Israel Wants US Congress to Add $300Mln for its Missile Defense Systems / Sputnik International


Israel asked US Congress to drastically increase funding for its missile defense program from $158 million, US President Barack Obama requested for fiscal year 2015, to almost $500 million, according to media reports.

In early February, Yair Ramati, who heads Israel’s missile defense organization, met with US lawmakers to outline the proposal asking additional funding for two missile systems.

Israel seeks $250 million for David’s Sling and $35 million for Arrow III, jointly produced by Boeing and Israel Aerospace Industries. David’s Sling is aimed at intercepting large-caliber artillery rockets, cruise missiles and short-range ballistic missiles, while Arrow III is an anti-ballistic missile system.

Israel decided to bypass the White House and Pentagon with its request for funding increase at a time when Israel’s relations with the United States are strained over Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the US. Israeli prime minister is expected to speak before a joint meeting of US Congress, slated for March 3. The Obama administration claims the visit will only complicate the bilateral relations.

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2 Responses to Israel Wants US Congress to Add $300Mln for its Missile Defense Systems / Sputnik International

  1. Might be a good idea to pick up the phone and let on in no uncertain terms to one’s legislators out Foggy Bottom Way – House and Senate alike – that NO further concession WHATSOEVER be granted that child-murderin’, white-slavin’ batreface-lyin’ snake of a Rogue Nation.

    Not even any “gift” of Ukrainian soil, EITHER side of the Line! NO No No NO! And CERTAINLY no more nukes – they haven’t come clean yet on the batch they STOLE from us – why help THAT sort even more, EVER?

    Maybe even the WH Comment Line (202-456-1111)… It rises to mind that right about now, additional creatively original and *practical* ideas (short of proposing another or any similar too-messy action, thank you) as to how to further starve that Beast Gone Mad just might not be taken amiss, hm. 😉

    Just sayin’. Silence on our part might just be mistaken by them zio-sellout schmucks in congress for consent for them all to spend even MORE of our grandchildrens’ futures. Gotta’ show a little spine wherever and whatever way one can… And that is all. 0{>:-|o[

  2. Captain says:

    According to Veterans Today reports.
    USA gives Israel $18.5 Million per DAY in free US Foreign Aid . . . plus $3 BILLION per year to Irael Military . . . plus last year Harry Reid pushed for another almost half Billion for Israel military because they were whining that thier bombing of Palestine (civilisans) was costing too much.
    Now they “want more.”???
    VT is correct. Israel OWNS US Congress, House and WH. 40+ members of US House of Reps have dual citizenships with Israel. All US Congress members are forced to pledge allegiance to Israel or they get no campaign funds. Beyond Outrageous.

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