Shock Video! Gov. Caught Lying About Vaccine Dangers

Published on Feb 18, 2015

In this marathon report anchored by a Feb 2014 Senate Hearing on Vaccines featuring Senator and Dr. Anne Schuchat the director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. They use this national platform to continue the hoax that vaccines are perfectly safe and effective. Nighlty News Director Rob Dew methodically covers the evidence that vaccines are dangerous and the fact the vaccine manufacturers are not liable for their toxic products and as a result you will never see credible impartial studies. Those who do look at vaccines are attacked and demonized by the media and big pharma. Rob also examines why autism saw an explosion in the late 1980’s and concludes the report with a must read article from retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock and an amazing quote from one of the first anti-vaccers Ghandi. This report has a lot of amazing information, please check out the links below.……………………………

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11 Responses to Shock Video! Gov. Caught Lying About Vaccine Dangers

  1. Tracy says:

    Headline:Oregon Senator sponsoring ending vaccine exemption CRUSHES HERSELF ~ (with video)

  2. amunaor says:

    Anymore, whenever I hear the word: science, or scientist, I immediately turn the other way and run as fast as I can. They’ve all come from the same parish and drunk the same Kool-aid…..They’re gone.

  3. Hildegard says:

    These two pathetic creatures are victims of their own medicine and the entire depopulation agenda. This is obviously a case of fluoride and general toxic overload. I’ll tell you what; if we could put Carbon-60 in the water supply, there would be a revolution in two weeks time. EVERYONE would be detoxified. Then what are they going to do????

  4. hannacora says:

    Has anyone else noticed the look on the gentleman’s face, sitting next to Senator Warren??
    Have a good look at his eyes…he is trying to keep his features neutral…but cannot help revealing how he feels…could it be because childish/immature style of interactions, totally devoid of any facts. It could have been anyone sitting in the expert’s seat all she replied was NO.
    A 2 year old could have done just fine in her place. Blessings! Johanna

  5. In Canada right now; “Health” Officials are pushing vaccines- they should be asked to provide PROOF (in public) that; They and their children have been vaccinated before they push this on us.

  6. james boober says:

    pleomorphism bio-terrain balance all microbes potentially morph into pathogens with an acidic diet and other compounding factors >> the competing theories >> Antoine Bechamp vs Louis Pastuer <>>poke us with time bomb disease vectoring that not only does not confer any immunity but seeds through into our communities & succesive generations…….i’ve been watching and wondering a long long long time while noting
    we are pissing in our gene pool starving & poisonating our global populations and terminating anyone with the integrity to speak to these abominations }}}}do you need anymore polypharma
    depleted uranium diagnostics or perhaps a chemical alchohol lobotomy to go with that roundup ready poison on yer dinner plate so that evil can rule the roost here?? baaaaa baaaaa

  7. Debbie says:

    Sadly, time and time again Warren has proven she can not be trusted – she is very much a Zionist puppet for the NWO……….

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