Bought, The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food

…Is Your Family’s Health Being Traded For Profit?

New BOUGHT Documentary Exposes Ugly Truth
Behind Vaccines, GMO’s and Big Pharma…

Click Here to watch FREE from February 20th to March 6th

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12 Responses to Bought, The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food

  1. Ilex says:

    Excellent movie!!!!!!!!

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  3. 1EarthUnited says:

    Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Ppl please make informed decisions, do your own independent research. Follow the money and discern the truth, start thinking for yourselves. Thank you!

  4. N says:

    It is a great contribution to this blog’s readers that you are presenting them an opportunity to watch this movie. In many ways, it has a chance to bring the country together around what is happening to all of us, and does it in a way that is intelligent and low-keyed. This is the finest sort of grassroots activism, many, many people standing together on behalf of their families and their communities, to corporate power.

    Hope many people here watch it. There is reason here to have pride in the good people in this country.

  5. Ronnie says:

    I was watching a re-run of Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack. The show featured an incident that happened in a small town called Oakville in Washington State. There were about 600 people in this town. A woman in a restaurant noticed that the rain drops on the window seemed very thick and didn’t look like normal rain. A trooper was traveling on the road and it started to rain and the rain hitting his windshield was very thick that the wipers were smearing the windshield and he could barely see through it. A woman was gardening and touched this gel with her bare hands. The State trouper slowed down on the road and noticed a white van in the grassy part of a field. What peaked his interest is he saw two people collecting something and they were wearing hazmat suits. When those people noticed him they quickly went back into the Van but the trouper ran their plates. It was a US government van. He stopped at a gas station to try to clean off his windshield. He immediately put on gloves. He saw that there was a gel-type substance all over his car and all over the road and that this was not “rain.” Many people in the town touched the goop as they couldn’t believe what they were looking at. How could it rain a gel-like goop? In a day or two people started to get sick and had to be hospitalized. Many cats and dogs died. The doctors just said the people suffered from a flu or virus ignoring the fact that nature does not rain a gel. One woman decided to wear gloves and collect the gel and sent it to a lab for analysis independently. Some people collected samples and provided this to their doctors to get analyzed but they couldn’t identify it (so they said) however the Independent lab said this gel contained human white cells and two different types of viruses. The government came back, because of the uproar caused and said that this was probably due to commercial airplanes flying overhead and emptying waste in mid air from their toilet tanks. Despite the fact that airplanes don’t do that, they figured the population would accept any lie they tell us. Nobody bought that and many residents reported unusual flights of unmarked black airplanes flying over their town. The DoD has revealed that they do “tests” and we are their test subjects.

    So they are hitting us hard–Chemtrails, forced vaccines and experimenting on us with rain that is goop containing human white cells (alive) and two viruses. It was a small town of about 600 people so who cares!! They needed to run a test. Maybe they needed data on bio weapons deposited on a population to see our reaction.

    You can google Oakville, WA goop and find articles about this.

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