” if your own health does not meet the government’s strict standards. (GATTACA) Oregon state death panels that demand everyone be euthanized at age 65 to save the state money on Medicaid… there’s no end to the horrors of a government that has zero respect for human dignity and medical freedom.

If you’ve ever wondered how a group of the world’s most brilliant scientists once marched the world’s most scientifically advanced nation (Germany) down the path of genocide and mass death, look no further than the schemes and words of Oregon state Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward. She is the poster child for the kind of medical tyranny that has already lead straight to genocide once before in human history. Who will take a stand and stop Steiner Hayward from repeating that dark chapter of history with the citizens of the state of Oregon?

What’s most astonishing to me is to think back about how many courageous American men and women lost their lives in World War II in order to defeat Nazi tyranny and bring down a government regime that has spiraled out of control, placing everyone’s liberty and safety at risk. Now people like Steiner Hayward are frantically trying to bring back that same tyranny — and she’s in a position of power to make it happen unless the People of Oregon stop her.

Click here to see my recent comparison of America’s modern-day vaccine propaganda with Nazi-era eugenics propaganda. The similarities are beyond eerie…

Not only should Steiner Hayward’s medical police state actions be utterly rejected by the public; she should be recalled from public office by the People of Oregon for daring to pursue the agenda of quack science vaccine lunatics who are nothing short of mentally ill for wanting to physically violate the bodies of children with the toxic chemicals still used in vaccines today.

Tell this out-of-control Oregon legislator to keep her needles away from our children!

It’s time to let your voice be heard and tell these tyrannical, out-of-control legislators to keep their needles away from our children!

92% of Americans reject vaccine tyranny

The public is fed up with medical tyranny, and both the entire medical profession and the mainstream media have lost tremendous credibility over this contrived, wholly fabricated vaccine propaganda scheme. Even USA Today, which recently published a column calling for the arrest and imprisonment of “anti-vaxxers,” recently hosted a public poll asking whether Americans should be forced to be vaccinated against their will.

The public response? 92% of people REJECTED mandatory vaccine

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10 Responses to Oregon state senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward calls for government to physically violate children by force with vaccine mandate echoing Nazi crimes against humanity

  1. This psychological, lying US corporation , called a government, had belter realize that they do not own us, or our children. They can not tell us what to do with our bodies, what medical modalities we choose, or make impotent laws about what we choose to put in our bodies.
    We have a US corporation that do not represent the people in the united states of America, therefore, we have no government, we are not members of their elite corporation!
    When did we ever get a group of people that thinks they can compromise our hermetic seal, without our permission ?

  2. Kieron says:

    Notice in the article on Natural News, the author refers to this State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward as Elizabeth Warren. Huh??? I pointed it out, but my comment there is moderated. Hmm, I’m a little skeptical now.

    • Anisha says:

      Could be a typo. Elizabeth Warren is a Senator from Massachusetts not Oregon (she does a great job for a de facto Senator).

  3. hannacora says:

    FROM WIKIPEDIA – may be it would be time for her to slow down and retire??? She is a physician and to top it off she totally believes in psychiatry. That means she drank a whole lot of cool-aid. Perfect example of maximum indoctrination by big pharma.

    In 2013 Hayward publicly revealed she suffers from major depression and multiple sclerosis.[4]
    Elizabeth is also a family physician at OHSU. She is a past President of the Oregon Academy of Family Physicians and currently serves as the Director of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Breast Health Education Program. She is married to Michael Hayward and the two have three daughters.[3]

    • Jean says:

      Wow! Yes, she needs to retire! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Lee says:

      Forgot to mention she is also a Zionist. Only Zionists are interested in poisoning & eugenics programs of the population. Look at what Israel did to their African immigrant population several years ago. That sterilization program was part of a vaccine schedule.

  4. Anisha says:

    Change your STATUS from public to private before its too late!

  5. swo8 says:

    There is something inherently wrong about that!

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